Cable Management for Your Standing Desk

Cable Management for Your Standing Desk

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Managing your workday is hard enough, with all the meetings, deadlines, and to-do lists. So why make it harder on yourself by potentially adding hours to your schedule of cable organization, fixing, or replacing? It’s time to take control of your workstation, do this one-time task and improve your workspace, mood, and productivity.

Cord management for standing desks is an art, don’t let anyone tell you differently. But how do you go about making meaningful changes, and what do you use to do it? We’re going to break it all down for you in this article!

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Why Cable Management Matters

Cable Management solutions


There are three key reasons why cable management for height adjustable desks matters.

1.     Your Cables Will Last Longer

Cables are notorious for not standing the test of time. Cord management for standing desks is a surefire way to protect and extend your cables from unnecessary wear and tear. Without management, cables will succumb to heat exposure, stretching, and may be inadvertently damaged.

In addition, wires shouldn’t be hanging loose, getting tangled, or bending. These all contribute to cable breakage. A possible result of cable mismanagement is people tripping over cables and pulling your entire workstation down. The damage will be catastrophic and incredibly expensive to repair. Imagine being at your desk, working away, on a roll, and a cable gives way – you’re no longer working, and are now distracted by fixing an avoidable problem.

2.     Cables Can Be Difficult and Potentially Expensive to Replace

If your cables are free to do their own thing, you’re going to find them getting tangled. Beyond the damaging effects tangled cords have on the wires themselves, you’ll find yourself inconvenienced when a cable does give out. When one cord breaks, you may end up wasting time sorting through the tangled cables just to find the one that’s broken.

Beyond inconvenience, specific cables can cost a fortune to replace. If you’re someone who uses Apple products, for example, the last thing you want is to be replacing cables as they can add up!

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3.     A More Organized Workspace is Better for Productivity

A clean, more organized workspace means you’re going to spend more time working on important things rather than on cleaning up, fixing, or replacing your workstation. Organization, no matter how big or small, can have a vast impact on your productivity.


Simple Cable Management for Standing Desks

Standing Desk Grommets


We’re going to power through a few ways you can improve your cable management for height adjustable desks.

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Use Cable Grommets

A great solution to organizing the top part of your desk is a grommet. A grommet is a single hole featured somewhere on your desk, usually the back, where you feed your wires through to their desired ports. As a result, your area will be more sorted and professional, with the benefit of having no loose hanging wires.

Hide Your Cable Sockets

On the market, there are cable management desks that come with specially created side sockets. These side sockets are favorable for accommodating extra wires. You’ll be able to keep everything where it belongs by routing your wires through these unique slots.

Go Wireless

Probably the easiest way to solve a cable organization problem is to ditch the cables as much as possible. It might sound like it would be a dream come true, but even wireless comes with its downsides. A wireless system can come with a steep price tag depending on what you buy. If your standing desk exists at the workplace, recognize that your work might not pay for these upgrades no matter what the reason might be. However, if you can achieve this setup, say goodbye to additional cables, and never bother thinking about those unruly wires peeping out from here and there.


Cable Management Desk Accessories

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There are various types of desk accessories that facilitate cable management. For example, you can purchase a cable tray, cable management snake, cable ties, or sleeves for desk cord management.

Cable Tray

A cable tray or a wire management tray is a great solution to keep your wires hidden and organized! You can position this tray right underneath your standing desk to hold all wires that come from the devices on your desk, alongside any extra power bars.

Cable Management Snake

Easily one of the best available options is a cable snake. Usually, with a magnetic design, they connect to the frame of your desk and hold all the necessary wires in one contained space. So not only does it work well with your desk, but it also looks great doing so.

Assorted Cable Management Accessories

There are a variety of other cable management accessories that will help with your cable organization.

Cable Ties

When it comes to cable ties, you have a few options. The standard non-reusable plastic zip ties or more cable management dedicated options like reusable plastic zip ties or felt cable wrap ties. Be warned, don’t install them too tightly as this can harm the cables.

Cable Sleeves

There are a variety of options when it comes to cable sleeves. They can come with a zipper, Velcro, or be self-closing. Self-closing allows for more cables, whereas zippers can be purchased in multiples and used together to create a more extensive sleeve.

Cable Organizers

There are some excellent cord management desk accessories out there that can help you easily organize your cables in mere moments. Cable organizers like cable boxes, bundlers, or spoolers are all great options to sort out your rogue cables.

Box Cable Management System

The box cable management system technique incorporates cable boxes, bundlers, and spoolers to manage your cables effectively. Boxes discreetly collect your cables and wires, houses them inside the box, and use items like bundlers and spoolers to further organize them to maximize organization potential.


Final Word

It’s time to reclaim your workspace! With proper cable management, you’ll have a greater sense of calm, knowing that your workstation is organized. No more cluttered workspaces, asking how to hide cables on a desk, where to get wire replacements, or wasted time. Enjoy a well-organized workspace with excellent cable management that reflects you as a well-organized professional!

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