Cable Management for your Standing Desk

Cable Management for your Standing Desk

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Managing day to day office schedules, along with your to-do list is hard enough. Imagine having to add the problems of desk wire management to the list of your daily to-dos. Sounds tiring, right? Well, why bother to get into the nitty-gritties, when you can make this a one-time task, instead of a recurring task?

Standing desk cable management is an art; having too many loose cables hanging around your standing tables can really complicate your workspace and even cause untoward accidents sometimes. So, in order to look professional, organized and more productive, how does one go about the task of desk wire management?

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Let’s check out some ways in which this unachievable task can also become feasible.

Go Wireless

Cable Management solutions

Going wireless might seem like a dream, especially if you have a stand-up desk at your workspace. However, going wireless is not that easy; simply put, going wireless comes with its own set of issues. While buying a new set of wireless equipment is not the easiest of options for everyone, it can be an option for people who are looking at making this into a choice. Go wireless, and get rid of all extra cables, without ever having to bother about unruly wires peeping out from here and there.

Use Cable Grommets

Standing Desk Grommets

When you have a cluster of wires, the best idea is to route them through a single hole or a grommet in one of the corners of the stand-up table. This way, there would be no loose wires hanging around the area, which would make the area look more professional and sorted.

Hide your cables sockets

Cable management desks are available in the market, which comes with specially created side sockets, favorable for accommodating extra wires. This way, by routing your wires through special slots, there is always a lucrative option for keeping everything where it belongs.

Cable Support Systems

Standing Desks

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There are multiple support systems which assist cord management for desks. One can buy a cable tray, cable management snake, and cable ties for desk cord management. Cable management accessories can be used to the underside of your desk to cover your cables and keep them safe. Along with cable protection, it also keeps your workstation looking tidy.

Cord organizers to the rescue

Most of the times, people prefer to buy three different types of cord organizers, commonly known as cable boxes, bundlers, and spoolers. A cable box can be used to hide any type of loose cords below the adjustable height desk. Such boxes are usually large enough to accommodate your power strips and surge protectors also. On the contrary, a cable bundler is like a wire comb, with large teeth. Each tooth of this comb separates the cables and organizes them neatly.

Box Cable Management System

Hiding cables from plain sight is an art, which is well covered by using a box cable management system. It discreetly collects all your cables and wires, and places them all in one area, without them being sprawled all over the place. The idea is to get your wire spaghetti off the floor and into a single box, fitted below the table’s surface.

Enjoy a cleaner look for your stand-up desk, by making the most of standing desk cable management techniques. Use all the above-listed resources and unfurl the magic of cleanliness with these magnificent, easy to do techniques. Each option is easy to carry out and guarantees excellent results for people struggling with putting extra cables to rest.

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