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Progressive Automations

Progressive Automations is the company that started it all! By developing and becoming experts in linear motion products, we have opened ourselves up to a world of possibilities.

Progressive Desk

Progressive Desk came to fruition after we discovered multiple projects involved adapting regular desks into electric standing desks by using our actuators. After years of planning and creating the perfect line of adjustable standing desks, Progressive Desk was born! Our team also researched and focused on creating the most ergonomic, useful workspace products alongside the desks, which saw our range of standing desk accessories and desk converters grow.

Progressive Bed

Coming soon! Progressive Bed is our newest project, and involves implementing our technology into bed frames, resulting in electric adjustable frames. Users can look forward to experiencing ultimate comfort, quality, and convenience, with comfortable mattresses, and a bed frame that can adjust at the push of a button!

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Warranty on our desks & related parts.
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Desk solutions for any environment.
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Free shipping to USA (48) and Canada.

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