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A good, quality desk is a staple in any home or office. A good standing desk is becoming the new norm, allowing you to move as you work! A standing desk setup keeps you and your health in good shape and fit by offering numerous health benefits.

While there is extensive research to prove that sit-stand desks increase your productivity, it is a fact that they aid with reducing your time seated – if you take full advantage of their adjustable capabilities! Here at Progressive Desk, we have multiple standing desk designs to choose from, allowing you to customize your desk to your exact requirements, and add any additional accessories you should need. This page is a one-stop-shop of knowledge and information for all those who want to learn more about standing desks in general, or are still deciding on:

  • the capabilities of an adjustable standing desk and if they’re worth it?
  • which is the best standing desk for their home or office set-up?

Dive in and learn all about standing desks, their benefits, types, components & materials, and what Progressive Desk can offer!

Standing Desk Solutions

Benefits of a Standing Desk

Given so many advantages of a standing desk, the rapidly growing popularity is obvious. To further aid your decision-making thought process, here are some benefits across several aspects.


Standing desks are designed to be convenient; at the very core of their features, the set-up moves with you, allowing you to sit or stand without compromise! The simple push of a button brings your desk to your required height and this is made even more convenient if you opt for a memory-position keypad!

Convenience is not only limited to its use, but also in assembling and fixing the setup. For example, DIY adjustable standing desks offer an on-site assembly for the user. Additionally, electric-powered standing desk set-ups with adjustable desk legs are designed to be convenient when adjusting the height; movement is achieved at the click of a single button.


Switching up the way you work allows you to stretch, change your position [seated or standing], and alleviate any pains you may be having. Staying in one position for too long can have negative effects on your posture and weigh heavily on your shoulders, back, and neck. Lack of movement can be quite harmful on the body-swapping between sitting and standing throughout the day has been made easy with standing desks!

Benefits of standing desks


With an adjustable height standing desk or convertible standing desks, you essentially are adjusting the desk to your posture, and the body is properly aligned. Your hands, spine - right from the cervical area to lumbar area - form a straight line, back and head are aligned, arms rest flat parallel to the table-top surface and elbows bend at 90 degrees. All these minor ergonomic features impact the user in the long runs for essentials of postural correction.


Boosted productivity is a bi-product of standing desks! Thanks to the increase in movement throughout the day, it gives you an extra mood booster due to more blood flow and a dynamic environment. This positive mood translates to your work, giving you better results in quicker times!


Aside from improving aches and pains, standing desks contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle too! An option to stand while you work further reduces the risks of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, and many more simply by burning more calories. Movement is a core factor in health and well-being, and adjustable desks cater to this. Keep yourself energized and moving throughout the day!


The overall ergonomics of your workspace will improve with a standing desk. From a reduction in slouching to adjusting your desk height to improve your screen visibility, your adjustable height desk lets you easily work in your optimized environment.

Discover Your Style

Standing Desk Materials

Any regular standing desk, adjustable or not, usually consists of two main body components: tabletops and desk frames. To get a full understanding, read along to explore more about the importance, utility, and materials of these two components and what all can you expect to get at Progressive Desk.

Our tabletops and motorized desk frames are made of carefully chosen materials to ensure eco-friendliness, style, and durability. The shape, size, and design of these two core components can widely vary based on each person’s preference and requirements.


The tops of your desk take the weight and distribute it evenly through the legs and onto the floor. Choosing the right kind of material for your tabletops is of the utmost importance. Largely, this choice is governed by the intended application of the desk.

For example, a home standing desk needs more to carry weight for keeping a higher load as compared to an office standing desk which accommodates only a computer, a few stationery items, and a water bottle at the most. As against these two, an industrial standing desk needs to carry the highest load to have jobs placed and worked upon.

Laminated wood boards consist of multiple layers and thanks to their manufacturing process, contain a moisture-proof surface. The substances used for its coating also contribute to the durability and toughness of the completed product. These substances vary from veneers made of natural wood (sometimes even metal) to vinyl wrappings. They are attached to the surface with adhesives applied at high temperature and pressure. While it may sound complicated, the aesthetics of the finished board make the process worthwhile.

