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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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Convenience & Cable Management Accessories

Durability, Functionality, Style: New Convenience and Cable Management Accessories

Inspired by the idea of an ergonomic workspace, we’ve recently complemented our accessories collection with new arrivals! Stylish desk mats, durable CPU holders, and functional cable management solutions –these all-new products will be covered in this article.

Personalize Your Workspace with Two-Sided Leather Desk Mat

This innovative and functional mat is designed to enhance your work environment, providing a stylish and customizable addition to your workspace. The unique feature of this mat is its double-sided design. You get the benefit of two colors in one item, allowing you to switch sides to match your mood and preferences. With a variety of color combinations, it has become so easy to personalize your workspace in a creative way!

Leather desk mat


Our two-sided mat is crafted from high-quality PVC vegan leather, which gives you the look and feel of genuine leather while being environmentally conscious. The water-resistant surface of our leather desk mat is also super easy to clean, protecting your desk from spills and stains. In addition, a non-glare surface protects you from visual distractions, allowing you to concentrate fully on your tasks.

Learn more about our standing desks and bring more activity to your workspace!

Two-sided leather desk pad


We made our desk mat not only functional but also portable, so you can take your workspace with you wherever you go! The desk pad comes with a convenient travel strap, making it easy to carry and ideal for remote work or attending meetings. Moreover, it is lightweight and durable, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection for your desk. Measuring 31.5" x 15.7", it provides ample space for your keyboard, mouse, and other essentials.

Functionality, style, and eco-friendliness – all this you’ll find in our two-sided leather desk pad.

Organize Your Wires with Cable Clips and Under Desk Mesh

Cable Holder Clips DO-10

Designed with ergonomic functionality in mind, these silicone cable clips will improve your cable management experience and create a clutter-free environment. The key feature of our desk cord clips lies in their high-quality silicone material. This durable and flexible material guarantees durable performance, providing a secure grip on your cables.

Installation is an absolute no-brainer with the self-adhesive backing of the clips. No need for drilling anymore! Simply peel off the protective film and attach the clips to a clean and smooth surface wherever you need them. The strong 3M adhesive tape ensures a reliable and long-lasting attachment, keeping the cable holder securely in place.

Desk cable clips


Our desk cable clips are versatile and compatible with a wide range of cables, including USB charging cables, computer and headphone power cords, and more. Regardless of the type or size of the cable, our clips provide the perfect solution for cable organization.

With compact dimensions of 1.1" x 1.1" x 0.6", these silicone clips are sleek and virtually invisible, and they seamlessly blend with your desk or any surface.

Wire Cable Clips Set DO-11


Wire Cable Clips Set DO-11

Made from durable polypropylene plastic, these clips offer a secure grip on your cables, preventing them from tangling or sustaining damage. This cable clips set is easily attached with the self-adhesive backing as well – a sticky surface ensures a firm attachment, keeping the clips securely in place.

There are single (1.1" x 0.5" x 0.5"), triple (2.1" x 0.5" x 0.7"), and sextuple (3.4" x 0.5" x 0.8") wire clips in the set. Thanks to their different sizes, these versatile cord holders are suitable for various types of cables, including USB cables, computer and headphone power cords, and more. Regardless of the size or thickness of your cables, these clips can handle them all, ensuring a neat and organized appearance.

Cord holders


Cable clips set


Under Desk Cable Mesh DO-09

The standout feature of our under-table cable management system is its breathable and fire-retardant mesh design, which allows for optimal airflow, preventing cable overheating and ensuring the best performance. A flexible tray of the cable management system effortlessly accommodates cables of various sizes. Whether you have a few cords or a tangled bundle, this tray efficiently handles them all!

Our cable management net includes adjustable Velcro straps to ensure a hassle-free installation. These straps enable you to securely fasten and adjust the position of your cables, keeping them neatly in place. No more tripping hazards or unsightly cable clutter!

Cable management


Each package includes one mesh tray, two mounting hooks, and four self-drilling screws, providing you with everything required for a swift setup of your cable management system. Additionally, the sleek black color adds a discreet touch, seamlessly blending with any desk or office decor. With our under-desk mesh cable management system, you can enjoy the benefits of a clean and efficient work environment that enhances your productivity right away!


Under-desk mesh cable management system

Looking for a comfy and ergonomic chair? We’ve all things considered!

Slide and Swivel CPU Holder DC-03

Crafted with high-quality steel and plastic materials, our CPU holder ensures durability and long-lasting performance. With a weight capacity of 33 pounds, it provides secure and stable support for various computer sizes and configurations. The adjustable height and width of the under desk computer mount allow you to customize the fit, ensuring a snug and secure hold for your specific CPU.

CPU Holder DC-03


One of the key features of our CPU holder is its 360-degree swivel range. This design grants you easy access to the rear ports and cables of your CPU without the need to strain your back or neck. Also, our CPU holder's sliding mount capability is a convenient addition that brings your CPU to the required position. With a simple slide, you can access your CPU without reaching down to the floor or crawling under the desk. This time-saving feature boosts your productivity and streamlines your work process.

Under desk PC mount


Not only does our under desk PC mount offer convenience, but it also protects your computer. By keeping the CPU off the floor, it safeguards against accidental damage such as spills or kicks. Moreover, this space-saving design frees up valuable floor space, resulting in a clean and organized workplace. Designed to seamlessly integrate with most standing desks, our CPU holder moves up and down with the desk, ensuring your CPU remains at a comfortable height whether you're sitting or standing.

Installation is a breeze with our screw mount design, which guarantees a secure attachment to your desk. The package includes all the necessary hardware and step-by-step instructions, making the installation process simple and hassle-free.

Discover a new level of convenience and enhance your workspace with our desk accessories!

A Final Word

We at Progressive Desk will be more than happy if you find our new products helpful in elevating your workspace and create a truly comfortable and productive working environment! That said, we have many more accessories for you to consider; check them out! Also, browse our collection of adjustable standing desks and ergonomic chairs to revolutionize your work experience! | 1-800-828-9414

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