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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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Standing Desk Accessories to Enhance Your Desktop Setup

Standing Desk Accessories to Enhance Your Desktop Setup

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A desktop computer is an essential part of our everyday lives at home, in the office, or at school. There are a variety of different ways to build and configure a desktop computer to specialize for tasks such as personal, gaming, or business use. Choosing standing desk accessories that have the versatility to match any desktop setup will help improve overall desktop convenience, ergonomics, and user satisfaction. This approach of choosing accessories is perfect for the early stages of a desktop build; however, it can also be applied at any stage of a build to make general improvements to any setup. In this article, we will be covering the best desk accessories to consider for enhancing any desktop computer setup.


The Essential Office Desk Accessories for Desktops

All types of desktop setups will generally share some similarities in the components they use. These components are where we can integrate general-purpose accessories to improve convenience, ergonomics, and usability. Below is a list of essential standing desk accessories for most desktops and the primary functions they would serve:

  • Protective desk pads with lip: Preserving tabletops scratches.
  • Under desk drawers: Increasing available storage capacity.
  • Computer tower stands and holders: Secure CPU protection and convenient portability.
  • Standing desk cable management: Maintaining tidy and organized cables.
  • Computer monitor stands & mounts: For adjusting desktop screens to a comfortable viewing position.
  • Headphone holders: Convenient access and safe storage for headphones.


Protective Desk Pads with Lip

Protective desk pad


Every desktop computer will have a mouse and keyboard that moves around and may eventually cause tabletop scratches. Our new Protective Desk Pads with Lip and edge protection keeps your tabletop preserved and free from scratches! The fixation lip design also acts as a desk covering to protect the edge of your tabletop while its non-slip surface ensures the pad with full grip to keep all your accessories in place. As a bonus, our desk pad protector’s black color ensures a nonglare surface during use!

Enjoy a non-slip surface that keeps your tabletop preserved and free from scratches!

Available in medium (MK-01-M-Black) and large (MK-01-L-Black) sizes, these desk cover options ensure you find the perfect size to fit your desktop setup. Water resistance and high durability from its quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) will guarantee service that will serve you well over the years!


Under Desk Drawers

Under desk drawer


Under desk storage drawers are simple and efficient office desk accessories for storing general desktop items such as spare batteries, charging cables, and USB Flash Drives. Our new Under Desk Swivel Drawers can be attached with quick and easy installation to the underside of your tabletop. It's also ideal for decluttering your work area of any extra furniture, as it moves with your desk. Being able to swivel 360° as black drawers for under desk storage helps to tuck your supplies out of sight and away from view when needed.

We offer a range of under desk drawers to boost your storage capacity - click to browse! 

Metal desk drawers with locks offer a convenient way to safely keep your desktop items secured. These drawers are also designed to be mounted to the underside of your desk, so that they move with you as you sit or stand! Availability as a compact or standard model ensures you get to choose the perfect size for your storage needs!

Computer Tower Stands and Holders

Rolling CPU tower stands reduces


Discover a new level of convenience and portability with our rolling computer tower stands! 

As a desktop computer, your setup will have a CPU that requires protection and secure mounting. Our CPU Holder and Spacer Kit helps keep your CPU hard drive close to hand and out of the way. By attaching to the underside of your frame or tabletop, the CPU holder for standing desks conveniently moves with your desk as you adjust its height!

Our new Rolling CPU Tower Stands reduces the weight loaded onto your desk with its portable design and heavy-duty locking caster wheels! This PC rolling stand protects CPUs from the dust, moisture, and dirt found on the floor by elevating them off the ground while also helping to prevent scratches with the included foam pads. With no need to drill into tabletops, users can enjoy the convenience of fast and easy installation of our CPU Tower Stands while also preserving their computer desk!


Standing Desk Cable Management

Standing desk cable management


To ensure user safety and unimpeded use of your desk, you need to ensure the cables around your desktop setup are tidy and organized through proper cable management. By attaching our Under Desk Cable Tray Organizer underneath a tabletop, you get a sleek and convenient way to manage the cables found underneath your desktop setup. This accessory is a helpful desk organizer for wires while also being great storage options for power bars and adaptors. With this level of versatility and simplicity, it is no wonder this has been our most popular cable management solutions for standing desks!

Learn more about our standing desks and bring more activity to your workspace! 

Computer Monitor Stands & Mounts

Computer monitor stands


Computer monitor mounts and stands help adjust your screen to the proper angle and height to suit your setup needs so you can avoid issues such as bad posture, eye strain, and muscle pain. As a bonus, our monitor arms and stands are also a great space saver, keeping your screen off of the desk and giving you more desk room! Thanks to the monitor stand adjustability, you can configure the most comfortable setup for your daily work tasks by, for example, placing monitors side by side or making a mix of portrait and landscape. Whether your preference was to have a dual monitor and laptop stand or just mounting options for your screens, our variety of computer monitor mounts will ensure there is something for everyone’s desktop needs!

Headphone Holders

Headphone holders


Headphone hooks allow quick and convenient access for desktop users to place their headphones away. This is the same case found in our DA-13 headphone hangers that comes with two hooks for added holding capability! As under desk headphone hangers, they move with you as you adjust your standing desk height, so you always have your headphones on hand.

The DA-16 headphone stand for desks are another option for users who prefer having their headphones on top of their desk on display. Benefits such as being portable, fast, and easy to setup also makes this an excellent choice for users who plan on occasionally changing their headphone placements!

Enhance your desktop experience with the best standing desk accessories for your setup!



Whether you were using a desktop computer for studying, gaming, office work, or personal use, combining your setup with the essential accessories helps to enhance your overall desktop experience. Once you have optimized the essentials for your desktop setup, you then have a solid foundation for building towards a specialized desktop configuration.

We hope you found this as informative and interesting as we did, especially if you were looking for general ideas and recommendations for office desk accessories to enhance your desktop setup. If you have any queries about our desks or have trouble picking out the right accessories, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of representatives is experts in what we do and will be happy to help with any questions you may have! | 1-800-828-9414

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