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How Desk Clutter Can Decrease Your Productivity

How Desk Clutter Can Decrease Your Productivity

5.8 min read

Let’s be honest, the best word many of us use to define our desks are ‘disorganized’ or ‘cluttered’. Whether it’s a regular or standing desk, folders, stationery, papers, and other accessories can make it look and feel extremely untidy. However, modern technologies can help people to create a clutter-free workspace! However, sometimes even these technologies don’t really help us. If your desk has a monitor lift, which raises your screen to give you more free desk space, this sometimes gives people more room to clutter their desk space! Continue reading to learn more about why disorganized desks can impede your productivity, and what you can do to help.


How Does Desktop Disorder Influence Our Work?

Most people may have a view that people simply can't keep a clean and clutter-free workstation. After all, we’re not robots that can keep everything in a calculative and measured way 24/7. After long days (or weeks!), it can be tedious to clean as you go, or do a big tidy-up of your workspace. You may also have setup your workspace without proper coordination, resulting in cables and accessories everywhere. Here are the reasons on how a cluttered desk can affect your productivity and overall performance:

Lack of Concentration

According to neuroscientists, you can find it challenging to focus in a chaotic environment. The cluttered surroundings can negatively impact your brain by holding it from processing information, and constantly distracting you.

Cause of Stress

When you enter your office and see your desk piled up with stacks of things, it can greatly affect your mood. Moreover, it can cause stress and lower your energy levels.

Unprofessional Image

A cluttered desk with almost everything from a pen to files and tissues to staplers will not give a good impression of your company. Your client will think twice before doing business with you.

These are just some factors that can greatly impact your productivity and overall performance. However, these issues are all easily fixed!

Clutter Management Cues

As you have learned, a cluttered table can't help you in any way. This is why starting to take little steps so that you can keep your workspace clean and free of clutter are vital! Here are some desk clutter solutions that may help you in your day-to-day.

Set Cleaning Time

Desk cleaning


The best time to clean up your desk is before you start your work. Don’t worry. It will take only a few minutes. Moreover, do some deep cleaning sessions occasionally so that you can prevent the dust or dirt from accumulating in hidden places. Make sure to mark the date on the calendar when you need to do the cleaning.

Sort Thing Out

Your desk, like the V Ryzer Standing Desk, can remain completely clutter-free if you set a place for each item. The ergonomics approach suggests you keep the more often used objects on your desk. This includes things like a stapler, pencils, scissors, keyboard, pens, paper clips, and others. You should keep Items that you occasionally use, like books, extra accessories, video and audio equipment, and others, away from your table. You can keep them in a file cabinet, closet, or draws. Lastly, if you have some objects that you think you will use someday, throw them away now.

Place Trash Basket near You

If you want a clutter-free workspace, you need to keep a trash basket where your hands can easily reach. So, when you don’t have to stand, walk, and throw your trash in the basket, you will not have plenty of useless things on your desk. Don’t forget to empty the bin regularly.

Go Digital

You may have noticed that paper is one item that always gets cluttered or piled up on your desk. For the desk clutter solution, you need to go digital. If you keep most of your reference materials and documents in electronic format, you can avoid struggling with storing files or papers. Furthermore, you should also look for ergonomically friendly high-tech equipment. Things like a Single Monitor Stand or CPU Holder and Spacer Kit help you keep your desk clean and tidy as well as improve your productivity.


Final Word

When you finally apply all the desk clutter solutions, you will see the results. Moreover, regular decluttering is the key to keep your desk tidy and clean.

A clean workspace is not only crucial for your hygiene, but it also helps you to be more productive in your work, which eventually generates more revenue for your company.


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