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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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The Work from Home Era is Here: Get Prepared!

The Work from Home Era is Here: Get Prepared!

10.2 min read

As remote work gains more popularity, standing desks are a must in your office. It’s hard to sit down for hours on end and stay productive. This is where Progressive Desk has your best interest. In this article, you should expect to find the best combinations of standing office desks provided by Progressive Desk which are all customizable to fit an office and any space.

Learn more about our standing desks, and why they would be perfect for your home office!

Why a Progressive Desk is Better Than a DIY Standing Desk

John Titley is a Canadian screenwriter and producer out of Toronto. John compared his hand-made standing desk to the Solo Ryzer standing desk in an honest and comprehensive video. The categories he analyzed were:


  1. Height and Width
  2. The Jello Test (sturdiness)
  3. Adjustment Speed
  4. Building the Desk
  5. Cable Management
  6. Warranty

The Solo Ryzer ended up overcoming the DIY desk in all of the categories – keep reading to find out why!

1.    Height and Width

Titley says that it is very important for the desk to be “low enough to be comfortable when sitting, and high enough to be comfortable when standing.


  • The DIY desk went up to 48.5” and down to 28.7”.
  • The Solo Ryzer went up to 49.7”and down to 24.4”.


The reason the Solo Ryzer can go lower and higher is down to the fact that they are made with “three-segmented legs which give room to compress and expand.


  • The DIY desks’ width range is 33.4” to 40.16” to 50.7 inches.
  • The Solo Ryzer’s width range is 39.6” to 74”.


In the height and width category, the Solo Ryzer wins!


Solo Ryzer standing desk

2.    The Jello Test (Sturdiness)

Does your desk wobble when you write, or if you bump the edge? Using Jello cups and putting them on a plate, John conducted a Jello Test that tested what happened when he bumped the table in different directions to see which one wobbled the most.


  • The Solo Ryzer at the lowest height of 24.4” had the least amount of wobble, having to forcefully use two hands instead of one to make the Jello move.
  • On the other hand, both desks had a wobble at their highest settings. But the DIY desk had the Jello absolutely dancing, while the Solo Ryzer’s Jello was mild in comparison.


Therefore, Progressive Desk wins again!


3.    Adjustment Speed

How fast does each desk get from sitting to standing? John measured this in two ways. First without weight; second with his weight on the table. These times were all taken five times, with the average of the five as the final result.


  • Without weight, the DIY desk raised in 14.55 seconds and lowered in 17.90 seconds.
  • The Solo Ryzer raised in 13.74 seconds and lowered in 13.65 seconds!


  • With his 210 lbs on the DIY desk, it slowed down to raising in 18.62 seconds and lowering in 17.29 seconds.
  • The Progressive Desk didn’t slow down at all!


By the results of the test, Progressive Desk wins this category!


4.    Building the Desk

As John sourced elements of his DIY desk from different suppliers, this definitely added to the build time due to finding compatible tabletops and accessories. As the Solo Ryzer comes with everything needed for a full standing desk, it made the experience fast and easy. Plus, each Progressive Desk standing desk comes with comprehensive instructions and a full step-by-step assembly video!


Progressive Desk wins again!


 Solo Ryzer by Progressive Desk

5.    Cable Management

John did cover cable management but since as those are added accessories, we will briefly cover the results. Progressive Desk has plenty of accessories for hiding cords and providing more outlet space on the desk itself. Some complimentary Progressive Desk accessories are a must-have for your work-from-home desk setup.



Warranty is very important when making a big purchase like this, so this is another element John focused on.


  • The DIY desk had so many different parts that had different warranties. The frame had a 3-year warranty, while the tabletop had a 10-year limited warranty.
  • Progressive Desk’s warranty on the Solo Ryzer legs, tabletop, and accessories are all 15 years. Not only is it longer than any of the DIY desk warranties, but the convenience of only having to call one phone number for all the desk items is outstanding.


The convenience and length of the Solo Ryzer’s warranty wins this category.


