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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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Photo of a woman and man working for standing desk

Workplace Ergonomics: Choosing the Best Standing Desk for You

6.9 min read

The average adult spends about one-third of their day dedicated to working. This monotonous sitting in front of a monitor can become tedious, repetitive, and can eventually have a negative impact on your body. The logical question to this is what solutions are available to minimize the adverse effects of office work? One such solution is a standing desk that can be seamlessly integrated into your working environment.

These innovative products have infiltrated offices and homes worldwide through their continuous increase in popularity. Their positive effects have been attributed to improved workplace ergonomics from their ease of use and positive impacts on the user. This article will outline how to choose the best standing desk for you and your environment, and the best way to use them.

How Do I Choose the Best Standing Desk?

The variety of standing desks available today raises numerous questions on which type of standing desk is best, the size, the functionality, even the color. When picking an ergonomically suitable standing desk, it is necessary to consider the parameters of both the user and of the workspace. The standing desk you choose should improve your working process throughout the day by enhancing your mental and physical activity.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of standing desk you want, keeping the size of your workspace in mind. We have four different types of standing desks, each different in size, and for different requirements. You need to analyze the specifications of each type of desk, deciding whether a single standing desk, such as a Solo Ryzer, is best suited. Or if you share your workspace, perhaps a dual standing desk would be more beneficial.

Larger workspaces may benefit more from the V Ryzer, with its v-shaped style that can optimize your space perfectly. The size of whichever type you choose can vary also, alongside the tabletop size and color. Using our Desk Builder, you can toggle with each type and feature until your ergonomic standing desk is complete.

Customize your own standing desk

Photo of a woman working for standing desk

Standing Desk Ergonomics: Why Opt for This Desk Type?

There are numerous reasons why a standing desk is superior over a regular desk. However, the most fundamental benefit is the standing desks ability to be adjustable to the height requirements of the user, while a regular desk is set in height.

This core feature can be critical when improving workplace ergonomics. It has been proven that swapping between sitting and standing throughout your working day provides benefits both biologically and physiologically. Therefore, dynamically sitting and changes in your positioning throughout the day can have an adverse effect on your productivity and efficiency.

Prime Positioning at Your Desk

As mentioned, a standing desk is the best option to improve the ergonomics of your work environment. However, to further the benefits of your standing desk, you need to ensure you are using it correctly. The below image demonstrates the correct measurements and stances to improve your posture and reduce any strain on your neck, back, and eyes.

Infographic of ergonomics working

To adhere to the guidelines of the above image, a standing desk will help users adjust to the proper elbow height range and maintain a relevant monitor position in front of their eyes. The ideal height for standing desks is when you can maintain an appropriate and healthy posture, and significantly decrease the burden on the neck and shoulders. You should also see a reduction in eye fatigue caused by incorrect positioning of your monitor.

The best practices while sitting or standing at your standing desk are as follows:

  • The height of the desk should create a 90-degree angle between the arm and forearm when typing at the keyboard.
  • Place the monitor approximately 20-30 inches from your face.
  • In order to avoid any wrist pain, use arm support - similar to the one seen in the above image.
  • When standing, try to stand on an anti-fatigue mat. This will lower calf muscle fatigue and decrease knee joint pain caused by long-standing.
  • Shift to a sitting position when you are tired and rotate throughout the day between sitting and standing.
  • Do not forget to take short breaks - walk around the office or take a simple coffee or tea breaks.

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How to Use Your Electric Standing Desk

You might have decided to purchase a standing desk but are unsure of how to assemble and use it properly. The good news is its very simple and we have a video that outlines exactly what you need to do!


An ergonomic office must offer an electronically adjustable work center to its workers. The same can be said for your home office – if you are looking to make positive improvements and be more efficient while working, a standing desk is a great option. The height of the desk is the main parameter that should be changeable to allow movement and ensure comfort throughout the day. For this, a simple click of a button can achieve this, as outlined in the overview video above.

If you want more support on improving your office ergonomics through standing desks, our engineers would be delighted to help you with your selection. Just contact us and we will aid you with any query!

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