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How to Go Back to School Organized: 2022 Productivity Checklist

How to Go Back to School Organized: 2022 Productivity Checklist

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If the last days of August are running out, it means only one thing — the next school year is around the corner! Like a New Year, it uncovers opportunities for us to develop useful habits and get rid of those preventing us from becoming a better self. There’s plenty of checklists online instructing parents and students on what to buy, arrange, and think about before schools open their doors. And yes, we have one more short but important checklist for you, offering some worth-considering organizational tips for high school students and children to help them smoothly get into the study flow and soar to new heights.

Why is it Important to be Organized?

Firstly, being organized helps reduce the havoc inevitably existing in our lives. When we can’t cope with the chaos, it invokes anxiety that can result in sleepless nights, which even very young people can experience from time to time. An inability to organize yourself leads to poorer results in work and study, distracted attention, energy deficit, a bad mood, and even low self-esteem. While this may sound dramatic, the undeniable fact is that highly organized people possess a valuable skill to design their life in a more efficient and happier way! Your work and life balance will also see a huge improvement if you can effectively organize your day, giving you more room to enjoy your downtime.

For these reasons we wanted to share our insider tips on how to stay organized in a college or a school, and have a productive school year for both elementary school kids and college students.

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Your Back to School Checklist for a Productive 2022

Starting the school year the most productive way will undoubtedly have a knock-on positive effect for the remainder of the year. At Progressive Desk, we’ve found that the combination of different tools results in the best success when it comes to productivity.


Learn-and-Live Schedule

Although building your day around a schedule may seem tedious, it gives you more control over your life and can significantly reduce anxiety levels. It also ensures predictability which is especially important for children to feel secure and safe. Following a schedule for learning, playing, going online, watching TV, and going to bed will gradually foster essential time-management skills!


Daily Routine

Many people are cautious towards new things and get alarmed whenever something is spinning out of control. The best way to relax and adapt is planning what to expect today, tomorrow, and the day after. Putting your weekly schedule on a calendar, planner, or whiteboard, and setting a time for homework or study will help you concentrate on current tasks and complete them in a timely manner. This will all eventually become second nature! Of course, no routine is set in stone, so it can be changed when you feel it doesn’t work and needs to be adjusted.


Productivity Rules

This point has much in common with the above ones, but here the focus is on a commitment to following an established schedule and routine. Setting rules adds one more brick in building strong organizational skills and teaches the youth to keep their promises. Also, it helps you stay on track with tasks, and meeting deadlines and obligations. Some rules can include:

  • Doing morning exercises every day.
  • Finalizing projects one day before the due date.
  • Preparing for tests not overnight but in advance.

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Suitable Stationery

While it may be pretty obvious, proper stationery can become a loyal companion on the way to knowledge. Colorful highlighters, note-taking gel pens, sharpened pencils, spiral notebooks per each subject, and sticky notes all help towards better memorizing and facilitation of your work.


Homework Stations

These days, many students are given more opportunities to get a working or homework station to store books and supplies, keeping them in handy and organized spot. Keeping the study place clean and well-organized is essential, ensuring no clutter can distract you. It’s also a good habit to put all items back once they aren’t needed anymore, and any tools can be easily found.


Quality Devices

Many people would agree with the sentiment “my computer is my weapon”, as they become an irreplaceable tool for work and study. A laptop with a speedy processor and sufficient memory will allow students to conduct a project’s research, write a term paper, or just game in their time off.

A tablet may come in handy for easy transport when surfing the web, reading, and making quick notes. Also, it’s a must-have for those students who learn graphic design as modem tablets have lots of compatible software for digital drawing!


Ergonomic Furniture and Adjustable Desks

An adjustable or standing desk revolutionized the way people work, taking care of not only users’ productivity but also health. According to a study published in the Journal of American College Health, college students sit for about ten hours daily. Staying in a sedentary position all day can make it tough to keep focus – investing in an electric standing desk provides you with a workspace that gets you moving! Stand-up desks can shift between sitting and standing positions, making students move a bit and helping them stay alert throughout the day. If you seek desk solutions for kids, learn more about the benefits of standing desks in this here.

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In Summary

We do hope this checklist has given you useful insights and ideas for the coming school year. Starting on the right foot can make all the difference, and giving these tips are try is 100% worthwhile! If you want to learn more productivity tips, find out how to stay fit while you work. | 1-800-828-9414

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