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A man on a standing desk mat with oxford shoes

What Type of Shoes Should I Wear at My Standing Desk?

8.5 min read

Many people spend over eight hours a day sitting (or standing) at their desk. While the adjustability of a standing desk definitely eases the unhealthy, inconvenient burden of sitting all day, both sitting and standing for long periods can wreak havoc to the internal and external structure of your body.

Further optimization of your environment and experience with the desk can be achieved through proper footwear that is compatible with a standing desk. If you ask experts about the most comfortable shoes for standing desks, they will all suggest different options with some telling you socks alone are sufficient. However, which option is best for you? The way our body works and adapts is unique to each individual. So, if you are thinking about the best shoes for a standing desk, you’ll firstly need to consider many factors.

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Throughout this article, we will be discussing the adjustments our body makes when we wear shoes for a long period of time. By using these adjustment factors and some hacks, you will be able to find out the most comfortable shoes for standing desk, designed specifically for you!

Standing desk shoes for women

Find What Shoes to Wear at Your Standing Desk

Before deciding and taking away a particular shoe from the shop, we have compiled a list of useful tips to aid in your decision-making process!

Accurate Measurements

Did you know that throughout the day, your feet expand and are at their largest in the evening? Therefore, getting your feet measured at that time would be a smart idea to ensure your shoes will fit you perfectly.

Sufficient Space

Ensuring you have sufficient room in your shoes is directly correlated with comfort. You need enough room for your toes in both the front and the sides of your shoe to avoid unnecessary discomfort. Many shoes that are narrow in the front may seem comfortable when you first try them on. But you will quickly realize their discomfort given a few days.

Therefore, you should choose shoes that are ½ inch wider than your regular toe size so there is enough room when your feet expand. Shoes with sufficient space are the best shoes for standing desks and in general too.

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 Woman choosing shoes for standing desk

Try It Properly Before You Buy It

Most of us go to a store, try some of the shoes and go home with the one that fits and looks good. However, this could be where many are going wrong; you can’t know for sure if a shoe is comfortable or fits by just quickly trying it on. If you like a shoe and it fits, take some time to walk around the store to ensure it is the perfect fit. By walking around for a couple of minutes and getting a proper feel for the shoe, it will give you a better idea of how comfortable and suitable it is.

Choose Your Material

Shoe material comes in various forms and is suitable for different requirements. From leather to fabric, there is a wide array of options available to you. However, which type of shoe material should you opt for? Below are some of the more popular shoe materials that may be the most suitable for a standing desk.

  1. Leather shoes are the most expensive but are the most durable. They are high-quality, can be stretched, and can provide comfort for longer periods of time. However, leather isn’t a great choice for those who perspire a lot as these shoes can be quite suffocating. Leather shoes tend to get hot and are pretty heavy, so would not be the ideal choice in this scenario for standing at your desk for hours.

  2. Fabric shoes may be the superior option as they have more breathability and much better temperature control. The best thing is, there are hundreds of fabric materials, each having their own distinct characteristics.

  3. Synthetic material is widely popular as these shoe types are budget-friendly and are good quality alternatives to more expensive materials, such as leather. Then again, these types of shoes tend to deteriorate with time and need replacing often.

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Arch Support

There are three types of arches - high, normal, and flat. Choosing the most ergonomic shoes for your standing desk becomes a lot easier if you know your arch type. Get your arch type professionally assessed for the most accurate results.

Typically, higher and flat arch types require shoes with good arch support, whereas lower arch types don’t always require much if any, arch support. This recommendation is generalized and is not always the same for everyone. Comfort and support also don’t always depend hugely on arch support, with podiatrists around the globe placing significant emphasis on suitable material over arch types.

Standing desk shoes for woman and man

Standing Desk Shoes for Women

From high heels to flats, there are countless options for women when it comes to choosing a particular shoe. However, wearing heeled shoes for an extended period of time can start affecting their ankles as they are kept in an unnatural position. On top of that, numerous studies have found, women who wear heeled shoes daily are more prone to chronic back and neck pain than anyone else. Therefore, flats are more preferable over high heels to women who work at desks, preferably with good support for your ankles and arches.

Standing Desk Shoes for Men

From oxford shoes to sneakers, men’s shoes come in a variety of choices too. Like women, many men opt for or are required to dress formally in their workspace. Therefore, a formal look requires a formal shoe. However, it becomes apparent that formal office shoes may not be the most comfortable option when standing for hours at a desk and are quite similar to heels, whereby the ankles are not supported or in their natural position.

Wearing loafers is generally not preferred in some workspaces, however, this type of shoe is more comfortable when it comes to standing for hours. Like women, men need to opt for a shoe with sufficient support to minimize strain on their feet, legs, and back.

Final Thoughts

Shoes made for standing over long periods of time may not always be the most stylish or formal. However, comfort comes first when it comes to hours of working and standing. Whether you’re searching for cute comfortable shoes for standing all day or the best anti-fatigue shoes, remember the factors stated above and you’ll be all set. Good luck!

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