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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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How to Organize Lighting for Your Standing Desk?

How to Organize Lighting for Your Standing Desk?

5.1 min read

When you hear the word ergonomics, you usually think about home and office furniture. It includes standing desks like the Economy Ryzer, monitor stands, mousepads, curved keyboards: the list is endless! Additionally, you might also think about chairs that keep your back straight and comfortable throughout the long workday. There is no doubt that these products are great, and will positively impact your environment. But one thing you may always overlook is the lighting of your workspace. Having proper desk lighting is as important as your posture while working. In this article, you will learn why lighting is important and how it can contribute to your productivity. You will also learn how you can implement good lighting in your workspace.

Lighting Ergonomics

Lighting ergonomics refers to the relationship between a person performing their task under a light, and the source of light. This is important for making a working atmosphere that prevents CVS and encourages a healthy lifestyle. CVS or Computer Vision Syndrome can also affect both office workers and students. You also need to understand that every person has their own unique lighting environment needs. Dull lighting can significantly impact your mental wellbeing and performance, as poor lighting can strain your eyes, resulting in headaches and fatigue. If you need to squint to concentrate on a task, you may be overly straining your eyes. You need to give your eyes a rest between work – if you find it particularly bothersome, you can also do regular eye exercise to reduce strain and pressure on your eyes.

Lamps for Reading

Desk Lighting


A single traditional light is not suitable and enough to brighten up an entire room. If you incorporate a standing desk lamp in your workplace and reading corner, you can make it a more productive and conducive space. From adjustable height lamps to tabletop lamps, you have a range of options that are available for your standing desk, like the V Ryzer. This not only gives you proper desk lighting but is also pretty affordable.

Stand Alone Lamps

Ergonomic Lamp

When it comes to ergonomics, floor lamps for standing desks or other types of lighting can greatly contribute to the workspace's environment. The best method to adapt all other visual factors in real-time is installing flexible lights in your workstations. Additionally, LEDs are the most popular modern desk lights. They require 75% less energy compared to traditional bulbs and have long life span than bulbs. This way, you can also reduce your utility bills!

Desk Lighting for Standing or Regular Desks

In a nutshell, proper desk lighting offers the following advantages that encourage good health and improves productivity:

  • Light plays a significant role in human health and productivity, as well as the quality of life. Proper desk lighting lowers the risk of vision problems.
  • When you work in comfortable lighting, your eyes and brain requires less energy and stay efficient for a longer time. This results in a great increase in individual productivity.
  • The use of lamps for standing desks or other lighting sources reduces your electricity bills. It’s great for both businesses and families.

Buy Your Adjustable Task Lighting Now!

Ergonomic standing desk lighting is great for everyone. It has the ability to adapt and create a relaxing and comfortable environment for each and every individual. The best part is you can always adjust the height, angle, brightness, and direction. Don’t forget to use different ergonomics accessories like a slim aluminum monitor riser to make your workstation as practical as possible!


Final Word

Appropriate lighting is an essential part of any office, and when outfitting your standing desk with the best lighting, the choice is yours! You just need to ensure that any wires can move with your desk, and not become snagged while in motion. You can also check out our full range of desk accessories to pair with your standing desk lighting: all have been designed to enhance your standing desk experience and optimize your productivity!

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