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How to Repair Laminate Surface Scratches that Happen Over Time

How to Repair Laminate Surface Scratches that Happen Over Time

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Your desk handles a lot of action throughout its life. From coffee mugs, paper stacks, lunches, and holding so many different office supplies, it’s inevitable that over time, your desk’s laminate surface will endure a few scratches. Even with high-quality materials like our bamboo and MDF tabletops, after a while, the shiny and clean surface you once had may feel like a distant memory. However, a good laminate surface repair will go a long way to restore your desk to its former glory! Below we discuss how to repair a laminate surface, equipping you with the best tips and tricks to keep your workspace fresh.

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How to Repair Laminate Scratches

Despite your best efforts, you may find some scratches on your desk over time. Not to worry, as there are ways to repair your laminate worktop surface. With some care and attention, you’ll have your desk repaired and renewed in no time! Here are some recommendations to fix those scratches:


Clear Desk of any Dust or Debris

Clear desk of any dust or debris


Before doing any repairs, you’ll want to clear your desk of any particles that may be resting on it, and getting rid of any dust/debris will keep the surface clean for repair. This way, nothing gets trapped in the scratch marks or interferes with the repair process. You can use a soft microfiber cloth or a soft duster.


How to Repair a Small Scratch

Once you’ve cleaned the surface area, have a good look at the tabletop to identify all scratches and their sizes. Depending on the size of the scratch, you might only need a light buffing. If it is a small scratch, crack open a walnut and gently rub the walnut (not the shell) over the scratch. Wipe your desk with your soft cloth and let it rest. This should help remove the scratch.

Wipe your desk with your soft cloth and let it rest


You can also try simply using a small amount of a gentle hardwood cleaning agent. Get a soft cloth, apply a droplet of the hardwood cleaner, then wipe the scratch lightly and let it dry. After a while, rub another dry, soft cloth over the scratch, and you should see it disappear.

If you still see a scratch, you can try using a wood floor repair marker, which you can use to “pencil” in the scratch – just be sure to match it to the color of your desk. You can find repair markers at most home improvement stores.


How to Repair a Larger Scratch

When you have a larger scratch on the surface of your desk, you may need to take further steps to repair it. One method is to apply “wood filler” which is a putty-like substance that fills the scratch. You can also find wood filler at your local home improvement store. Make sure you read and follow the instructions to apply the wood filler.

Use a lint-free cloth to softly buff out the scratch


After application, level off the filler so there is no extra material. Then, use a lint-free cloth to softly buff out the scratch. You may also wish to use sandpaper to sand down the filler for a smoother finish before buffing. These steps should remove the scratch and give you a clean, level surface.

If you have an MDF tabletop, you may want to apply a primer before using the wood filler. If using a primer, ensure you give plenty of time to dry before applying the wood filler. The primer will help coat the surface before repair. As always, for best results, carefully follow the instructions when applying materials to your desk.


General Tips

Once you’ve restored your desk, you’ll want to keep it in excellent condition for as long as possible. There are a few things you can do to keep your tabletop looking great:


Keep Your Desk Free of Food and Drink

As most people have lunch at their desk, it may be hard to keep it completely free of food and drink. However, you can minimize desk contact by using environmentally friendly containers with rubber pads.  Make sure to also clean any spills or liquids immediately so they don’t pool and create a stain.

Standing desk with a laptop on it



Use a Wireless Charger and Padded Organizers

Using a wireless charger will keep your desk free of clutter and avoid wires constantly rubbing against the desk surface. For any other items stored on your desk, using padded organizers will keep them from slipping or scratching the tabletop. Our wireless charging pad will be the perfect addition to minimize scratches and keep your desk tidy.


Use a Gentle Cleaning Agent

When doing regular cleaning, the best bet is to use a gentle cleaner, like mild soap and water, or an eco-friendly option, as harsh chemicals may damage your desk, and cause further scratching. For further tips, be sure to read our blog post on keeping your tabletop clean.


Our Tabletops

Bamboo and MDF materials for tabletops


We offer bamboo and MDF materials for excellent quality tabletops. Both options provide an appealing aesthetic look for your desk and are easy to clean. As mentioned, though these tabletops are high-grade materials, they will still see some eventual wear and tear over time. Let’s learn a little more about each material, so you can make the right choice for your desk.


Bamboo Tabletops

Our bamboo tabletops are made from natural bamboo, making them eco-friendly with a smooth surface and come with a matte or gloss finish. They also have pre-drilled holes with threaded screw inserts for mounting. For sizing, they range from 42” x 30” to 72” x 30”, which gives you ample space for your tabletop.


MDF Tabletops

MDF stands for medium-density fibre-board. Using high heat and pressure, wood fibers are bound together to create a smooth texture and solid workspace. Like our bamboo tabletops, our MDF tabletops also have pre-drilled holes with threaded screw inserts to make mounting easy. These tabletops contain abrasion-resistant laminate to minimize damage and come in a beautiful array of colors and tones like Dark Walnut and Rosewood. Our MDF tabletops also come in sizes from 42” x 30” to 72” x 30”. For more information, see how MDF tabletops are a safe choice for your workspace.

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Having a clean and bright desk is a great way to maintain a positive workspace. However, you may find that wear and tear will show a few scratches. With these tips and laminate surface repair options, you’ll be able to repair your desk and keep it in good condition for a long time! These tips can be applied to our line of tabletops, making them look fresher for longer. Check out our range of standing desks and build your own personal desk using our electric desk frames, tabletops, remotes, and desk accessories!

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