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How to Make Your Solo Ryzer Standing Desk Fully Portable!

How to Make Your Solo Ryzer Standing Desk Fully Portable!

8.3 min read

Progressive Desk is an industry leader in the market for health-oriented workspaces, boasting more than a decade of proven quality of service and a satisfied customer base. We have always prioritized user comfort and experience, which is why we maintain a strong emphasis on continual product development.

Our Solo Ryzer standing desk lets your move as you work!

In this blog, we focus on how this ethos has enhanced the functionality of one of our best-selling products: the Solo Ryzer Standing Desk, which can now be easily converted into a mobile standing workstation! This can be achieved by combining it with our new Standing Desk Portable Battery and Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box. Keep reading to learn how you can achieve this, and why it would be a great addition to your workspace!


The Solo Ryzer: Now a Portable Standing Desk!

The Solo Ryzer is the focal point in workspace transformations throughout North America owing to its unparalleled benefits. Its robust structure, customizability, and sleek design make it perfect for standing desk applications in any work environment, whether it’s in an office or at home. It comes well-equipped with memory-positioning controls, adjustable 3-stage legs, and a tabletop with several accessories that can be added for increased comfort. The most recent upgrade, designed upon the request of many customers, is convertibility to a mobile adjustable standing desk. Many desk users want the option to move their desk around freely, without the constraint of wires and outlets.

Typically, our standing desks need to be connected to an electrical outlet which can limit its mobility, particularly if you’re in a space that would really benefit from moving around with your desk. By following the conversion process detailed below, users can enjoy the benefits of a portable adjustable standing desk along with the remarkable utility of their Solo Ryzer.

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How to Make Your Solo Ryzer a Mobile Standing Desk

Transforming your Solo Ryzer into a fully portable standing desk is an easy task, but will take some investment – however, if having a free-moving standing desk is something you want, the long-term benefits totally justify the add-on costs. To get started, you will need the Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box and a Standing Desk Portable Battery. We also recommend caster wheels, so not only can you lift your desk anywhere in your space, but you can also easily wheel your desk!

To get your started, we have firstly explained the purpose of the Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box and Standing Desk Portable Battery below.


Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box


Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box

The Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box is a control box that has been engineered by our parent company, Progressive Automations, to control motion control products. It also allows us to control our Solo Ryzer standing desk, as it is the only control box compatible with the Standing Desk Portable Battery. This control box has a 24 VDC output, which ensures a stable power supply to your table’s motors. It is also compatible with all of our remote controls, allowing you to choose any remote from our extensive range! In addition to this, it comes with a solid 18-month warranty from Progressive Desk.


Standing Desk Portable Battery

The Standing Desk Portable Battery, as mentioned, was designed to be paired with the Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box. This is the component that allows for mobility as it eliminates the need to be near an electric outlet as the battery is the alternate power source. It has an amazing 2.2Ah capacity which guarantees 150 operation cycles of your desk in one charge!

It can be removed from the desk for recharging, the true spirit of a.

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How to Make Your Standing Desk Fully Portable

Standing desk by Progressive Desk


This conversion is simple and quick! To make it even easier for you, we have outlined it step-by-step below.

  1. Once you have bought the Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box and Standing Desk Portable Battery, you need to detach the stock controller that’s already attached to your Solo Ryzer first. Take care when unplugging cables to avoid damage to any plug sockets.
  2. Replace this control box with the newly bought Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box. This is an easy step, you just need to plug everything back in the same configuration, only in the new controller. It’s basically step 1 in reverse.
  3. Finally, you need to install the Standing Desk Portable Battery. The battery pack comes along with its own dock and screws so it can be screwed to the underside of your tabletop.
  4. Remove the battery from the dock and determine where you want to place it on the underside of the tabletop. Screw it into place.
  5. After fixing the dock, you just slide the battery in and connect its power cable to the controller.


And that’s it! Now you are ready to give your Mobile Solo Ryzer a test run, whether it’s a portable standing desk for work or play! Try it out and ensure that everything is working as it should be – check its movements for any jerkiness or irregularities, check all remote functions, and also keep an eye out for battery life; which is indicated via small lights on the battery. As mentioned, we would highly recommend pairing it with caster wheels for the ultimate rolling standing desk!

 Solo Ryzer standing desk

Final Word

The demand for a portable desk for standing and sitting has grown in recent years, as open offices and spaces have resulted in more frequent collaboration and flexibility. If this sounds like something you’re looking for, creating your own mobile Solo Ryzer is a no-brainer! There are lots of other accessories that you can add to your Solo Ryzer for an even better experience. If you are planning to use your Solo Ryzer as a portable computer standing desk, you might like our Adjustable Computer Monitor Stands, or our under-desk drawers are designed to be mounted to your desk, meaning it will move with you!

If you are looking to mobilize your Solo Ryzer Standing Desk and need any help, feel free to contact us. Our support staff will guide you through the process and provide valuable suggestions for your specific application.

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