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How to Convert Your Corner Ryzer into a Solo Ryzer

How to Convert Your Corner Ryzer into a Solo Ryzer

9.7 min read

Moving day can be an exciting time, however, the space constraints we may encounter for large heavy furniture is a challenge we sometimes need to face. There may also be situations where we require a temporary compact adjustable desk but prefer a larger-sized adjustable desk when more space is available after the move. Whether you plan to move into a larger building for more space or require downsizing into a smaller building, having the right Corner Ryzer standing desk combination can accommodate both cases! In this guide, we will cover how to convert your Corner Ryzer into a two-legged desk like the Solo Ryzer.

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Our Desk

Each of our standing desks comes with different designs to suit different conditions and requirements. The standing desks models we offer are our:


Corner Ryzer

The Corner Ryzer was our top-rated standing desk of 2021. It offers many different tabletop options for more user customization in both colors and sizes. The L-shaped design also allows for improved space efficiency when placed near the corner of a room. Although there are a few combination requirements that must be met for the convertible setup, a three-legged configuration offers more space, greater stability, and higher weight capacity compared to the two-legged alternatives.

Corner Ryzer

Corner Ryzer with two rectangular tabletops


Solo Ryzer

The Solo Ryzer works best for most home and office workstations. This compact adjustable desk comes at a fair price while still offering decent weight capacity, good working space, and lots of color combinations.

Solo Ryzer

Solo Ryzer


Economy Ryzer

The Economy Ryzer is our most cost-effective desk and shares a two-legged design similar in form factor to the Solo Ryzer. With its four-position memory function and its 155 lbs weight capacity, this desk is affordable without compromise.

Economy Ryzer

Economy Ryzer

V Ryzer


Our V Ryzer standing desk is a great option for users who are looking for a larger workspace and to maximize the usable tabletop surface area. It offers a large work area and the rounded tabletop edges provide exceptional style and comfort.

V Ryzer

V Ryzer

We've created standing desk kits for any environment - find out if you have a perfect match!

Can the Solo Ryzer be converted into a Corner Ryzer?

The Corner Ryzer and Solo Ryzer are the two most popular types of standing desks we offer; however, the Solo Ryzer Standing Desk is not able to convert into a three-legged L-shaped Desk like the Corner Ryzer. This is because the conversion requires components that we do not carry to purchase separately such as an individual third leg and the frame adapters to merge with the two-legged setup of the Solo Ryzer. However, it is possible to convert the Corner Ryzer Standing Desk into a two-legged rectangular desk like the Solo Ryzer by following the steps below!


Converting Your Corner Ryzer Into a Solo Ryzer

A few requirements to consider when converting the Corner Ryzer Standing Desk into a two-legged configuration are:

  • Weight capacity
  • Tabletop dimensions
  • Color combinations


Weight Capacity

In the normal three-legged configuration, our L-shaped Desk has a weight capacity rating of 330 lbs. Each leg from the Corner Ryzer Standing Desk has a weight capacity rating of 110 lbs, however, each of the Solo Ryzer legs is rated for 135 lbs. Assuming weight was equally distributed on top, the two-legged configuration of Corner Ryzer Standing Desks will be rated for 220 lbs of weight capacity. This is lower than the 270 lbs weight capacity found in Solo Ryzer Standing Desks but greater than the 155 lbs weight capacity of our Economy Ryzer. Our Standing Desks are suitable for setups that do not go over their rated weight capacity.


Tabletop Dimensions

When choosing the tabletops for a convertible type L-shaped Desk, the one-piece L-shaped tabletop will no longer be suitable as you will require a setup with two rectangular tabletops. This is so that the rectangular tabletops can be separated when a two-legged configuration with one tabletop was required while still having the option for both tabletop pieces to merge for an L shape. The two rectangular tabletop dimensions will then have to be chosen in the available sizes that you find suitable for the two and three-legged configurations.

Tabletop Dimensions

Tabletop dimensions


Color Combinations

Since the two and three-legged configurations were using parts from the Corner Ryzer standing desk, it is crucial to select the color combinations that you find suitable for both configurations. Different colored tabletops may be alright if only one was used for the two-legged configuration, however, the three-legged configuration will end up with clashing tabletop colors. It is also important to note that the two and three-legged configurations will both have the same-colored metal frames.


Converting Procedure

Our corner standing desk comes with the default control box consisting of three output ports and has a design that shuts off all legs as a safety feature if not all three legs were securely plugged in. By purchasing the FLTCON-2 control box from our sister company Progressive Automations, the two-legged desk setup can now have a two-channel control box. You will then need to request by phone or email for this control box to be programmed specifically for FLT-05 Corner Ryzer legs to ensure compatibility.

Converting Procedure

Two-channel control box


The next step is to continue with the normal corner standing desk assembly procedure while using the FLTCON-2 control box up till step 6. This is because steps 7 and 8 are intended for the three-legged configuration where the Primary Frame with two legs attaches to the Secondary Frame consisting of the third leg. After completing step 6 of the corner standing desk assembly, we would just continue with the installation of the foot pieces like in step 9 for the two legs being used. Install one Foot (6) using four M6x14 Machine Screws (14) onto one Leg (9). Tighten the screws in a criss-cross formation to prevent misalignment and then repeat these steps for the remaining second leg.

Converting Procedure


Now we are in the tabletop installation stage of the assembly. We would then follow along from step 10 and continue with the normal assembly procedure except there will no longer be a need to assemble the second tabletop or the third leg for an L shape.

If this two-legged configuration needs to be converted to the three-legged normal setup, we also have a video reference of the full assembly tutorial!

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In Summary

The ability to change configurations back and forth from a three-legged L-shaped desk to a two-legged compact adjustable desk allows for the versatility to adapt to different space and weight capacity requirements. By following a few steps and choosing the right combinations, our Corner Ryzer standing desk can also be converted into a two-legged configuration like the Solo Ryzer standing desk.

We hope you found this guide informative and helpful, especially if you were looking for desks that can change configurations when moving to another room or building. If you have any queries about our products or have trouble with the installation of our desk setup, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of representatives is experts in what we do and will be happy to help with any questions you may have! | 1-800-828-9414

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