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What Type of Under Desk Exercise Equipment Should You Choose?

What Type of Under Desk Exercise Equipment Should You Choose?

While you work at your computer desk, your arms will be busy on the keyboard or mouse, however, you may have one day thought of how your legs could do with some physical activity at the same time. A proper balance of rest and physical activity at our desks can help improve our daily productivity, health, and mood. This article will cover the important factors you should consider when choosing the major types of under desk exercise equipment available on the market to pair with a standing desk!

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Types Of Under Desk Exercise Equipment

Standing desk


like how simple exercises and stretches increases productivity at work by improving blood circulation, boosting our mood, and reducing cramps from being in the same position all day, low-impact exercise offers similar benefits while also promoting weight loss. Compact exercise equipment for legs while sitting and/or standing allows standing desk users to conveniently stay active while working on their computer and balancing a schedule of sitting, standing, and taking breaks. The three major types of under desk exercise equipment found on the market are:

  • Under desk ellipticals
  • Under desk treadmill
  • Under desk steppers

Under Desk Ellipticals

Under desk ellipticals


Under desk ellipticals and under desk bikes share the similarity of having users perform pedaling-like motion with their legs to stay active. Another bonus of these under desk exercise equipment are that they sometimes can double as exercise equipment for arms when placed on top of a standing desk if users want to pedal by hand. Cyclists who love riding their bicycle will find under desk ellipticals and under desk bikes as the closest experience they can enjoy while working at their standing desks.


Under Desk Treadmill



Treadmill desks are essentially standing desks with a treadmill built-in as part of the system while the treadmill usually cannot be separated. Under desk treadmills share a similar concept to treadmill desks, however, under desk treadmills are more portable and have a compact footprint to be stored underneath a separate pre-existing standing desk. Individuals who enjoy their daily walks will find that under desk treadmills have the most similar feel they can benefit from while working at their standing desks.


Under Desk Steppers



Under desk steppers share similarities with stair climbers as both mimic stepping motion to keep users active, however, under desk steppers are compact and portable enough to be stored underneath a workstation. Certain models of under desk steppers may also come included with attachable resistance cords for arm workouts. If stair climbers are your go to cardio machines in the gym for aerobic activity, under desk steppers will be the most similar experience to that while you are at your computer desk.

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Factors To Consider When Choosing Under Desk Exercise Equipment

Exercise equipment


When choosing your next under desk exercise equipment, there are many variables that need to be considered. These primary factors may include:

  • Noise levels
  • Use case
  • Physical dimensions
  • Product design
  • Resistance level
  • Price point

It is ideal to check for online reviews and look for equipment that includes a 30-day trial period (or longer) to properly determine the best standing desk exercise equipment to match your work style.

Noise Levels

Under desk exercise equipment


If you were working at home or in a noise tolerant office, the noise level from most under desk exercise equipment should not be an issue. However, a silent office or library that was sensitive to noise may not be suitable for under desk exercise equipment. Testing out your equipment prior to making a full commitment can help you determine if the noise level will be suitable for your use case.

Use Case

Certain models and brands of standing desk workout equipment may allow for proper comfortable exercise while:

  • seated only
  • standing only
  • seated or standing

Consider the different benefits each type of machine offers for different muscles of the body. Depending on your physical condition and daily hobbies, some equipment may require more practice than others to learn proper balance and stability while working. Based on how often you cycle, walk, or climb day to day and how much you enjoy each activity, you may learn to adapt or enjoy one piece of equipment more than the other.

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Physical Dimensions

Exercise equipment


Consider your height, space availability at your workstation, and if an under desk exercise equipment offers a comfortable fit for your body. Taller individuals should make sure their standing desk can raise high enough to accommodate their new working height with the addition of their chosen under desk exercise equipment. Alternatively, searching for cardio machines that have a low enough height profile can also help keep the new working height within the maximum height of a fully raised standing desk. For models that allow seated exercise, consider if the height of your exercise position may result in your knees bumping into the underside of your tabletop. If you plan to move your under desk exercise equipment from one room to another or from home and office, consider its weight and overall portability.


Product Design

Certain equipment may not always have a design that matches the needs and preferences of everyone. For example, portable and compact versions of cardio machines may have lower weight capacity ratings which prevent individuals who weigh above the weight rating from using them safely. Another example is when compact versions of exercise equipment may not have a range of motion that was long enough for the longer legs of tall individuals. Certain equipment requires additional padding so their legs do not scratch the floor and some seated exercise machines may require office chairs with lockable wheels to ensure proper stability. These examples are why it is important to consider all aspects of a product’s design to confirm if it will be suitable for you.


Resistance Level

Workout equipment


Under desk exercise equipment are usually not designed to push our body to high intensity like their full-sized versions in dedicated gym equipment, however, they are good options to consider for supplementing daily cardio. If you were looking for equipment that could also offer moderate to high-intensity workouts, test the maximum resistance level of an under desk exercise equipment and then decide from there. For beginners, disabled, and elderly individuals, the lower resistance levels of standing desk workout equipment are great as approachable cardio machines for some daily physical activity. People who are recovering from an injury can also take advantage of the adjustable resistance levels from under desk exercise equipment which increases leg strength as the injury slowly goes away.

Price Point

If your favorite under desk exercise equipment was outside your budget, it may be best to purchase a different model that was within your price range to start with. Testing and buying used models with a warranty for a good price or borrowing one from a friend can help give you an idea of the feel for each type of under desk exercise equipment. Choosing a model with the best price may also be beneficial for users who have little to no preference between the different types of under desk exercise equipment.

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Under desk exercise equipment are a convenient and time-efficient solution for integrating some daily physical activity while we work on our computer desk. Before deciding on an under desk exercise equipment, we should consider their crucial factors and compare the benefits that each model can offer for our specific needs and preferences.

We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were looking for the best standing desk exercise equipment to match your work style! If you have any queries or wanted to know more about our standing desks, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of representatives is experts in what we do and will be happy to help with any questions you may have! | 1-800-828-9414

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