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Apex Glyder

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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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Writing Desks for Your Masterpieces

Being a writer is an interesting and fulfilling job, demanding lots of hard work and concentration, though. But how can you fully focus on your writing when back and neck pain, caused by long hours in a sedentary position, pulls you out of the flow? Here is where an adjustable writing desk can help! Keep your body and mind alert throughout the day by swapping between sitting and standing. 

No longer face the burden of stiffness or restlessness with ergonomic writing desks. Their movement isn’t the only key feature: sleek, modern designs, durability, and sturdiness make our standing desks fit any workspace and serve for a really long time!

1. High Quality Tabletop Materials

Enjoy high-quality materials that are scratch and water-resistant. Tabletop materials include MDF, hardwood, bamboo, and epoxy options! Available in a wide variety of colors and size options.

2. Organize Your Cable Setup

Large grommet with soft close lid protects wires and helps keep them organized. Available in black, white, and silver.

3. Memory Positioning Remote

Memory positioning remote provides easy up and down movement with an LED screen. Save up to 4 different height positions. Convenient USB port to power your devices! Various remote options available.

4. Customizable Width

Each frame width can be adjusted to allow for various setups and tabletop sizes. Our tabletop sizes range from 42"x30" to 72"x30", with convenient predrilled holes.

5. Adjust Your Height

The adjustable heights of our standing desks range from 23.6” to 49.1”, designed for all heights!

Discover Our Tabletops

High-Quality & Durable

Beautiful, long-lasting finishes that

help protect against scratches,

stains, or water.

Long-Lasting Materials

We offer a variety of top quality

materials like MDF, hardwood, bamboo,

and epoxy tabletops.

Large Variety

Our tabletops range is extensive. Take a

look through our catalogue and match

your favourite to your chosen frame!


The best Standing Desk for a writer

The practice of using standing desks when writing was established a long time ago by world-known writers. We’re excited to keep developing this approach, employing advanced technologies and our know-how in creating standing desks to help writers be more prolific. Whether you’re looking for a uniformed look or want personalized solutions, you can design your own standing desks with the entire collection using our desk builder.

Build Your Desk


Adjust Standing Writing Desks easily

Many of our remotes come with memory positioning – a feature that allows you to set up to four preset heights. Bring your standing desk to your desired height with just one push of a button and stay focused on your writing work. This is just another reason why a Progressive Desk adjustable writing table would be a worthwhile addition to your space!

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Enhance your productivity

Writers often spend much of their time sitting in front of a computer screen, resulting in back, neck, and shoulder strain. The discomfort in the body impacts mental sharpness as well since the brain may not receive the necessary amount of oxygen due to muscle spasms, disrupting normal blood circulation. To address this issue, it’s critical to ensure proper posture and regular movement to stay alert and productive throughout the day. Our stand-up writing desks are developed right to that end!

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Boost inspiration and creativity

Writers sometimes face an unproductive condition, also known as “writer’s block”. Different reasons may cause this unwanted decline in creativity, and one of them is a lack of movement when spending long periods sitting. One surefire solution to this problem is adding a bit of activity to your writer’s day with a standing desk by regularly shifting from sitting to standing and doing simple stretching and workplace exercise. Physical activity can provide a mental break, allowing the mind to wander and generate new ideas.


Compatible Accessories

If you’re thinking about optimizing your writer’s desk, we have a large range of compatible standing desk accessories to offer that will complement your standing desk! From storage and power solutions to lighting, anti-fatigue mats and monitor stands, each product does a bit into setting up your creative space. So tune up your workplace and enjoy your new inspiring environment!

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