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Achievable Work Goals You Can Set in 2022

Achievable Work Goals You Can Set in 2022

8.4 min read

2022 is here, and it’s that time of year where you start thinking of new year work goals. During this next year, many people focus on their physical, mental, emotional, and the focus of this article: work goals. To get some ideas and head starts on your career resolutions keep reading!

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New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Work

New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Work


Why do we make new year’s resolutions? Most of us give up within a month or even sooner. The most popular ones are losing weight, diet control, saving money, and quitting something. These are important for our health, but they are really not that fun. Career resolutions can be more exciting because you can see drastic effects on your productivity, income, and attitude.

Here are some examples of work-based resolutions or goals:

Improve Relationships with Coworkers and Bosses

This can be done by having team meetings or just having a space outside of work that you can all bond. This will make it fun to go to work because you will get to see your friends and not just co-workers.

Keep Your Focus

Staying focused is important for any job, but it is hard to do. Get rid of distractions, make sure you eat enough food, be mindful, sleep, stay off social media during work hours, and caffeine in small doses can all help with productivity when it comes to working.

Learn Something Every Day

This can be taken literally that each day you should try to learn something that you think is valuable. Or you can keep expanding your knowledge through books and online classes. This is a good way to not place in your work and to keep your brain fresh.

Have a Scheduled Evaluation/Meeting with Your Boss

If your work doesn’t already do this, it would be smart to start having a meeting with your boss every month for three months. Ask them questions you have about your job and what you can do better on. This will build the relationship and trust between you and them. They will be more willing to give you a raise, bonus, or maybe even trust you in a special project.

Make a Healthy Working Environment

This could include upgrading your latest software to improve the speed of your work, investing in a new stand-up desk to increase productivity and blood flow, or donating some unnecessary items that might distract from the purpose of your office.

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How Can You Achieve Your Resolutions?

A new year resolutions for a workplace


To start contemplating your new year resolutions for a workplace, think about who you want to be in a year and what is stopping you from being that person.

Some questions to ask yourself:

  1. What do I want to be doing in a year?
  2. Could I give something up?
  3. Could I start something?
  4. What are some weaknesses that I can make strong?
  5. How will I reward myself?

Now that you have an idea of where you are at right now, it is time to make some work goals for the new year. These can be made in whatever area of life you would like, but for some work, ideas keep reading our step-by-step plan.

Here are some steps you can take to tackle setting work goals for the new year.

Step 1

Make a decision on what you want to work on in your profession. For example, reading one business book every month.

Step 2

How will you achieve this goal? Creating your plan of action is an effective way to not get off track and it gets back on track when you veer away. The action plan to read a book every month will start with seeing how many chapters/pages are in the book and dividing it up throughout every day. Then make a time that you will do this goal. “I will read my section of the book right when I wake up in the morning.”

Step 3

Make a cue to get your mind activated. An example is, “I am going to light a candle and read my book while eating breakfast.” This will help the new goal stick! And soon you will be reading more than you ever thought you could.

Where Can You Start?

Stand-up desk


A new year’s resolution for your workplace could be to improve the work environment. The workplace is where you spend most of the time in the day, and if you don’t like what it looks like, or how you feel in your space, that could decrease productivity. So maybe you should think about what you should start using in your workplace to make it as much like home as possible.

Progressive Desk make a productive and simple stand-up desk that will increase your productivity as well as your body. When standing at work you are able to multitask, while burning calories and getting your office work done. This would be great for some professional new year’s resolutions. The side effects of a desk job used to be weight gain and stiff and sore muscles. With one of the Progressive Desks stand-up desks, all those symptoms can go away with the push of a button.

Benefits of a Stand-Up Desk

  • Burn more calories from standing
  • Regular movement can improve your mood
  • Improved circulation and energy levels
  • Reduced back pain
  • Can lower blood sugar levels
Using a stand-up desk


Tips for Using a Stand-Up Desk

  • Hold your shoulders properly (correct posture)
  • Move while standing
  • Create intervals of sitting and standing
  • Roll out your feet while standing
  • Adjust your possessions for optimal use (computer, mouse, keyboard, chair)
  • Make sure your cables are correctly stored

Things to Avoid with a Stand-Up Desk

  • Bad posture
  • Standing for too long
  • Not having an anti-fatigue mat underneath your feet
  • Not having your desk at the right height (make sure you are looking forward, not down)

Our Standing Desks

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Final Word

While New Year resolutions can be tough to stick with, if you start off with something small and work your way up to it, anything is achievable. Take small steps towards your goals instead of putting yourself under too much pressure. Committing to a standing desk can be big for many people, but if it’s something you know you’ll use and get benefit from, there’s no time like the present.

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