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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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Which Cable Management Accessories Should You Choose?

Which Cable Management Accessories Should You Choose?

7 min read

If you have multiple tangled wires around your workstation, wire and cable management accessories will be an essential addition to your workspace. These solutions allow you to declutter your desk, making it clean, tidy, and organized. This not only increases the aesthetics of your standing desk, but also helps you boost your productivity! As you will be able to use your workspace more easily, you will spend less time on untangling cords, finding a particular wire, or struggling to make space for your new device. Here are some perfect wire management solutions and accessories that you must give a shot to prevent wire cluttering and damaging.

Desk Cable Management Tools and Accessories

Adhesive Cable Ties

Adhesive Buckle Cable Ties

These cable accessories help you bundle your wires and cables together, keeping them organized and neat. They are one of the most popular cable management solutions as they are highly effective, our most affordable solution, and simple to use. Our adhesive buckle cable ties come in a set of ten, and are made from nylon. They are small in size, but highly effect and allow you to hide any cables around your ergonomic table. Apart from being a great accessory to manage your cables, they are also an excellent choice to deal with heavy-duty cables. Not only will you be able to increase the lifespan of your cables, but you can also use these cable ties for years.

Velcro Straps

Hook and Loop Velcro Cable Management

Velcro Hook and Loop Velcro Cable Management Straps are an extremely easy and convenient way to neatly wrap wires. Their design is extremely similar to our adhesive buckle cable ties, with the key difference seen in their material and method of securing the tie or strap. These are one of the best cable management accessories for a desk that keep all the cords tightly together and out of your way. They are also highly flexible, and for this reason, you can use them for anything from thin cables cords to bulky cables. These straps are only $1.50 each but their benefits and convenience is priceless.

Under-Desk Cable Trays

Under Desk Cable Tray Organizer

If you have several cords, whether you work in an industrial setting or standard office, cable tray solutions can help you. These are ideal cable management accessories for a pc or laptop, for any use: work, recreational, gaming – the list of uses is endless. The best part is you can mount it under your desk, so it moves with your standing desk. Our Under Desk Cable Tray Organizer is the perfect ‘out of sight, out of mind’ solution for your cables and power bars, allowing you to manage all the wires of your operating system. Our solutions come in either black or white, allowing you to match your cable tray with your desk frame.

Magnetic Cable Organizers

Magnetic Desk Frame Cable

Similar to the cable trays, magnetic cable tools like our Magnetic Desk Frame Cable Organizer help you put the hiding cloak on your wires. As its name suggests, it has magnetic properties, which allows you to attach it to your Progressive Desk frame. Installation is non-existent as it will stick directly to any magnetic surface! While it is the perfect tool for cable management, you can use it for as many cables and wires as you want. So, no matter if you have few or several wires, you can use as many of these magnetic cable management accessories as required.

Cable Management Snake

Heavy Duty Adjustable Cable Management Snake

Cable management snakes like our Heavy Duty Adjustable Cable Management Snake and Magnetic Adjustable Cable Management Snake are great to organize your wires, particularly bulky wires. You can use these wire management accessories to fix any untidy cables, while also protecting these cables from potential damage or wear-and-tear. These desk snakes will give your desk environment a clean and maintained look, without the clutter of wires. The best part is, its design is simple and provides a straight, smooth path for your cables.


Cable Holders

Silicon Adhesive Cable Manager

Cable holders are another desk wire management tool that help carefully organize and help show the path to each wire. They also help you keep proper organization of every wire so that you can determine each wire separately and easily. Cable holders like our Silicon Adhesive Cable Managers allow you to reach each wire easily and are perfect for smaller workstations. The adhesive strip makes it simple to attach to your desired surface, leaving no marks or residue. These simple yet amazing solutions come in three different colors: blue, black, or grey.


Wire Extenders

Standing Desk Wire Extender

Wire extenders are great for those who have out-of-reach electrical sockets that are too far from their standing desk. When you have a short wires that don't reach the socket, you may need to use different wire alternatives: extenders are the one of the best solutions. Our Standing Desk Wire Extender helps your wire reach the socket and ensures a smooth flow of electricity in a more efficient and manageable manner. You can use these wire extenders for TV, laptop, or monitor wires. Plus, you don’t have to worry that your plug will not fit into your outlet - it comes with the ability to get adjusted for every electrical outlet!


Bottom Line

Try to use as many cable management solutions as you can for your most organized, ergonomic workspace. You will notice an immense transition in your mood and productive because of your tidier workspace, allowing you to complete your projects in a timely manner due to this mood boost and positive aesthetics. Moreover, when you have to introduce a new device to your workspace like a printer or take away any unwanted devices, you can easily do that with your new cable management tools.

For more information on our cable management accessories, or any of our other standing desk accessories, you can either visit our site or contact us!

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