Standing desk tabletops

Typically, the coating is attached to the MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard. To produce it scrap wood is ground to uniform grains and mixed with binding substances (mostly resin) to be further pressured into a solid piece. When choosing among a range of MDF tops available on the market, always aim for a heavier one: this is a hallmark of higher quality.

Why is MDF a good choice for an affordable standing desk? Firstly, it is cheaper than pricey solid wood. Secondly, they can be easily customized and colored (for instance to a white standing desk). Finally, MDF’s are simple to shape and laminate since they never shrink or expand under the influence of environmental temperatures and have identical isotropic properties in any direction.


Another name for 3D laminate is thermofoil. It is a film for covering MDF boards to protect it from damages, for instance, holes, and scratches. Such peculiarity requires a reversed process of MDF manufacturing.

Initially, the board is shaped according to the customer's demands, and only then the lamination is applied to cover all edges and holes. It doesn't only make the plank look like solid wood but also allows for the existence of ergo contours; that is rounded corners and edges.

Since the latter feature is impossible to get via regular lamination, you can always tell 3D laminated boards from their cheaper counterparts. Plus, 3D laminates come in a multitude of shades and colors, giving you the benefit of a large choice range!

There are also two types of lamination to choose from: Vertical Dimension (or VD laminate is thinner (one-ply) and consequently applied to vertical surfaces of cabinets in kitchens or bathrooms. For a standing desk, a two-ply horizontal dimension (HD) lamination is preferable as it is harder and more enduring.

Secondly, this non-conventional manufacturing method for tabletops is very cost-effective as it saves a huge amount of labor cost. It is achieved as a single sheet of laminate is overall covered by wood and fixed on a molecular level at high temperature and vacuum pressure in a single operation. It zeros down the need for separate gluing operations. Also, the resultant product is of far higher quality.

The third major advantage of 3D lamination is that the wood can be contoured by machining before the lamination process. This helps to achieve the finish of tabletop similar to that of the one when a single hardwood solid piece is carved out at a drastically lower cost.

Furthermore, the durability of the 3D laminated desk frame is far higher than the High-Pressure Lamination [HPL]. National Electric Manufacturer’s Association [NEMA] industry standard has found 3D lamination as more scratch-proof and wear-resistant.

3D lamination is very effective when you are using MDF as your primary material for tabletop since the physical properties often degrade from water spilling or long-term moisture absorption from the humid atmosphere. 3D laminates obstruct the water from entering the parent material and prevent dimensional instability.

Standing desk frames


The choice of frame is determined by the type of desktop that is going to rest on it, be it a standard tabletop, L-shaped, and so on. Further to this, if you opt for a Progressive Desk tabletop or have your third-party top, weight capacity needs to be accounted for. The heavier the desktop, the sturdier the legs must be – don't forget the expected load of the equipment to be placed on it also.

To account for a large load on each table, Progressive Desk’s desk frames have a weight capacity of up to 330lbs. If you are not sure of the size of your prospective tabletop that is no problem – our standing desks can increase or decrease their width to suit your tabletop. The scope of this width will be found under each product’s specifications.

If you decided to build your adjustable standing desk Progressive Desk is a partner you can rely on thanks to the adjustability of our desk frames. Our Desk Builder also allows you to make your desk from scratch, and our desk frames are continuously widening in choice! This range of standing desk frames offered by us is guaranteed to serve as a reliable foundation for your standing table!


Now that you know the basics of tabletops and desk frames, take a look through our checklist of making sure you pick the right one:

  • Fit the frame properly: A perfect tabletop and frame are the ones that fit and perfectly blend in with each other in terms of geometry, load-carrying capacity, and aesthetics. Ideally, the tabletop dimensions for standing desk set-ups tend to be about 2 inches greater than that of the length and width of the frames.
  • Thickness of the tabletops: If you are planning on getting a small standing desk for your office, the thickness of the tabletop sheet should be chosen by considering the weight capacity of the frames, desk mounting specifications for monitors, and so on.
  • Let ambiance have a say: If the desktop is going to be of wood, glass, metal, or any other material, its color and other designs should be as per the ambiance. For instance, a dark-colored veneer or a laminate is generally preferred for an industrial standing desk, while in the case of a small or large home standing desk, it can be any light soothing color.
  • Joineries [glue and clamps]: Joining and creating an assembly of frame and tabletops for standing desks is an option if you have multiple units. Furthermore, in the case of electric adjustable sit-stand desks, the connection of frames and tabletops with an electric circuit could be a convenient set-up.
  • Cost factor: Cost control is often an extremely important factor for many, ensuring you get the right quality for the right price. This can be achieved by choosing the right quality and type of tabletop for your environment, alongside a sturdy frame. The Progressive Desk frames come in multiple shapes: standard, v-shaped and l-shaped.

