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Apex Glyder

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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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15 Year Warranty
Easy Movement
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Smooth & Sturdy

Strong & Reliable Industrial Standing Desks

While our standing desks are ideal for your home and office, many people aren’t aware that they’re in fact built to be suitable for industrial settings too! With weight capacities of up to 330 lbs, height ranges from 23.6” to 49.1”, and UL, cUL & BIFMA certification, they’re the ideal industrial standing desk for work. 

Alongside our desk frames, we also design and supply electric lifting columns that can be paired with a tabletop of your choice! While all of our tabletops are stain and scratch resistant and, like many of our desk frames, have a huge 15-year warranty, you can also pair our industrial desk base with a tabletop of your choice!

Build Your Standing Desk
1. High Quality Tabletop Materials

Enjoy high-quality materials that are scratch and water-resistant. Tabletop materials include MDF, hardwood, bamboo, and epoxy options! Available in a wide variety of colors and size options.

2. Organize Your Cable Setup

Large grommet with soft close lid protects wires and helps keep them organized. Available in black, white, and silver.

3. Memory Positioning Remote

Memory positioning remote provides easy up and down movement with an LED screen. Save up to 4 different height positions. Convenient USB port to power your devices! Various remote options available.

4. Customizable Width

Various tabletop sizes and configurations are available for you to choose from. Our Corner Ryzer frame width can be adjusted from 42.7" to 72.6" for compatibility with our ever-expanding range of tabletops!

5. Adjust Your Height

The adjustable heights of our standing desks range from 23.6” to 49.1”, designed for all heights!

Discover Our Tabletops

Quality & Durability

Beautiful, long-lasting finishes that

help protect against scratches,

stains, or water.

Long-Lasting Materials

We offer a variety of top quality

materials like MDF, hardwood, bamboo,

and epoxy tabletops.

Large Variety

Our tabletops range is extensive. Take a

look through our catalogue and match

your favourite to your chosen frame!


Built to Last

Our Solo Ryzer and Corner Ryzer standing desks both have industry-leading 15-year warranties, guaranteeing their durability and reliability. We stand by their design and have a team of expert engineers on-hand who designed these desks to have a superior weight capacity, a steel finish, and a broad height range.

Build Your Desk


Ideal for any Type of Workspace

Although our desks are ideal for home and office settings, thanks to their quality design they’re also perfect as an industrial adjustable height table too! With memory positioning available for all of our desk frames and lifting columns, you can create a workspace that moves with you as you work – all at the push of a button.


Premium Safety Features

All of our industrial adjustable height standing desks contain a collision-detection feature, ensuring that the frame will immediately stop while in motion if it comes into contact with an obstruction in its path. We also offer many different models or remotes that come with child lock function, keeping unwanted hands away if needed!

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Industrial Adjustable Desks for Any Environment

When looking at our desk frames, we have two models of stand-up desks to recommend! Our Solo Ryzer is the perfect rectangular standing desk frame, with an adjustable width, 270 lbs weight capacity, and a broad height range. If you’re looking for an industrial corner standing desk, our Corner Ryzer is a great solution and also has a heavier duty 330 lbs weight capacity!

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From the Makers of Industry-Leading Electric Linear Actuators

Our sister company, Progressive Automations Inc., specializes in electric linear actuators and are experts in motion control products. We’re not just saying it when we talk about our team of expert engineers – we have a large team of dedicated and passionate engineers, who created and directly work with the technology in our standing desks!

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