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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Prime Ryzer vs. Solo Ryzer: Which Should You Choose?

Prime Ryzer vs. Solo Ryzer: Which Should You Choose?

8.5 min read

You’ve come to our site and see two desks that look fairly similar but are different in price and specifications. While the Prime Ryzer and Solo Ryzer can look similar, if you’re trying to figure out which one is best for you, you need to consider several factors. No matter which one you choose, be rest-assured that Progressive Desk offers a simple standing desk solution, giving you a modern and quality product, with plenty of compatible accessories. All of these products are perfect for incorporating into your workstation, increasing your overall satisfaction and productivity. So, no matter which desk you pick, you will get an ergonomic desk with durability, quality, and functionality.

Without further ado, let’s get to the Prime Ryzer vs Solo Ryzer comparison to help you make the right choice! Firstly, we’ll give you a brief overview of each desk, before getting into the key differences.

Solo Ryzer Standing Desk

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Solo Ryzer Standing Desk

The Solo Ryzer Standing Desk, is one of our most popular desks, offering you an attractive design with great functionality. This premium height adjustable desk allows you to maintain a workplace that follows the rules of ergonomics, allowing you to increase productivity while staying active. The dual-motor system promotes easy and quick height adjustment, traveling at 1.58" per/second, with a height range of 23.6” to 49.1”. You also get a weight capacity of around 270 lbs, while the desk itself weighs around 65 lbs. Tabletop sizes range from 48” x 30”, 55” x 28”, 60” x 30” and 72” x 30”.

This desk also offers a variety of remotes that can be paired with it, including memory positioning controls that allow you to set up to four positions. This gives you the ultimate freedom to easily set it according to your height and needs, giving you a smooth transition from standing to sitting whenever you need. Besides that, you can quickly assemble this desk – when tested, we assembled it in 20 minutes! Colors range from white, gray, and black to fit in with any environment. Moreover, it also comes with collision-detection, a child lock feature, and an energy-saving mode. The Solo Ryzer is definitely considered a premium yet affordable standing desk that anyone looking for quality and functionality can purchase. However, our Prime Ryzer is even more affordable than our Solo Ryzer based on a number of different factors.

Prime Ryzer Standing Desk

Prime Ryzer Standing Desk

If you’re looking for affordable but functional standing desk, the Prime Ryzer is great choice. Compatible tabletops come in five sizes: 42” x 24”, 42” x 30”, 48” x 30”, 55” x 28”, and 60” x 30”. This inexpensive standing desk has seamlessly blended the quality design with functionality so that you can easily transition it from a standing to sitting position. Along height adjustment capabilities, the Prime Ryzer's dual-motor system and 2-stage legs offer you stability and quiet operation. The desk travels at a rate of 1" per/second, its weight capacity is 220 lbs, and the height range is from 27.6” to 46.9”. Alongside all of these features, the Prime Ryzer also offers quick adjustment and installation, with collision-detection, a child lock feature and an energy-saver mode. If you are purchasing it for your home with kids, you can use its child lock feature to keep your little ones safe!

Prime Ryzer vs. Solo Ryzer comparison

Now that we have taken you through both desks, we recommend you look at the key differences to make the right choice. While both desks are superb quality (guaranteed by their 15-year warranty), they do differ in many aspects, which you need to consider before purchase.


Your budget may the biggest factor when choosing a standing desk. It has already been covered that the cost-effectiveness of Prime Ryzer is more appealing when compared to Solo Ryzer, and the desk still provides all of the same functionality of an adjustable standing desk.

Comfortable desk Prime Ryzer

Weight Capacity

With a weight capacity of 270 lbs, the Solo Ryzer is pretty great in terms of handling heavy loads thanks to its 3-stage legs and dual motor. While still completely acceptable for day-to-day use, the Prime Ryzer has a bit lower weight capacity of 220 lbs.

An economical ergonomic desk, the Prime Ryzer

Column Stages

As mentioned, the Solo Ryzer has 3-stage legs, while the Prime Ryzer has two column stages. If 2-stage legs are sufficient for you, and you want a cheap ergonomic desk, the Prime Ryzer is perfect!

Frame Height

All of our desks are designed differently and included in this is the height range of all. You can get a frame height of 23.6" – 49.1" with the Solo Ryzer, and a frame height of 27.6" – 46.9" with the Prime Ryzer. You can see that Solo Ryzer has a lower minimum height, and higher maximum height than Prime Ryzer. In this case, you need to consider which minimum and maximum height you need while working on the desk.

Bottom Line

Both the Prime Ryzer and Solo Ryzer desk are great in their own way, with different specifications and price tags. Are you looking for an affordable standing desk, or for a slightly pricier desk with more advanced desk features? Regardless, both of these desks aim to provide you with a comfortable and easy experience that increases your productivity and activity through the day. Take look through both of their product pages, or at all of our other standing desks to see which one suits you best! So, it’s advisable to think, or a desk with several column stages? Do you want a desk of great height or weight capacity? Make the right choice.

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