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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Our Most Popular Standing Desk Accessories in 2021

Our Most Popular Standing Desk Accessories in 2021

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Standing desks accessories are becoming very popular as they significantly improve the efficiency, comfort, and elegance of a workstation. Here at Progressive Desk, we continue to see the increase in demand for accessories ranging from wireless chargers to anti-fatigue mats! As working from home has become a common practice, the popularity of standing desks and their accessories has grown exponentially. We were absolutely interested in finding out what our top sellers were for 2021 and thought maybe you would be too. Read along to see our most popular standing desk accessories of last year – maybe it might give you an idea or two for your next sit-stand desk accessory!

Take a look through our standing desk accessories to deck your workspace out with!

Best Standing Desk Accessories

We will be going over our customer’s must-have stand-up desk accessories that were most popular in 2021. The list of top 15 accessories will be based on the information we’ve collected on sales data, new launches, and top-rated accessories during the year.

1.     Cable Management

Cable management is our most popular category of standing desk accessories, with the leading products below:

Under Desk Cable Tray Organizer (DO-06)

Under desk cable tray organizer (DO-06)


By attaching our Under Desk Cable Tray Organizer underneath a tabletop, you get a sleek and convenient way to manage the cables under a workstation. This accessory is a helpful standing desk organizer for wires, while also being great storage options for power bars and adaptors!


Magnetic Desk Frame Cable Organizer (DO-07)


Magnetic desk frame cable organizer (DO-07)


This adjustable desk organizer for cables is fast and convenient to install thanks to its magnetic design. It secures messy wires by holding them in place while still maintain a compact size!


Magnetic Adjustable Cable Management Snake (DO-02)

 Cable management snake


By using the Magnetic Adjustable Cable Management Snake, safe and secure protection for your workstation’s cables has never been easier! With its magnetic segment at the top, it can be attached to any part of a standing desk frame.


Hook and Loop Velcro Cable Management (DO-03)

Hook and Loop Velcro Cable Management (DO-03)


The Hook and Loop Velcro ties are simple accessories for securing loose cables. This is a great little cable management option for areas of a workstation with multiple wires hanging together.

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2.     Accessories for a Portable Standing Desk

In some applications, a portable standing desk may be required. By combining a few different accessories together, our Solo Ryzer offers all the benefits of a standing desk while being mobile!


2" Lockable Caster Wheels (DA-11-Black)

2" Lockable Caster Wheels (DA-11-Black)


Our caster wheels are designed for conveniently moving desks from one area to another, whether it’s moving around in an open office, or redesigning your home workspace. Depending on the desk you have, and the number of wheels you need, we have sets of four and six.


Standing Desk Portable Battery (PA-BT1-24-2200)

Standing desk portable battery


By using our Standing Desk Portable Battery, users will essentially have a mobile 24 VDC power source. This is useful for powering the Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box (FLTCON-2-24VDC) for portable Solo Ryzers. Certain 24 VDC linear actuators can also be powered by this Standing Desk Portable Battery!


Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box (FLTCON-2-24VDC)

Mobile Solo Ryzer control box


Our Mobile Solo Ryzer Control Box paired with the Standing Desk Portable Battery (PA-BT1-24-2200) is the perfect combination for full standing desk mobility of our Solo Ryzers! Replacing the standard Solo Ryzer control box with our FLTCON-2-24VDC allows for a desk system that operates from 24 VDC input power.


3.    CPU holder

CPU Holder and Spacer Kit (DC-01)

CPU Holder and spacer kit


Our CPU Holder and Spacer Kit helps keep your CPU hard drive close to hand and out of the way. By attaching to the underside of your desk, the CPU holder conveniently moves with your desk as you change the working height!


4.     Monitor Stands

Monitor stands allow monitors to be positioned at ergonomic heights and alleviate any strain from your neck, shoulders, and back! The removal of monitor screens also enables users to enjoy a larger working space!

Dual Monitor Stand (DM-01-2)


Dual Monitor Stand


Our dual monitor stand was designed especially for those with multiple monitors, allowing you to bring them to new, ergonomic heights!

Single Monitor Stand (DM-01)

Single Monitor Stand


In cases where a workstation has 1 monitor remaining, the single monitor stand gets the job done without compromise!


5.     Storage Solutions


Standing desk drawers


Our Standing Desk Drawers are great options for sit-stand desk storage of smaller office supplies with its locking feature for extra security. By mounting this drawer to the underside of your desk, it conveniently moves with you as you sit or stand!


6.     Convenience Solutions

Convenience solutions are essential standing desk accessories for improving a workstation’s ease of use and making it more comfortable to work on.


Anti-Fatigue Mat (DA-08-39)

Anti-fatigue mat


If you are looking to add standing desk foot accessories into your workstation, we highly recommend considering our anti-fatigue mats! These mats are designed to reduce the strain on your legs and back when standing, allowing you to stand for longer and more comfortably!


Headphone Hanger (DA-13)

Headphone hanger


For quick and convenient access to headphones, our headphone hanger is the perfect solution that ensures your workspace is clutter free from your headphones and its wires!


7.     Power Solutions

2-Plug Desk Clamp Power Bar w/ USB Ports (DA-06)

2-Plug Desk Clamp Power Bar w/ USB Ports


Our Power Solutions offer more outlets for all the different devices you may need to power at your workstation. The most popular of them was our 2-plug desk clamp which offers the convenience of quick access to power outlets and USB ports right on your desk!


8.     Privacy

Aluminum Modesty Panel - 51" (DP-01)

Aluminum Modesty Panel


By hiding loose wires, our Aluminum Modesty Panel makes workstations have a more professional look while offering a little extra privacy and modesty!

Interested in update your current workspace? Put your best foot forward and take a look at our standing desks!

In Summary

There you have it, our most popular standing desk accessories in 2021! We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were looking for ideas to personalize your standing desk and increase work efficiency. If you have any queries about our desk parts and accessories or have trouble picking out the essential standing desk accessories to suit your needs, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of representatives are experts in what we do and will be happy to help with any questions you may have! | 1-800-828-9414

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