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What Type of Workspace Best Suits Your Personality?

What Type of Workspace Best Suits Your Personality?

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Having an enjoyable and comforting interior workspace setting is crucial as it has a long-term positive impact on our mood, productivity, posture, and mental health. Since everyone likes different colors and has different style preferences, the best interior design for a workspace also depends on the personality of its users. If you were looking for new project ideas and recommendations for the interior design of your workspace, this is just the article for you! We will be covering popular interior designs, decorations, and furniture that can help you in your search for a workspace design style that best suits your personality!

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Interior Design Styles

Interior designing is a process of art and science involving the decoration and augmentation of a room or building’s interior to have an attractive space for people to use. Popular interior design choices include:

  • Rustic
  • Traditional
  • Industrial
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Bohemian
  • Mid-Century Modern
  • Coastal
  • Scandinavian
  • Eclectic

With so many different choices, combining different aspects of each style to achieve a look you like is very common! Whether you pick one style or plan to mix multiple styles, the most important thing is to find something that you enjoy and feel comfortable with!



 Rustic interior design


The major defining characteristics found in Rustic designs are the natural materials used in the furniture, decorations, and building’s structural materials. Using rustic wood and natural stones in their most natural state for furniture and walls gives the earthy and organic vibes associated with Rustic designs. Hand-made decorations and natural textures from the soft-touch areas of furniture pieces can also help further enhance this design’s connection to Mother Nature.

This design is perfect for those who like to have a close connection to nature and wooden crafted projects. Rustic designs are also an excellent option for rooms that were already built from natural stones or rustic wood.



A traditional design


A traditional design tends to have a classic appearance through the pieces of antiques used around the room. Wing-back chairs and other Queen Anne furniture are notably used in traditional settings for the traditional features they have. Their classic appearance comes from their carved-out patterns, cabriole legs, curving shapes, and cushioned seats. Colors typically found in traditional settings are brown, white, beige, cream, and other natural wood colors.

If you enjoy the traditional look and have a passion for collecting antiques such as classic pieces of furniture and decorations, this design is right up your alley! This is also a timeless choice if you want an interior design that will always remain classic while being familiar and comfy.



Industrial design


Industrial designs have a raw and unfinished design that appears tough and rugged. The presence of concrete, wood, bricks, and metal can be found unpainted or unfinished as the building or background materials. Exposed ceilings, Edison light bulbs, and large glass windows are common in industrial designs. Simpler furniture and decorations will typically be used in this setting.

If you like a tough and rugged look, the industrial design is the match for you! This design is also an efficient option to implement for buildings that already have inherent features of warehouses, factories, or designs from the industrial era.



A typical modern interior


The typical modern interior is generally known to be minimalistic with simple shapes and clean lines, for a sleek appearance. Compared to traditional type designs, a modern design will have noticeably fewer patterns and carvings. Modern interior designs are also frequently associated with the use of natural light, neutral colors, and open floors which use fewer walls and more furniture to differentiate between the spaces.

Modern designs can help increase space efficiency for smaller rooms and is an excellent option for rooms that were already built with open floors and easy access to natural light. If you like neutral colors, clean lines, and simplicity, this is the design for you!



 Contemporary design


Although often confused with Modern designs, Contemporary designs focus more on what is trending now while Modern interiors can incorporate anything from the 50s and after. Contemporary interiors now tend to have curved arches, round furniture, open shelving, high contrasting colors, and oak flooring.

The Contemporary designs today may go out of style in the future when new trends emerge, however, you can always choose to keep as much of the design as you want if you love it! Shopping for Contemporary furniture and decorations is also a much easier task since you can find all the pieces needed today for the current trends!

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Bohemian design


Bohemian designs take inspiration from the traveling Gypsy lifestyle of collecting plants, artistic display pieces, and other exotic finds which can then be used as decorations. This design can be found with plenty of handmade decorations, natural woven textures, folk art, and hanging plants. There is more freedom and less structure in the use of its patterns and textures to promote a carefree nature.

