Lighting For Your Standing Desk

Lighting For Your Standing Desk

The term Ergonomics usually brings to mind office or home furniture that includes standing desks, adjustable laptop stands, curved keyboards or mouse pads, monitor arms or risers, chairs which help keep the back straight, and much more. While these products are great and can help improve the way you work, the one factor we tend to overlook is proper lighting for a workspace. We at Progressive Desk believe lighting is as important as the desk you work at and your posture while working.

In today’s article, we will take a closer look at ways to bring in the appropriate lighting for your workspace and its impact on your productivity and your overall well being.

Lighting Ergonomics

So what is ergonomic lighting? It refers to the relationship between the source of light and the individual performing a task or working under this form of light. Lighting ergonomics is crucial for creating a working atmosphere that promotes healthy living and prevents CVS. Also known as Computer Vision Syndrome, CVS is affecting not just office workers but also students. It is therefore important to consider that everyone has a unique requirement of light. For someone in their mid 20’s will require a minimal amount of light as compared to a person in their 60’s or 70’s. Here’s when lighting ergonomics can play an important role.

Lamp for Reading – Task Lighting

Task Lighting

A single standard overhead desk light is not the perfect solution as it may not be enough light to fill the room. A reading lamp in addition to your room lighting, can make your reading corner or workplace a more conducive and productive space. From a tabletop lamp to height-adjustable floor lamps, there are several options available that are not only easy on your eyes but are also pretty affordable.

Lack of lighting can negatively affect your mental performance because in poor lighting, your eyes strain to read and perceive information correctly. As a result, you get headaches and feel tired much faster. If you start to squint to concentrate and recognize text - this is the first sign of strained eyes or a loss of vision. In addition to ergonomic desks, chairs and lighting, it is also important to periodically give your eyes time to relax. Regular eye exercises can help reduce the pressure and strain on the eyes.

Stand Alone Lamps

Ergonomic Lamp

When it comes to ergonomics, lights may contribute a lot to the whole workspace matching people working behind it individually. Flexible light sources are the best way to adapt to all other visual factors in real-time, like the volume of natural light in the room and such.

Nowadays, LEDs are popularly used in many modern task lights. They consume 75% less electricity than fast-bulbs and last longer than regular bulbs, thus reducing the cost of electricity.

Desk Task Lighting for Standing or Regular Desks

To summarize, desk task lighting boasts the following advantages that improve both an individual’s health and general business:

  • Light influences human productivity, health, and, therefore, the quality of life. Adequate lighting helps maintain an excellent vision for years to come.
  • Due to a comfortable level of light, the eyes, and, accordingly, the brain, consume less energy and stay efficient longer, increasing individual productivity.
  • The use of an ergonomic task lighting desk lamp also reduces electricity costs for both an individual family and an operating business.

Get Your Adjustable Task Lighting Right Now

An ergonomic office task lamp is great in that it adapts and creates comfortable lighting for each and every individual. You can adjust the lamp angle, height, brightness, and direction of light. To tie the workspace up properly, take a look at a wide range of essential parts for ergonomic and practical table compositions.

An ergonomic, adjustable overhead desk light can be a real game-changer in your office. With enough light, workers’ eyes get less tired. This has a positive effect on the general state of a person’s health and, as a result, boosts productivity.

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