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How to use the Progressive Desk Builder

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When choosing your standing desk, it is often difficult to visualize and decide what type, shape, or color you wish to opt for. Progressive Desk aims to provide our customers with the best experience during their purchase journey, which is why we developed our Standing Desk Builder. This function is to help you with creating your ideal standing desk at minimal effort. This comprehensive tool enables you to configure your perfect desk by providing you with a visual representation of your chosen parts, guiding you along the way.

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Online Desk Builder Interface

The builder has two sections: the visualization and the configurator. The visualization box will display your customized table once you select a type and continue to update based on your selection. On a desktop, the visualization is on the left, and the configurator is on the right. On mobile browsers, you will see the visualization is above the configurator.

How To Use Our Custom Desk Builder

1. Initial Overview

Building your desk with our online Desk Builder is simple. Each stage clearly shows your choices, with your visualizer updating each time you make a selection. The encircled numbers above your choices indicate your selection stage and update as you progress. There is also an encircled ‘x’ on the top right, which you can click to clear your selection. The total price of your customized desk is displayed on the bottom right and updates per your selection.

2. Select Table Model

Progressive Desk offers different table models to choose from:

This initial selection will decide all other stages of your table build. For the purposes of this how-to, we will demonstrate using the Corner Ryzer as our selected model. To proceed to the next step, click Next after selecting your table model.

3.     Select Frame Color

Grey, black and white is the current colors available for your Progressive Desk frame. Once you select your preferred color, you can advance to the next stage. You cannot move to the next stage without selecting, but you can go backstages if you wish to undo a choice. The encircled numbers will become checked when you have completed your selection and have moved onto the next stage. Take note of the Total Price on the bottom right corner that will update as you continue making selections.

Image of online builder with option selecting frame color

4. Select Top Size

Depending on the table model you have chosen, we offer a wide variety of tabletop sizes. These vary in dimensions, shape, and price, all of which are outlined in both the visualization screen and price updates. To determine the best shape and cost for you, select and deselect to toggle with these features. If you are choosing the V Ryzer you will skip this step as it only has one size, and instead, you will move directly to Select Top Color.  

Image of online builder with option selecting top size

5. Select Top Color

We offer a wide variety of professional colors for your standing desk. For the Solo Ryzer, Twin Ryzerand Corner Ryzer, your tabletop color selection will be dependent on the tabletop size you have chosen in the previous step. To ensure you get a full idea of all color/tabletop combinations, it would be worthwhile to toggle between these two steps until you find your optimum choice. The V Ryzer has one choice of tabletop and color, making these steps quite easy and concise. For the three other models, if your desired color is not displayed, try changing your tabletop size.

Image of online builder with option selecting top color

6. Select Grommet

Your grommet selection is dependent on the selections you made in the previous steps, more specifically the tabletop size you have opted for. We offer both round and aluminum rectangular tabletop grommets with soft closes. If opting for a tabletop that requires round grommets, some offer additional perks such as USB ports and AC power. For the Corner Ryzer, you have the option of choosing different grommets for the two tabletops or you can use the same for both. Again, if you wish to amend the type of grommet being offered to you, revisit previous steps and alter your tabletop size.

Image of online builder with option selecting grommet

7. Select Remote

Progressive Desk offers four types of remote controls with various functions and features. Choosing from these options requires both personal preference and required capabilities in mind. These remotes are compatible with all of our Ryzer standing desks, with no additional charge imposed on any model.

Image of online builder with option selecting remote

8. Select Accessories (optional)

The visualization will display a ‘Congratulations!’ message as the essential aspects of your selection are complete! However, the configurator box will have updated to display a list of optional accessories that will further optimize your standing desk. There are four categories to choose from:  Cable Management, Monitor, CPU Holder, and others. Should you decide to add any accessories, they will display on the right side of your visualization box and their cost added to the total price. It is best to look at all the options, shortlist what you need, and select within your budget. You can easily remove any added accessories by clicking their corresponding ‘x’ in the visualization box.

Image of online builder with option selecting accessories desk's

9. Add to Cart

The Add to Cart option is displayed at the bottom of the configurator screen and can be clicked once you complete selecting any accessories to add to your standing desk. Your custom desk will be displayed with a detailed order overview. Make sure you review this carefully and confirm that all aspects of your desk have been built correctly.

Click Continue Shopping to browse more of our products, bringing you back to the Desk Builder page. You can browse our entire catalog by navigating through our dropdown menus if you do not wish to build another custom desk.

Click View Cart to see your current basket items. You will see a detailed list and price of all the items in your cart, allowing you to change the quantity or remove any items.

 Screenshot of add to cart

The Convenience of Online Desk Builder

Our custom Desk Builder was created with convenience and optimum user experience in mind. The visualization allows you to see what your desk will look like when assembled, and the configurator saves you from trawling through our site – it is a one-stop-shop for all of your desk needs. We hope with this guide you will have a fantastic buying experience with Progressive Desk!

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