This is the perfect interior design if you like having plants and have an artistic personality! The Bohemian style can also be an affordable option to design your workspace as it promotes fun DIY projects, thrifting, and vintage shopping.


Mid-Century Modern

 Mid-century modern design


The Mid-Century Modern design gets its name for its notable emergence around the 50s and 60s in North America. Technological advancements in the post-war era made new materials such as plastics, vinyl, and plywood more available for designing furniture. Many traditional designs were also used as inspiration for furniture and later stripped down to a more basic design and function to make mass production easier. Colors such as blue, green, and orange are commonly found in this interior design.

Mid-Century Modern is a notable choice to consider if you like the appearance of its materials and furniture with tapered looks. This design also works well for those who prefer a simpler minimalistic style as it does not have as many ornate details found in other designs.



Coastal design


Coastal designs make use of colors, decorations, and other room pieces to help bring the elements of a beach house and other coastal buildings to life. Hanging maps, seashells, or posters of your favorite beach is a great way of making your space appear more Coastal! Bright colors, blue shades, and natural wood materials are typically used in Coastal designs.

If you have a passion for swimming, enjoy boat cruises, or love going to the beach, this will be your best workspace design! Buildings that are near bodies of water can also use this design to their advantage by integrating large windows to make the outside view of water more prominent.



Scandinavian interior


Scandinavian interiors take inspiration from the Nordic lifestyle with its simpler and more minimalistic design approach. There are minimal amounts of dedicated decorations, however, the functional pieces of furniture are made to be quite decorative, helping give character to the interior. The use of natural light woods and brighter color palettes bring a clean and relaxing look. This design style also tends to emphasize warmth through faux furs that are placed on furniture and flooring.

If you prefer lighter tones of colors and enjoy the warm cozy feeling of soft faux furs, the Scandinavian design will bring the comfort you’re looking for! Rooms that come with large windows or have glass structures can also take advantage of natural lighting for this design.



Eclectic interior design


Eclectic interior design is about merging different colors and pieces from different styles to get a look that was desired by the user. Without any real rules, Eclectic interior design becomes a matter of picking your favorite pieces of furniture and decorations to go with your favorite colors.

The Eclectic interior design is excellent for those who like mixing multiple aspects of different styles. If you were not sure what workspace interior design to choose, trying the Eclectic interior design can also be a good starting point. Once all your favorite design aspects and pieces are in place, you can then decide whether you like what you see or slowly remove and add one piece at a time until you find a look you like.


Adjustable Standing Desks

In every workspace, having the proper posture and ergonomics is crucial for maintaining good health, productivity, and a positive mood. Adjustable standing desk frames continue rising in popularity due to the significant benefits they offer in a workspace. Standing desk frames promote a more active work style by allowing the convenience of changing desk heights at any time depending on whether a seating or standing position was preferred.

Adjustable standing desk


The three major colors for our standing desk frames are black, white, and gray. Our black desk frames work well if you needed darker tones or some color contrast, however, we also offer white desk frames if you were aiming for something brighter. Our gray desk frames are perfect if you needed a color that was neutral to blend in with your interior design. Since our standing desk frames can accept various tabletop sizes, you also get many different tabletops to choose from! Each of our tabletops has unique colors and designs to match the workspace style of your choice!

A tabletop


A custom tabletop can also be done by installing it with a desk frame to make a more personalized workspace. The project by April Wilkerson is a perfect example of an adjustable standing desk frame that was personalized through a custom tabletop!

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In Summary

Having a variety of different interior designs to choose from ensures there is always something available for everyone’s style and preferences. By incorporating the right color combinations together with matching decorations and furniture, you too can enjoy a workspace design that fits your personality!

We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were looking for some inspiration for styling the interior of your workspace. If you have any queries about our products or have trouble picking out the right desk to suit your workspace design style, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of representatives is experts in what we do and will be happy to help with any questions you may have! | 1-800-828-9414

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