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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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Comparing Our Standing Desks – Which Ryzer Suits You Best?

Comparing Our Standing Desks – Which Ryzer Suits You Best?

9 min read

Our Ryzer standing desks are perfect to enhance your workspace, help with productivity or create a working environment that gets your moving when working at home or in the office! The adjustable height and width features give you complete control and customization, no matter what position you prefer. A quality standing desk should ensure that you feel more comfortable working while improving your workspace ergonomics. We’re confident our desks accomplish this, and even go beyond basic expectations thanks to their sleek design and compatible desk accessories! However, the first question you will be asking yourself when looking at our range is which desk suits you best?

This standing desk comparison review will highlight the various desk models available from our Ryzer series. We have four quality desks to explore, each coming with different features including shapes, price-points, motor systems, frame height and width settings, and weight capacities.

Our Standing Desk Comparison Chart

We have created our own adjustable standing desk comparison chart that will quickly let you skim over the core features and differences of all our desks. Once you have reviewed this, if you need more detailed information please keep reading!

Economy Ryzer

The Economy Ryzer is the latest model in our range, and our most cost-effective solution. It's perfect for anyone who's looking for a quality desk without going past their budget! This is one of the best budget standing desks with its extensive height range, durable body, and easy assembly. Its single motor frame can handle 155 lbs at a time and it also comes with a memory positioning remote that allows you to set up to four preset heights. The added child lock feature ensures the desk will not shift outside your control.

You can adjust the Economy Ryzer from 27.9” to 47.6” in height or 39.4” to 58.7” in width, with the motor running at one inch per second. You can also set the upper and lower height limits on the desk to prevent it from bumping into anything above or below the setup, and it contains a collision detection feature for added security. This desk gives you all of the benefits of a standing desk at a more affordable price! 



Solo Ryzer

The Solo Ryzer is one of our most popular desk models and also, one of our best rated standing desks. The Solo Ryzer features a sturdy body with three column stages to support your extra weight. The dual-motor system can move the desk at a rate of 1.57” per second. It can also handle up to 270 lbs, so you can secure a traditional desktop computer and monitor on your desk with ease.

The Solo Ryzer is great for people wanting to transition to a sit-stand desk or who want to upgrade their current model. The control mechanism features a flexible design that can handle heights from 23.6” to 49.1”. You can also utilize one of many remote options when controlling the Ryzer, including an advanced keypad option that connects directly under the tabletop with some models allowing you to set up to four memory height positions!

The collision detection features ensure the desk will stop motion if it detects an object or hazard in its path – like the Economy Ryzer, you can set the limits on how high the desk can move. The soft start and stop features will provide a comfortable feeling that keeps everything on your desk secure when you move the desk up and down. You will not risk your items falling off your desk when it moves, no matter how high you set it.

The Solo Ryzer is currently available in over seventeen colors, with this list constantly expanding. Each tabletop is an inch thick and features a High-Pressure Laminate body featuring eco-friendly materials.



Corner Ryzer

The Corner Ryzer features a three-legged L-shaped design, perfect for corner workstations and gives you plenty of extra desk space for more room, extra monitors or anything else you need on your desk!

The triple-motor setup supports heights from 23.6” to 49.1”. You can also choose remote options that have up to four memory position, alongside our other remote types (rotational, touch screen and many more). There’s more than enough room for under-desk storage, especially if you opt for our cable management accessories that will keep wires out of your way! The triple-motor setup is quiet and works at 1.5” per second. It can also handle 330 pounds of weight at a time, making it ideal for all the widescale work you need it to hold.

You have two tabletop type options with this desk: you can either combine two of rectangular tabletops, or opt for one of our seamless tabletops that have been designed exclusively for the Corner Ryzer.



V Ryzer

Our next option for your search of the best height adjustable standing desk is the V Ryzer. This V-shaped standing desk features a curved tabletop for prime seating, with the V-shaped outer design. This desk is truly luxurious and sleek that will dominate your workspace thanks to its unique shape. Like the Corner Ryzer, you have plenty of desk space with the V Ryzer and will not be limited in any area. The triple motor means the legs all move in complete sync, resulting smooth movement.

The top features a 95” x 51” size, providing a scratch-resistant vast body that will stay looking its best for years after installation. Our 15 year warranty guarantees this!

The triple-motor setup can handle 330 lbs and like our other desks, comes with a collision detection feature for added security. You can adjust the width from 43.4" to 75.3”, suitable for both our tabletops and any 3rd party products you may have. The height also ranges from 23.6” to 49.4”. The sturdy design and heavyweight support make this one of the best standing desk frames not only in our range, but in the market. Again, four memory positions are available in some of our remotes allowing you to set the desk to different positions based on the work you need to complete or whoever might be there to use the desk.



When looking for a standing desk, you need to be sure you know exactly what you’re getting and that its suitable for all of your requirements. This comparison was designed to give you a comprehensive insight into all of the desks we currently have so you can make the best purchasing decision. If you’re looking for a quality sit-stand desk, you have absolutely come to the right place – we’re confident you will find your perfect fit with a standing desk from our Ryzer series.

If you have any queries about any of our desks, please contact us and one of our customer support agents would be delighted to help you! You can also browse our range of desks and build your very own desk from scratch!

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