We provide additional peace of mind to all of our customers with our standard five year warranty. This warranty applies to all of our high quality standing desks and related components. It is extremely rare for any issues to occur with our products, but you can rest assured if something goes wrong with any part of your desk, you can usually get a replacement under our five year warranty.

What is Covered?

Under our five year guarantee, Progressive Desk will send a replacement standing to your office if you experience issues with the following components:

  • Table Tops
  • Desk Frame
  • Desk Accessories

If a problem occurs, simply email us at sales@progressivedesk.com with your original order number and a brief description of the particular issue you are experiencing with the standing desk. Once our engineers asses the issue and determine that you are in need of a replacement desk we will be happy to ship  new product immediately. We will also cover any ground shipping costs, so all you need to do is await the arrival of your replacement standing desk.

What is not Covered?

If you or your staff have made any type of modification to the desk this may make the item ineligible for replacement under the five year warranty. Other factors such as improper use and exposure to normal wear and tear at the workplace are also not covered by our warranty. Lastly, we are unable to cover items that have been lost or damaged due to an unavoidable accident like flooding or a hurricane.

Outside Warranty Coverage

Maintaining strong relationships with our existing customers is important to us at Progressive Desk. That is why we are pleased to offer special discounts on newer desk models to replace out of warranty items. If you're looking to update your existing standing desks, be sure to contact us and ask about our discounts.

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