Standing Desk Converters –Perfect Alternatives to Standing Desks!

Standing Desk Converters –Perfect Alternatives to Standing Desks!

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While standing desks are all the rage now that working from home has become the new norm, not everyone can commit to one. It’s not easy to remove old desks and you might already be comfortable and happy with what you have. To meet the demands of those searching for the functionality of a standing desk, without changing their current setup, we found the perfect answer: standing desk converters. A desk converter is the perfect full standing desk alternative for those who want something convenient without investing or changing too much. Implementing our standing desk converters into your current setup is simple, with little to no assembly required. Keep reading to learn more about these awesome alternatives!

Our desk converters give you the same features of a standing desk - at a lower price!

What is a Standing Desk Converter?

A standing desk converter is a convenient device that sits on your existing desk, providing you with ample desk surface and if required, a keyboard. This device can raise and lower to your desired heights, either through a gas assisted spring or motorized control depending on your product choice. We currently offer three types of standing desk converters, which we will take you through now!

What Types of Desk Converters Are Available?

A desk converter is the best alternative to a standing desk for many reasons, with one being the variety currently out there. From our range, we have models to suit different types of requirements and budgets, ensuring you aren’t limited when choosing! You can pick one of three options:


Compact desk converter by Progressive Desk


Our Compact Desk Converter is the most affordable in our range at USD $124, allowing you to set your height to any of our six preset height positions. Movement is achieved using a gas-assisted spring, easily allowing you to move your table surface upwards or downwards. There’s also a safety lock on the inside that secures your desk converter in your chosen position. This cheap standing desk converter is lightweight and has a minimal footprint, making it very easy to transport. Another benefit is its installation – it doesn’t require any as it comes fully built!


 Mechanical desk converter by Progressive Desk


Our Mechanical Desk Converter works well if you need a larger surface area that can handle more weight. It has an optional keyboard tray that makes it a perfect laptop or computer setup Like our Compact Desk Converter, this is operated using a gas-assisted lever on the right-side that lets you adjust the unit’s height along its 15.2" stroke range. The setup automatically locks in place after you finish adjusting its body. You can get this standing desk converter for USD $168.


 Electric desk converter by Progressive Desk


Last but certainly not least, our Electric Desk Converter contains an electric, motorized lifting system and can handle 55lbs of weight. You can control your height simply by pressing one of the two buttons that are mounted under the work surface! This model has a 15” stroke and like our Mechanical Desk Converter, also comes with a detachable keyboard tray. This unit comes at $252 – a fraction of what you would pay for a standing desk!

Regardless of which standing desk converter you choose; you are guaranteed quality and durability. All of the mentioned products come with an 8-year warranty and you will have unwavering support from our sales support team, both during and after purchasing.

Main Features of a Standing Desk Converter

A standing desk converter can be useful for many reasons. Listed are the top features of what you can find in a top-quality adjustable standing desk converter:

  • They are designed to be easily transportable, with small footprints (some smaller than others), and weight ranging from just under 47lbs down to 20.6lbs.
  • Our converters can handle plenty of weight, going up to 55lbs.
  • Your converter won’t be too thick when retracted. An average model is about two to four inches thick when fully closed.
  • You can install your converter in moments. Our models are pre-assembled, meaning you only need position it on your desk!
  • Some models come with a detachable keyboard.
  • Desk converters come with an 8-year warranty for your protection.

In all, the greatest thing about your converter is that it will provide a flexible approach to work and get you moving! Your full standing desk alternative will let you move your surface upwards for when you need to stand or lower it when you’re comfortable sitting down. This flexibility is proven to improve productivity, posture and is great for your health when activity is introduced throughout your day.

A Final Note

An adjustable standing desk converter gives you extra flexibility when using your office desk, allowing you to keep your current setup but adding the great sit-to-stand feature. It is an affordable and convenient solution that gives your existing desk the same functionality as a standing desk! If you find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the budget or space for a standing desk, standing desk converters are the best solution!

If you have any more queries about standing desk converters, why not contact us for more information, or visit their product pages?

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