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Which Standing Desks Are Best for Gaming?

Which Standing Desks Are Best for Gaming?

7 min read

Every gamer knows the keys to a successful gaming session are focus, intensity, and creating the right environment free of distractions. Once locked in on your game, there is no time to spare for adjustments or recalibration. That is why having the right gaming desk and desk accessories is crucial to your performance. To find the best gaming desk for your needs, in this article we will walk through some factors to consider, and our excellent selection of adjustable desks that will help you perform your best.

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Adjustable Gaming Desk

When choosing your gaming desk, it is important to select an adjustable or sit-stand one. Depending on the day, the game you are playing, or how you're feeling, an adjustable height gaming desk gives you the ability to customize your game space for total comfort, which will make for optimal gameplay. A stand-up gaming desk also helps with your posture and maintaining your health when playing for extended periods.

Gaming desk by Progressive Desk


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Gaming Desk

1. Cost

We know that gaming can be expensive, so cost might be a factor in your search for the best gaming desk, particularly when gaming desks can cost upwards of $1,000 USD. If you're new to gaming with a limited budget or a home with multiple gamers, the Economy Ryzer is a good choice when looking for value without compromising high quality. The Economy Ryzer has a sleek design and has a four-position memory keypad. The keypad makes adjustment easy and with minimal effort (especially if the desk needs more than one setting), leaving you to focus on your gaming. And at an entry price of $470, you'll be able to save money that can go towards some accessories for your game area!

2. Support

With the many pieces of equipment required for gaming, you'll want to ensure you have a desk that provides support and stability. When you're in the heat of the moment, the last thing you'll want is a shifting desk or a collapsing monitor. With the Solo Ryzer, you'll have a lifting capacity of 270 lbs and a steel design, making for a sturdy and durable desk to hold your monitors and equipment steady. This desk also has anti-collision features to keep it safe from material damage. If you need even more weight support, the Corner Ryzer and V Ryzer both have a lifting capacity of 330 lbs. Having a secure adjustable gaming desk will pay off when you need a durable space that holds up to gaming intensity. 

3. Ergonomic Space

In addition to stability, a gamer needs plenty of space to move around either in their chair or standing. With a sit-stand gaming desk, an ergonomic design will give you the freedom to move around comfortably, particularly if you have multiple monitors across your desk. Our Corner Ryzer desk provides a large surface area for a triple monitor setup, and its L-shape design offers ease of mobility when switching screens. With an adjustable width up to 70.9", you'll have ample customizable space for your controllers, headsets, and any other gaming accessories for your desk.  

If you need even more space, our V Ryzer desk is a next-level option that also gives excellent space area, design, and durability. The V Ryzer has an adjustable width up to 75.3" and triple motors for smooth transitioning. With a 120-degree angle design, this desk gives excellent space flexibility and capable lifting capacity. For more information, check out our blog post on all the great V Ryzer features.

When looking outside of conventional sit-stand desks for your gaming, our V Ryzer and Corner Ryzer options deliver great choices to maximize your gaming space.


Sit-stand desks for your gaming


Building Your Gaming Desk

If you're interested in customizing your own, personal standing desk, we can help build your own gaming desk! Using our Desk Builder, you'll be able to combine the features you want to make the best standing desk for gaming. After selecting all your design needs, including frame type & color and tabletop size & color, you can choose from an array of accessories to complete your desk. When performance is everything, building your gaming desk allows you total control of the process to optimize your desk and gaming experience!


Gaming Desk Accessories

Our accessories will help keep your gaming desk in tip-top shape and fully functional. From cable management to power solutions for ensuring energy maintenance, our selection will give you the essentials you need so your gaming space is primed and ready for action! Check out our range to compliment your new or current setup.

Level up with some desk accessories to optimize your space!


Having the ideal game space can elevate your gaming experience and performance. With the latest technology, all our options serve as a motorized gaming desk, with a sturdy build and clean surface designs that won't distract your focus. Our adjustable desks come with either 8 or 15 year warranties depending on your choice, and only take up to 30 minutes for assembly, so you'll be on your way in no time.

To find out more, or to help you with your gaming desk needs, contact us at 1-800-828-9414 or send us an e-mail at  We'll be happy to assist you on your gaming journey!

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