Ergonomic Chairs for Comfort and Productivity

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergo Glyder
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$199 USD
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Pro Glyder
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Apex Glyder
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Up to 15 Year Warranty
Warranty on all our chairs & accessories.
30 Day Trial
Return or Exchange within 30 days.
Easy Assembly
Assemble in <30 minutes.
Ergonomic Design
Based on the anatomy of the human body.
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Color Black
Seat Material Fabric Seat
Back Material Mesh Back
Headrest Height Range 2.4" 1.2" 2.4"
Removable Headrest
Headrest Tilt Adjust
Backrest Tension Control
Backrest Locking 3 Positions 3 Positions 3 Positions
Recline Angle 90° - 130° 90° - 125° 95° - 130°
Seat Height Range 17.3” - 21.3” 18.9” - 22.8” 17.7” - 21.7”
Seat Size 19.5" x 20.5" 19.7” x 18.1" to 20.1" 20.5” x 20.5"
Back Size 19.6" x 23.4" 19.7" x 27.2" 20.9" x 26.5"
Adjustable Seat Depth
Weight Capacity 330 lbs 330 lbs 275 lbs
Adjustable Arms
Armrest Height Range N/A 2.76” 2.76”
Adjustable Back Tilt
Adjustable Lumbar Height
Adjustable Lumbar Depth
Coat Hanger Hook
Product Weight 28.7 lbs 41.2 lbs 36.3 lbs
Caster Material Nylon Nylon Nylon
Base Material Plastic Plastic Steel
Certification BIFMA BIFMA
Warranty 15 Years 15 Years 15 Years

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Upgrade your workspace to a new level with our chair lineup. We designed our chairs to deliver the best ergonomic experience focusing on the areas that matter the most.
We designed our Glyder series to allow correct posture considering the anatomy of the human body. The high level of adjustability enables you to find the unique chair setup you need to release muscle tension and relax. Since our brain and body are closely interconnected, the more comfortable your body feels, the more effectively your brain can work, concentrating on important tasks rather than back and neck pain. Moreover, ergonomic body position improves blood circulation that is critical to keep your mind sharp and body in tonus.

Vast Adjustability Opportunities 

Our chairs have many features allowing you to customize your sitting experience depending on your preferences. You will benefit from an adjustable headrest, back tilt, and lumbar height and depth, tuning up your chair so your back is at maximum comfort. Adjustable seat height and chair arms will let you nestle down on a chair to ensure no inconvenient pose distracts you from work. Also, a recline range of 90° - 130 enables you to push back in your chair, reflecting upon the challenging task.

Durability-centred Design

While furniture design is important, it doesn’t call the shot when it comes to quality and durability. Being an ISO-certified company, we build our products around the principles of reliability and durability, never sacrificing quality for design's sake. Our Glyder chairs are suitable for any office space with their lasting fabric seat and mesh back. They are also backed with a 15-year warranty to cover any issues that may arise during their service.

Investing in your comfortable sitting, you invest in your effectiveness and productivity. So, think smart, think ergonomically – think Glyder!

Stand Actively, Seat Comfortably

We believe regular shifting from sitting to standing throughout the day is key to productivity at the workspace. Studies prove that adding some movement to your working environment can improve concentration and mental ability inhibited by long hours in a sedentary position. With adjustable standing desks, it’s that easy to give yourself a bit of motion and shake away stiffness and muscle tension. Getting the health benefits of the alternating sit-stand position, make sure your sitting place provides you ultimate comfort and ergonomic support as well.

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