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Computer Monitor Riser: Elevate Your Well-being and Productivity

Computer Monitor Riser: Elevate Your Well-being and Productivity

2.23 min read

We usually spend eight to nine hours working, which is more than a third of our day! To spend this time productively, we need the workspace to help us boost our performance and stay healthy and active throughout the day.

Here at Progressive Desk, we know how vital workspace ergonomics is to get the job effectively done – that’s why we added new upgraded monitor riser models to our range!

Monitor riser


Monitor stands help with comfort and screen aesthetics while you work!

Monitor Riser Benefits

A monitor riser is a sturdy stand designed to elevate a monitor or laptop to a more ergonomic height. It can be easily moved so that you can adjust the monitor’s angle and position. 

Solid and simple, monitor risers provide substantial benefits you can appreciate once you start using them.

First and foremost, a monitor riser allows you to lift your screen closer to eye level, ensuring you keep proper posture. When a monitor sits directly on your desk, you may find yourself hunching or craning your neck to view the screen, which may cause back and neck pain with time. A monitor stand allows you to elevate the monitor or move it closer to you, setting up a more comfortable viewing position and reducing tension in the back and neck. Moreover, keeping the monitor at eye level will also help release eye strain.

If you have a mouse, a touchpad, and an external keyboard, you can use the monitor stand with your laptop - it will be easily turned into a laptop monitor riser!

Besides the monitor riser’s ergonomic value, it helps free up working space by taking your screen off the desk, enabling you to create a more organized environment.

This year we’re happy to have two new models offering customers more features to set up their comfortable and productive workplace!


Long Slim Aluminum Monitor Riser

This desk monitor riser may be your best choice if you need a simple and practical solution to elevate your screen and free up more space on your desk. The lengthy design provides more room for your monitor, raising the screen to an ergonomic height and creating a physiologically correct viewing angle, which is essential to reduce tension in the neck and back. The installation of this accessory is a no-brainer – put the monitor stand on your desk, and you’re all set!

Aluminum monitor riser


The sturdy aluminum frame ensures reliable support for bigger-size monitors and can hold up to 44 lbs. Conveniently, the stand’s legs have non-slip silicon pads, which prevent the riser from slipping.

Sturdy aluminum frame


In addition, our slim monitor riser has plenty of space underneath, allowing you to store different items, such as headphones or a full-size keyboard.

Steel Monitor Riser

Steel Monitor Riser

Our new steel monitor riser combines sturdy design and charging functionality, making it a real doc station for all your essential devices.

Steel monitor riser


This computer monitor riser has three USB 2.0 ports to charge your mobile phone, tablet, or speakers.

Сomputer monitor riser


The new model also has rubber pads on its bottom to protect the desk’s surface from scratches and ensure the riser won’t slide when adjusting your monitor.

Additional storage


Extra space beneath the monitor stand can serve as additional storage to keep your mouse, trackpad, and phone.

In Summary

Our productivity depends much on our physical condition; thus, taking care of your posture and keeping a natural head and neck position to avoid stiffness, eye strain, and muscle fatigue is critical. Try raising your monitor to eye level, and you will soon feel the difference! We designed our monitor risers to help you arrange your workspace ergonomically and build your healthy work style - take a look at our full lineup to choose the monitor stand that fits best your needs. Also, check out other ergonomic accessories and browse our adjustable standing desks to boost your productivity!

Nataliia Borysko

Technical Content Copywriter at Progressive Automations, Progressive Desk, and Progressive Bed
Nataliia is a passionate writer with immense love for languages and a dual academic background in linguistics and marketing. On her career journey, Nataliia has worked as a product marketer, a competitive intelligence analyst, and a marketing content writer for multinational companies.
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