Personalize your Workspace

standing desk types

Types of Standing Desks

To provide more insights and help you make an informed purchase decision for the correct standing workstation, let us walk through the types, durability, and the price of standing desks.

Widely, standing desks can broadly be categorized into two types: Fixed and Adjustable. This can be further split into types based on the type of adjustment methods:

  • Mechanical adjustable standing desks
  • Electric adjustable standing desks
  • Convertible standing desk

As far as the advantages and disadvantages of each type, they vary largely. Below is a quick comparison of all three types:

  • Electric adjustable desks are easiest to operate, can be used for larger desk setups, swiftly handles high weights, quickly adjusted, and much more.
  • Though sometimes costly, electric adjustable standing desks are the best options for home, offices, and industries as they are more flexible and have quick & easy operations.
  • Mechanical adjustable workstations, sometimes also called crank setups are relatively less expensive and have a longer life but have more disadvantages of difficulty handling, slow adjustments, etc.
  • On the other hand, the price of convertible standing desks is the least among all and offers great flexibility in using the existing desks. Its disadvantages include bulkiness, instability, incapability to be used for heights beneath a certain level, and offers limited working space due to small size.


Motorized affordable standing desks in various sizes, large and small, are preferable over any other type as given their many advantages and fewer disadvantages. These powered sit-stand desks are not only are durable and quality-wise elite but are also designed to cater for multi-purpose use and spaces to fit well with the environment.

Most of these electric adjustable standing desks are customizable in terms of colors, designs specifications tabletops, and desk frames. This allows the customers to make a convenient choice from a huge range of design pallets and at a reasonable price for adjustable office and home standing desks.

Below is a small checklist of feature considerations to help you gauge your choice and its suitability:

  • Geometrical dimensions of the desk should be decided based on its intended application
  • Ease in adjustment and set up is an important feature
  • Adjustment limits should always be considered irrespective of whether you are choosing a standing desk or sit-stand desk
  • Power consumption in case of an electric or convertible standing desk is important while considering investment options in the long runs
  • An obtrusive or disruptive mechanism should be looked upon especially for mechanical standing desks.


The Economy Ryzer is our more affordable standing desk, giving you the same functionality as a standing desk, but at a lower cost! This electric standing desk has two-stage legs and is compatible with a huge variety of tabletops thanks to its adjustable width. A built-in remote control comes with each model, with a key feature being its memory positioning. This is the ultimate time-saver and extremely convenient, automatically moving your desk to your desired height at the push of a button. Along with our other desks, the Economy Ryzer also comes with an 8-year warranty, guaranteeing durability and quality.


The Solo Ryzer is one of our more popular models, thanks to its adaptability and range of colors and tabletop sizes. Strong, sturdy, and versatile, it really can be the perfect solution if you are in the market for a standing desk! You get to configure the tabletops with our high-quality desk frame options and construct your ergonomic workstation.


This corner standing desk from our collection gives an option for an expansive workspace. It comes in L-shaped designs to get more space on table-tops and better storage for your monitor's accessories and have the shared desk space option open. Highly suitable for office work station needs, Corner Ryzer has adjustable height options with three legs for more floor stability and wider area occupancy. Furthermore, Progressive Desk offers customizable designing to let you build your height adjustable standing desk.


Style and functionality are the core components of the V-Ryzer. This 120° angled design provides a large workspace and a unique shape. This desk also boasts and 8-year warranty, making it not only stylish but practical and durable too!

Standing desk accessories

Standing Desk Accessories

Now that you know the basics about standing desks, what they are composed of and the best practices to get the best experience from these products, you should also know about compatible accessories! These are all to enhance your standing desk experience and provide you with convenience, ergonomics, and organization. We have a comprehensive list of accessories to go with all of our standing desks, and recommend you take a careful look through this catalog before purchase!