Tally Up!

As the trial came to an end, it is crystal clear which desk is the winner. The Solo Ryzer won in every category, with John recommending it as an amazing home office desk. Yes, the Solo Ryzer is pricier than the DIY desk however, John believes that the investment is truly worth it.

Not ready to commit to a full standing desk? Learn about our Desk Converters!

The Best Options for Home Office Desks

Progressive Desk has ideal standing desks for a home office. Choose one of these options for the best remote-work desk setup, from affordably, minimalist options to more premium standing desk options!


Progressive Desk’s Modern Home Office Desks

V Ryzer

The V Ryzer is a modern luxury that provides plenty of working space. With the 120 degrees angle, you can use a desktop or laptop, with plenty of extra space for writing.


V-shaped Home office desk
  • Adjustable width: 43.4” - 75.3”
  • Adjustable height with desktop: 23.6” - 49.1”
  • Tabletop: 55” x 96”


Pros of the V Ryzer:
  • Adjustable glides on the legs
  • 3-staged adjustable legs
  • Collision detection safety feature
  • Triple motors
  • Weight capacity of 330 lbs
  • Free shipping
  • 15-year warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy assembly


The Cons:
  • Comes in two packages that may arrive separately

Corner Ryzer

The Corner Ryzer is a great home office computer desk with adjustable desk-top side lengths to fit your space. Desktops come in a variety of different shades including cool white, white birch, sunset teak, dark oak, and midnight maple. If you’re looking for a great work from home desk setup, there is room for a desktop without looking cluttered.


Corner Ryzer by Progressive Desk
  • Adjustable width: 42.5” - 70.9”
  • Adjustable height: 23.6” - 49.1”
  • One-piece tabletop: 59” x 59”
  • Two-piece tabletop: Various combinations


Pros of the Corner Ryzer:
  • The secondary frame can be mounted right-handed or left-handed.
  • Triple motors
  • Adjustable glides
  • Weight capacity of 330 lbs
  • Collision detection
  • Seamless remote control mounted on the desk
  • 15-year warranty
  • Free shipping
  • Easy assembly
  • Quiet operation


The Cons:
  • Some tabletop colors are only available in certain sizes
  • Comes in two packages that may arrive separately


Solo Ryzer

The Solo Ryzer has a simple sleek design that is great for a small home office desk. This will give you the functionality of a standing home office desk with a minimalist style.


Solo Ryzer standing desk by Progressive Desk
  • Adjustable width: 39.6” - 74.0”
  • Adjustable height: 23.6” - 49.1”
  • Tabletop size: 30” x 48”/60”/72” long


The Pros of the Solo Ryzer:
  • Dual motors
  • Collision detection safety feature
  • Weight capacity of 270 lbs
  • Adjustable glides
  • 3 stage adjustment of height
  • 15-year warranty
  • Free Shipping!
  • Easy Assembly
  • Quiet Operation
  • Seamless Remote Control


  • Comes in two packages that may arrive separately


Economy Ryzer

The Economy Ryzer is less expensive than the Solo Ryzer but still provides amazing functionality. It has a sleek style just like the Solo Ryzer and is a great small home office desk.


Economy Ryzer by Progressive Desk
  • Adjustable width: 39” - 58.3”
  • Adjustable height: 27.9” - 47.6”
  • Tabletop size: 30” x 42/48/60”


Pros to the Economy Ryzer:
  • Adjustable glides
  • 8-year warranty
  • Easy assembly
  • Quiet operation
  • Free shipping!
  • Custom design
  • Weight capacity 155 lbs
  • Our most affordable desk


  • Single motor
  • 2-stage instead of 3-stage legs
  • Comes in two packages that may arrive separately


Standing desk accessories can completely enhance your workspace and improve productivity!



If you’re looking for a reliable, high-quality, and well-functioning standing desk, why not invest in something that will last? All of our standing desks have been developed by our in-house engineers, and you will be given continuous support seven days a week. Have any queries? Contact us and we’d be delighted to help!

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