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The Best Ways to Clean Your Tabletop

The Best Ways to Clean Your Tabletop

7.9 min read

Many of our customers have reached out to us and asked: what’s the best way of cleaning my new tabletop? You asked, and now, we’re answering! In this article, you can learn what you should do and what you need to avoid while cleaning your Progressive Desk tabletop. We’ll discuss some important aspects that you need to keep in mind, such as scrubbing pressure, types of cleaning supplies you can use, and our general recommendations to keep your table clean, fresh, and long-lasting.

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Things to Consider

We’ve put our heads together and compiled a list of things you should do while cleaning your tabletop!

1. Brush/Dust Your Table

No matter what the material of your tabletop is, a great amount of dust can quickly accumulate on it over the course of time, depending on your location. In that case, it becomes crucial to dust it off your table first before opting for any cleaning method. Cleaning our tabletops is easy and simple compared to other furniture items, as tabletops like Bamboo Light Matte don't have areas to hide debris and dust. You can use any soft brushes or duster to clean the dust from its surface. Additionally, feather dusters are great to use for this purpose, allowing you to easily sweep the dust off your table surface. If you have a portable vacuum cleaner, even better! Make sure to opt for the dusting brush tool of your vacuum for this cleaning task, and don’t forget to keep it under its lowest level to prevent any damage.

Cleaning a wood tabletop with a feather duster

2. Apply Soap

If you still see dirt after following the above procedure of tops cleaning, it’s time to use soap. Hence, to make a cleaning solution that you can use on your MDF and bamboo tabletops, you need to mix two parts of water and one part of mild soap. Add this solution to the spray bottle and mix them well before use. If you are wondering why to use a "mild soap,” it doesn't have the composition of the strong cleaners or acidic elements, which are pretty common in the market. In addition to it, many people pick the hand soap for cleansing purposes, as they are mild and can protect your tabletop material. Spray the mixture directly onto your table.

Cleaning a wood tabletop with a soap

3. Use Sponge or Cloth

For cleaning, take a soft sponge or cloth that doesn’t cause any marks and scratches, and don’t put extreme pressure on its surface while cleaning. Once you wipe the entire table, if you still see marks or stains, you need to respray the mixture. Apply a little bit of extra force on the hard to remove stains. At the end, wipe the entire tabletop again.

Cleaning a wood tabletop with a soft sponge

4. Let it Dry

Once you finish your cleaning task, it’s time for drying. You need to avoid using your table until it gets fully dry, as water residue on their surfaces can lead to stains and damages. If you want a long lifespan of your furniture item, you need to let it breathe for some time. Wondering when you can use your table? Well, it totally depends on your climate condition. The table can dry in few minutes to 1 hour after cleaning it with a liquid solution. You can touch the surface to determine whether it is dry. If you think there are no fluid particles, then you are free to use the table.

Cleaning a wood tabletop

5. Clean Stains

Okay, it's obvious, even if you have a table like Bamboo Dark Gloss, you cannot avoid stains, as you may spill liquids over time. The best way to prevent any type of furniture from stains is to clean the spills immediately. First, your material will absorb the liquid. Second, it will not have marks of spills. So, just be a little quick when your coffee or tea spills on the table.

A standing desk by Progressive Desk


Things to Avoid While Cleaning

Here are some of the don’ts you need to keep in mind while cleaning.

1. Don’t Use Hard Materials

As we have already mentioned, you need to use mild soaps in a table cleaner mixture. It is crucial because strong ones can affect the quality of your tabletop. This is why avoid any cleaner that contains acids, oil, or abrasive elements. All of these ingredients can react with the material of your table and cause any untreatable damages. If you want to be a little more cautious, you can go for organic or natural soaps, which aim to prevent damages to your table surface.

2. Don’t Brush with Force

You also need to avoid doing cleaning procedures with force. It’s vital to put as little pressure as you can. These tables can be delicate if there is regularly high force scrubbing on the tops. You need to treat them carefully and lightly. So, make sure only to put pressure while cleaning hard to remove marks and stains.

3. Don’t Use too Much Water

We recommend not using too much water when cleaning your tabletops. The more water you use, the higher the chances of damaging the table’s composition. Besides that, you also need to use the mixture as little as possible to ensure lower interaction with water.

4. Don’t Use Blow Dryers

The best way is to let your table dry under the air.

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Final Word

There you have it! Our recommended ‘do’s and don’ts’ you need to keep in mind while cleaning your tabletop. Our tabletops are designed to last, with their 15-year warranty guaranteeing this. However, all of these considerations are crucial if you want your tabletop to remain clean, without damaging them through harmful cleaning products.

Yet to find your perfect standing desk? Build your own setup from our extensive list of frames, tabletops, and desk accessories! Not sure where to start, or have any questions? Contact us!

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