With CPU holders, you are developing height adjustable computer tables to prevent your computer from being dislodged while setting the height and also ensure CPU safeguarding.


Computer cables are a notorious nuisance that tends to tangle around your feet can be a serious safety hazard and generally make your desk area look quite untidy. With our cable management solutions, you can keep all of your wires and cables organized without too much interference.


Our standing desk remote range is large and packed with variety! From rotational to Wi-Fi controlled, you are sure to find a remote that suits your needs. Our remote interfaces are clear and easy to use, making the whole process as convenient as possible for you. With convenience in mind, some of our models have memory-positioning capabilities. This allows you to find your desired height and save this exact height position to a number on your remote. Even faster movement and more convenient technology!


Grommets are a fundamental part of our standing desks, so we endeavor to keep them stylish, practical, and useful. With our basic grommets acting as an ideal cable management controller, other grommets go a step further with USB ports and AC power outlets! Our grommets come in circular and rectangular sizes depending on the tabletop you choose, meaning you never have to compromise!


Storage is the key to an organized desk, but often storage units take up room or are unnecessarily large. Our solution is to provide compact (yet roomy!) drawers in various sizes that can be mounted to your tabletop. This means your drawers move with you too!


Our monitor stand range is growing and diversifying, giving you more choices and capabilities. From our standard monitor riser and monitor stand to our new UV disinfectant light riser (with plenty of storage too!), you can enhance your monitor height more than ever before. These are also great space savers, giving you desk space underneath the stand!


Privacy has never been so important. Making privacy stands a worthwhile inclusion to any workspace! Get over-desk or under-desk panels to keep the information confidential, hide anything you want to remain unseen, keep your under-desk wires concealed, or simply to give yourself an extra outlet for privacy!

Business Solutions

Converting a Regular Desk into a Standing Desk

Turn your desk into a standing desk! Well, that is not very difficult with the right set of components and accessories, of course with the right knowledge. Progressive Desk, you get an array of options for accessory sets and the later part, read along.

Compatible accessories are added to the desk set-up to enhance the functionalities and ergonomic features of your adjustable standing desk and enable the transformation. For example, a corner standing desk is designed for it to fit into the corner of rooms that have the appropriate space for it. However, if space is an issue, you can opt for a compact standing desk as opposed to a large standing desk through choosing smaller sized tabletops or standing desk types.

Normally, converting a regular standing desk into a standing desk is easier done than said. With the right set of accessories, such as riser frames, mechanisms, and tools you get the desk suitable to your height, comfort, and needs. The converting methods vary, depending on the type of accessory you choose.

Any standing desk is composed of two primary body components:

Mix and match for both these with the support of the accessories and products, one can easily build their DIY adjustable standing desks of compact and large sizes. While the list of accessories one can imagine for convertible standing desks, the list below shows an inclusive option one might need for comfortably converting the home or office standing desks.

How adjust standing desk for you

Setting Your Desk’s Height

To figure out what standing desk height is good for you, start with measurements. The distance from the bottom of your elbows positioned at a 90-degree angle to the floor is the basic dimension you should go by. There is no need to overdo it with minute precision of the measuring process since positioning your elbows a little lower will do you no harm. But make sure the elbow angle is not less than 90 degrees, in which case your wrists, shoulders, and elbow joints will experience an unnecessary strain.

Once you have determined the best height for you – both sitting and standing – either make note of the figure on your remotes interface (if it has a digitized screen) or if you have a memory positioning remote, save these heights.

Another factor to be taken into consideration is the footwear you are going to have on while working at your desk. While it may seem trivial, this does make an impact! Do your research and if you are going to be standing for the majority of the day, choose footwear with good support and comfort. The adjustment process is not over with the desk height setting. The monitor position also needs to be taken into consideration.

Monitor Adjustment Guidelines

When adjusting your monitor, you should take care to take into account the following four criteria:

Vertical Positioning

The arrangement of your monitor stand on an adjustable height computer desk is quite easy to regulate. You can fine-tune the desktop stands to your desired height or also alter your converter height level. There is a science behind choosing the right height of your monitor. As they claim, working at the computer we mostly look at the upper left part of the screen. So position your monitor so that your eyes are level with the top fourth (or third) of it.

In case it stands higher, you have all chances of developing the tension of neck, shoulders, and back muscles since your head will be tilted up too much. And it is also a cause for extra eye strain.

