Popular Standing Desk Combinations

Popular Standing Desk Combinations

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We recently launched our Popular Solutions page, which highlights six standing desk combinations. This features a variety of our desk frames, tabletops, and desk accessories that are very different to suit a variety of needs, and to give you a range of choice! Another fun feature of the page, and the reason these combinations are so different, is that our staff are the creators of each combination! Keep reading to learn about each kit, which staff member created it and why they consider it the best electric standing desk solution!

Kit 1: Greg Kimbell

Standing desk

Desk Frame: White

Tabletop: 48” x 30” – Soft White

Price: $800.47

Comment from the creator:

When we got our all-white tabletop in 2020, I immediately loved the simple, smooth design and how the contrasting black accessories go with it. I actually have this exact table solution for my workspace and love it! The monitor riser is awesome to get my perfect monitor height, the AC grommet is clamped to the desk so is within reach, and the storage drawer moves with my desk. I don’t even notice the drawer is there but it’s so useful! We have plenty of cable management solutions, but the magnetic cable tray is so simple to install – just attached it to the side of your desk frame!

Kit 2: Guninder Malhi

Solo Ryzer - Kit 2

Desk Frame: Grey

Tabletop: 48” x 30” – Dark Walnut

Price: $752.95

Comment from the creator:

Photo of the Guninder Malhi

This is the perfect desk solution for me – compact, convenient and easy to move around thanks to the caster wheels! In my desks I think less is more, so I chose accessories that I thought would really enhance your desk without getting too complicated. Since I test products throughout the day at my desk and need a number of power outlets, the power bar is a staple accessory for me. The monitor riser really helps with my posture, as the screen used to be too low down for me before. The anti-fatigue mat also helps with my calves and lower back! I chose a grey frame to complement the dark pantones of the Dark Walnut tabletop, which I think go great together. I also think this is the best budget standing desk in this list, as it comes out as the most cost-effective without compromising on features!

Kit 3: Nathan Bong

Solo Ryzer - Kit 3

Desk Frame: White

Tabletop: 60” x 30” – Maple Woodline

Price: $838.98

Comment from the creator:

Photo of the Nathan Bong

I need plenty of desk space when I work because I sometimes have multiple things going on at once, and I have papers out in front of me! It also gives me the option of putting my laptop on the desk when I need an extra screen. My wire management is sorted through the grommet and the CPU holder is mounted, so as the desk rises this rises with it! I think including caster wheels on your desk is a worthwhile addition – if you ever need to move it, just take off the safety brakes and it will move seamlessly. I stand regularly when I work, and the anti-fatigue mat takes huge strain off my legs and lower back – I would highly recommend it to anyone in the market for a standing desk!

Kit 4: Loureal Agustin

Solo Ryzer - Kit 4

Desk Frame: Black

Tabletop: 60” x 30” – Ebony Ash

Price: $945.96

Comment from the creator:

Photo of the Loureal Agustin

I absolutely love this desk design and combination for so many reasons! The black-on-black frame and tabletop are so sleek looking, and when paired with our black accessories it just makes the whole ensemble so professional and high-quality. I was strategic in my accessory choices as there are so many others to choose from. The AC power clamp has USB ports so you can charge or power anything while you work, so this was a must for me. I also find my neck and shoulders can be quite stiff at the end of each workday, so the monitor mount was great in helping my posture and screen visibility! I also need to have papers and things on-hand that I don’t want to clutter my desk, so the storage drawer was a must for me too.

Kit 5: Adam Morissette

Solo Ryzer - Kit 5

Desk Frame: Black

Tabletop: 48” x 30” – Light Ash

Price: $892.96

Comment from the creator:

Photo of the Adam Morissette

Productivity and efficiency are the two main things I look for in a workspace, and I think I achieved this in my combination choices. I don’t need that much desk space, so the 48” x 30” is perfect for me. The AC grommet, monitor stand, CPU holder and caster wheels are all convenient add-ons that can only better your desk experience. They’re also all extremely handy! As I work in R&D, I’m constantly thinking of new designs for our desks and how they can be improved – I think this is a winning design that’s practical and efficient!

Kit 6: Orlaith Morris

Solo Ryzer - Kit 6

Desk Frame: Black

Tabletop: 60” x 30” – Silver Ash

Price: $859.97

Comment from the creator:

Photo of the Orlaith Morris

I love this desk combination! For me, I thought the black frame with a silver ash top complemented each other with their contrast and gave a pop of color! The DM-10 Monitor Riser is the newest monitor riser in our range – I immediately snapped it up for my own workspace and love it. It’s got plenty of storage, vibrant colors and even more interestingly, a UV disinfector installed. The anti-fatigue mat is a must for me when standing, and when I’m sitting, the cable tray makes sure no wires get in my way. I think I have produced a well-rounded solution with minimal clutter for an organized workspace (which automatically makes me work much better!)

Choosing the Best Standing Desk

Now that you’ve taken a look at some of our staff’s favorite desks, how do you choose the best standing desk? That is completely subject and down to your personal preferences – you might find your perfect solution in the 6 pre-configured combinations we have gone through in this article, or you might want to build your own unique desk. With working from home on the rise, and proven links between productivity and workspace ergonomics, crafting the perfect workspace with the best adjustable standing desk for you is extremely important.

Want to learn more about the solutions we have mentioned here? Visit our Popular Solutions page and browse for yourself! You can also build your own desk or contact our customer support to enquire about the most popular standing desks – they would be delighted to help!

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