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Modern Design

We take pride in our desk table tops and the materials that go into making them. Using high-quality MFC (Melamine-Faced Chipboard), we ensure the tabletop surface for your adjustable standing desk is made with high-quality components - smooth, strong and resistant to daily wear and tear.

Our desktop materials have been tested and proven under strict conditions while being made from eco-friendly essentials. Take a look at our options and choose the ideal tabletop for your standing desk.

Modern Design

Quality & Durability

Our MFC tabletops for standing desks provide a beautiful, long-lasting finish that protects from any potential scratches or stains. They are produced with exceptional structural integrity and dimensional stability while maintaining a high environmental coefficient (0.5mg/L E0). These materials, in combination with our rigorous quality control, resulting in a final rising desk top that is abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Quality & <span>Durability</span>

Large Variety

Our range of tabletops for stand up desks is constantly innovating and expanding. Whether it be the sizes available or the color of the tabletop, our internal engineers and customer support department are in continuous liaison with designers, manufacturers and, most importantly, our customers to ensure we are developing the most sought-after tabletops. If you have specific requests for your standing desk tops, just let one of our customer support agents know and we will look into this for you!

Large <span>Variety</span>

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