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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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5 Key Ideas to Maximize Your Standing Desk

5 Key Ideas to Maximize Your Standing Desk

9 min read

So, you're considering buying a standing desk for your workplace or your home office, or you already have one. However, you’re not sure whether to stop there, or if there’s more you can do to truly improve your workday? Because our standing desks are high quality with durable, stylish features, they'll easily match and bring life to your office, and you might feel okay with using it plainly, and opt for the minimalist look. However, many add compatible desk accessories to their new desk that help enhance their experience and make their day-to-day even more convenient. In this article, we will provide you with ideas that will help you maximize your standing desk and make your work experience more enjoyable!

Adding desk accessories will completely enhance you workspace!

1.  Make Your Desk Mobile

We design our standing desks with adjustable frames to save you the stress of dealing with height positioning. However, this is not the way your desk can be moved!

For a multi-functional office space, attaching caster wheels to your standing desk facilitates mobility throughout the workplace. Mobility can be crucial for both home and office, when working on collaborative projects with your colleagues, or if you simply just need to move your desk to clean or redecorate! With added mobility, you don’t need to worry about where to use your standing desk in your home or workplace, as the caster wheel setup will allow you to reposition your standing desk as much as you want. Our caster wheels come with smooth rollers and lockers to prevent wobbling motions when working.

 A caster wheels at standing desk


But what about the power supply?

Our mobile-friendly standing desk is compatible with our rechargeable battery pack! You don't have to worry about a power outage while using your desk thanks to a portable battery. Our standard battery-powered setup saves you the hassle of attaching and detaching power cables when moving your standing desk and losing power. Maximize your standing desk by enjoying a smooth slide through different areas of your home and office!


2.   Keep Your Desk Clean

It's easy to get frustrated when many things are fighting for space on your standing desk. An ergonomically ideal workplace demands that you have workable space on your desk. Using an adjustable monitor stand helps you avoid the clutter that comes with having a monitor disturbing the even spread paperwork, keyboards, chart boards, and other work materials. An adjustable monitor stand helps you maximize your standing desk, especially when you use more than one monitor during work operations. The adjustable stand also comes with multiple monitor holders that enable you to mount more than one monitor. Having multiple monitors on an adjustable stand create space on your standing desk, making your workplace more convenient and ergonomic.

An adjustable monitor stand


If you are considering where to use a standing desk in your office, choose a spot that allows you to clamp the monitor stand without disturbance. Beyond giving you more space to work on, an adjustable monitor stand serves other purposes. Due to its ease of position angle and rotation features, the adjustable monitor stand reduces eye fatigue. You can tilt your monitor screen to any position you want without having to stretch your neck or strain your eyes. We have many other monitor risers and stands in our range that also provide UV disinfection and extra storage, or a minimalistic, slim design.

Therefore, an adjustable monitor stand will do more than helping you maximize your standing desk!


3.   Invest in Proper Cable Management

One of the main things you should do when crafting your space is properly is implementing effective cable management solutions. Having an organized work environment creates space, increases productivity, and reduces unnecessary clutter. One good way to maximize your standing desk is to have all exposed cables travel through the grommet hole on the standing desk. The grommet hole removes the discomfort of seeing jumbled and disjointed cables behind your desktop and is a convenient way of directing your cables to one area. You don't need any distraction while working; as such, they are designed with a smooth surface finish that blends with the top of your desk.

Cable management


You can use adhesive buckle cable ties to bundle messy wires, which come included with every Progressive Desk standing desk. They are very flexible and durable, able to protect and keep your cables organized easily. However, if you would prefer your cables to be hidden even more, you can easily put them in cable snakes. A cable management snake encases all the cable you put into it, holding them securely. We also provide under-desk cable trays and magnetic desk frame organizers for all cable management needs – check out the full range to learn how you can hide and tidy your cables!

There are many ways of managing your cables effectively, ensuring you have a safe and clutter-free environment!


4.   Convenience is Key

One of the problems that come with choosing where to use a standing desk is to select a spot with wall sockets. Firstly, to plug the standing desk itself in and secondly, for all of the extra cables and power bars you will need! This is a sure way to clutter your space, and also make it inconvenient if sockets aren’t easily assessable, or the cables are too short to reach. Therefore, what do you do? A desk power clamp has been used by many of our customers who clamp it to their desk and have AC and USB power at their fingertips. It also ensures anything you need to charge or plug in can remain on your desk if needed.

2-Plug Desk Clamp Power Bar w/ USB Ports


It comes with dual USB ports for charging mobile devices and power sockets for other work appliances. Maximizing your standing desk has never been easier!


5.  Prioritize Your Comfort

Standing desk by Progressive Desk


To perfect the whole process of making your workplace ergonomic, get an anti-fatigue mat. This is something that is used by many of our customers and staff here at Progressive Desk, helping with the harshness and tiredness of standing on your legs.

A standing desk helps you deal with the hassle of having to sit for hours while working, but standing for long can result in aching legs and lower-back pain. There are many benefits of using an anti-fatigue mat to help with this! For example, an anti-fatigue mat supplies comfort by providing smoothness that aids blood distribution around your legs. Standing on a soft surface increases productivity and reduces stress at the workplace.

Check out our standing desks to move while you work!

Final Word

These are just a few ideas; you can explore more accessories and to find more great solutions to enhance your standing desk and office space! If you have any questions, our customer support team would be delighted to help – just contact us and we can guide you on all things office!

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