Horizontal Positioning (aka Centering)

The monitor must be straight before your face. Placing it askance will result in the need for twisting your neck to look at it. Unless you are a manager communicating with customers across your desk (and the screen before your face will hinder your responsibilities) you should avoid such an awkward arrangement likely to result in neck and shoulder stiffness.

A good option in this respect is to acquire a swivel arm to place the monitor on so that you could adjust its position according to your immediate needs and even share the screen with your colleagues working next to you.


A typical backward tilt should be between 10° and 20°. The advised angle is achieved by moving the monitor base closer to the user than its upper part.

However, in case you wear bifocals the most comfortable angle will be between 30° and  45°. However, tilting the monitor too far back will make it capture and reflect the lamplight over your head, so you will have to scale down the tilt otherwise your glasses will not help you much to see the screen better anyway.

Screen Distance

This parameter is largely determined by the comfortable distance from the eyes to the screen. Here “comfortable” means not too close to create a blurred image and make you tilt back your head and not too far when you can’t make out the picture on the screen and have to strain your eyes (or try to move the head closer to the monitor). Normally, such a distance equals 24 inches (61 centimeters) with 4 inches as a plus-or-minus margin. If you have no wish to fool around with a measuring tape just place the monitor at a stretched arm’s length and get done with all the bother.

Analyzing the Alternatives: Standing Desk Convertors

Standing desk converters are a separate accessory that rise your laptop or monitor. They are adjustable units for your laptop or desktop that can be conveniently placed on the top of standing or regular desks. They are the perfect alternatives to transform a regular desk into a standing desk without making any permanent changes to the existing desk structure and/or the setup. To make informed decisions into buying a standing desk converter factors such as computer size, the existing desk's tabletop surface area, space availability, and the cost.

An adjustable stand-up desk can have two types of mechanisms to lift or lower it, allowing you to opt for either a mechanical or a motorized standing desk. If you choose the former, this is an extremely manual process and you will have to operate devices such as crank lifts to make even the slightest adjustments. While this may be considered a ‘budget solution’, it is an outdated and tedious mechanism.

To analyze weigh its suitability over the actual standing desk set-ups, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that there are more cons than pros.

Following are some prominent reasons why a standing desk convertor set-up or an adjustable unit is NOT just as perfect:

  • Shrinking space availability and losing easy access to native sit-stand desktops
  • Convertors are predominantly mechanical devices which do not have as pleasing aesthetics and noisy
  • It appears that standing desk converters are a cost-effective solution but they do not last longer as compared to the investment they demand
  • A mechanical standing desk convertor impacts the weight carried on it; so if you are planning to have multiple computers for your office, a mechanical standing desk converter is not very good.

On the other hand, automation is becoming more and more common and in turn, more affordable. Many see motorized standing desks as investments – and worthwhile investments at that! The simple push of a button puts your desk into motion through the use of electric linear actuators. These keystones of motion do the work for you, and with memory-positioning capabilities on many of our remotes, you really can just push one button to reach your preset desired height.

As far as the cost factor goes, an electric standing desk set-up is affordable and worth the money. At Progressive Desk, one can easily find a decent electric standing desk set-up costing around $500 with customizable options in Solo Ryzer standing desk. Alternatively, a larger electric standing desk with three leg setup, Corner Ryzer, can be found around $900 offering more desk space perfect applicable for home options.

Also, a standing desk offers a more permanent solution without vibrations during operations which is very difficult to achieve with adjustable units used as desk converters.

Making a Choice that Suits Your Need and Growing Technology

If you are an active person eager for new ideas, looking for ways to promote a healthy lifestyle, or simply want a more convenient way to work, a sit standing desk will be an excellent solution ticking all the boxes! Adjustable standing desks are designed to move with you, letting you change up your day and get much-needed movement and versatility as you work!

Progressive Desk standing desks are high-quality, state-of-the-art desks that have guaranteed quality and durability – this is reflected in their 8-year warranty! We keep up with the rising technology and offer you motorized standing desk options for your ease and ergonomics. Not only will these desks boost your productivity and provide health benefits, but they are also built to last.

Drop us a line today for more details on our standing desk options and we guide you through your decision making.

Standing Desk Solutions

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