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10 Ideas to Make Your Workspace More Festive

10 Ideas to Make Your Workspace More Festive

7.8 min read

Jingle bells and sound the alarm, the festive season is here! Despite the challenges our world has faced in 2020, we all need to make sure we keep the festivity, cheer and warmth in this festive season! Decorating your workplace is one way to accomplish this, while also relieving stress and lighting up your environment. According to a recent survey, a brightly looking workplace promotes happiness and boosts productivity up to 78% during the festive period.

However, while most of us are quite familiar with numerous home decoration techniques or ideas, we may need some professional assistance in decorating our office or workspace. Fortunately, as your number one partner in injecting happiness into your workplace, we at Progressive Desk have compiled 10 holiday desk decoration ideas for a more homely workplace this festive season.

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Feel free to keep a pen and a notepad, as this will be a fun lecture!

1.      Use String of Lights to Light up Your Workspace Mood

This decoration idea isn’t new, as you probably use it a lot in your home. You can bring it to your workspace by stringing decorative lights over the top of your cubicles or walls. To further spice things up, you could also hang them on your work desk, truly making it a festive holiday desk.

A string of lights to light up the workspace

2.      Holiday Mugs

If you’re looking to make your work desk more festive, holiday mugs are one of the best holiday desk decorations you could explore. This idea would be simple to actualize since many of us are coffee lovers. You could sip your favorite drink from a holiday-themed mug to feel doubly cheerful!

Holiday mugs for your desk decoration


3.     Use a Festive Desktop Background

If you work with a desktop, you should consider changing your usual desktop background to a festive one. And if you implement the previous ideas, you’ll also be working on a festive holiday desk! Plus, it’ll keep you in a festive mood throughout your work hours. Since this season is all about sharing love, your desktop background could be a picture of you and your loved ones hiking in the snow or sitting around the fireplace.


Festive desktop background

4.      Sweet Smelling Candles

Yes, sweet-smelling candles aren’t just for bedrooms and sitting rooms; you could use them in your workspace too. The goal is to have a festive holiday desk, and sweet-smelling lighting candles are one of the best ways to achieve them. To make things even warmer, you could get colorful sweet-smelling candles, or you could wrap the candles with some festive wrappers.

5.     Simple Papercraft Decorations

Papercrafts are a simple way to notch up the festive look of your workspace. It will also give you the opportunity to engage in some fun DIY desk decorations and is an activity that can involve the kids. Simply cut shapes into whatever you like, such as Christmas trees, bells, Santa, snowman, or stars! After cutting them out, you can hang them wherever you like.

6.     Holiday Candy Bowl

If you’re still in the office, it can be quite usual to have a bowl of candies on your work desk. For the sake of the holiday, you could consider getting a holiday-themed bowl and filling it up with festive candies. Also, sharing sweets is a less-expensive way to spread love and happiness around, while making your work desk more festive.

Holiday candy bowl on a workspace

7.      Enjoy the Sound of the Holidays

What’s the fastest way to inject some festivity wherever you are? Christmas music and holiday songs are sure ways to immediately bring the mood from work mode to holiday mode. Either have them playing intermittently or continuously playing softly in the background – whichever you decide, holiday tunes have the ability to revolutionize the space their played in!

Listen to the holiday songs at the workdesk

8.     Roll Out That Holiday Rug

Another way to make your workspace or work-desk more festive is by rolling out that once-in-a-year rug that injects that special festive mood. Red rugs are an easy buy, as red accentuates the feeling of Christmas. The rug doesn’t have to be so huge; it should just be sizeable enough to cover your workspace. If you have a work-from-home office, this decoration idea will be quite handy.

9.    Holiday Card Desk Decoration

Have you noticed the subtle effectiveness of holiday cards? Whether you use ones that have been sent to you, or buy your own, this is one of the simplest holiday desk decoration ideas that don’t require much creativity. Or, if you want to be a bit creative, you could design the cards yourself with pictures of your family and friends from past Christmases!

10.  Place Christmas Decorations on Your Desk

Placing a couple of festive toys on your work desk can bring about a whole new vibe. You can think along the lines of a sculpted art piece of Santa and his reindeer, a sculpted Christmas tree or even a mini Christmas tree. These are simple holiday desk decoration ideas that can really bring out that festive liveliness you’re seeking. From here, you can go on to explore other creative options you can think of!

Christmas decorations on desk

Wrapping It Up

These are just 10 holiday desk decoration ideas you can explore to make your workspace come alive this festive season, but it doesn’t have to stop there! Your imagination is your only limit; if you have any other ideas let us know, and please do send us pictures of your festive desk set up.

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