Setting up a new office or moving into a new work space can be a hectic transition for any company. At Progressive Desk we try to cater to the needs of all types of businesses and organizations, no matter what the size. Whether you're running a department for a large company, or are looking to upgrade the desk situation at your new startup, we have the right kind of purchase and financing options for you.

Pay with PayPal

Arranging payment using PayPal is a fast and convenient way to get your standing desk order filled quickly and with no hassle. To set up a credit payment with PayPal, you are required to provide a name and Social Insurance/Security Number for approval. Once you have built your credit line into your PayPal account you can make your purchase from Progressive Desk directly through PayPal. In addition to the speed and convenience you get by using PayPal, you can also enjoy special offers such as no payments or interest for orders paid in full within six months of purchase.

Pay by Purchase Order

Progressive Desk is happy to offer our corporate clients the ability to pay via purchase order. Simply contact our office with the necessary information regarding credit and we can begin the process of setting up your company's purchase order account. For new clients, we sometimes require a deposit on the first order in addition to the following information which should be included on the formal purchase order document:

  • P/O Number
  • Contact Name and Info; Email, Phone, Office Address, etc
  • Billing Info; Company Name, Billing Address, Accounts Payable Contact
  • Shipping Info; Shipping Address, Phone, Recipient Name
  • Payment Terms
  • Product Info; Product Number, Price, Quantity

Upon receipt of your purchase order, we will send out an email to confirm the order and provide you with shipping information as well as a tracking number. If you would like to set up a P/O account with Progressive Desk for your next order, be sure to contact us today to get started.

Bulk Discounts

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