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Photo of a young girl holding in hands kettlebells

5 Office Fitness Challenges to Try

15.2 min read

Numerous studies prove that the joint struggle for a healthy lifestyle has a higher level of efficiency than independent work on physical body improvements. But let’s dive into more detail and discuss some fitness challenge ideas as well as the ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of wellness challenges.

Office Fitness

Most office workers spend huge amounts of time sitting without even realizing that there are many fitness challenges ideas that can diversify everyday life in a fun and useful way. Poor health is a thing to work on and improve for the best, as it even has long-standing effects on business expenses, making healthcare costs 2–3 times higher.

A concept such as “office fitness” is an ordinary thing for today’s offices, but many stubbornly continue to ignore it. But you shouldn’t! After all, this is a simple and very affordable way to prevent serious issues with the spine, joints and cardiovascular system. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to take a break from work, there are time-efficient options that will still greatly improve the situation.

For instance, you can avoid using the elevator and office mail delivery services. Our cardiovascular system needs a load we can get from walking. And an ordinary office staircase can become a real stepper simulator.

At least 10 minutes of such an office walking challenge a day and your body will certainly become happier and better. Want to have more visible results? Increase your walking time and try walking through the steps. You can strengthen your calf muscles with this simple exercise.

You can also go in for sports with your whole team. This is a great way to have fun with health and business benefits. Let's look at a few examples of challenges at work.

Photo of a happy model posing with an exercise mat and friendly smile at a camera

Wellness Challenges

Hiking is one of the most popular challenges at work to stimulate the physical activity of employees. Walking is a simple and, at the same time, a very efficient way to improve a person’s physical health. It doesn’t require any special training, equipment or a lot of time. But at the same time, the benefits of ordinary walking are undeniable.

One of the most prominent health challenge ideas, it can be implemented by asking your employees to get a step-counting app. Everybody compares their results after a certain period of time and the winner gets some kind of appreciation prize.

Another great work fitness challenge is “Office Hop”, which is a good idea if the company has several offices. Employees compete in walking the greater distance between offices and work locations. Bonus tasks like a walk after work in the park, walking excursions in the city on the weekend or regular roaming around the city may be added to this office fitness challenge.

Photo of young smiling multiethnic business colleagues walking together in an office

Standing Desk Fitness

A standing workplace can be both more useful and more destructive than a sitting all throughout the day. But the people working in standing positions, for instance, behind the front desk have more options for doing useful exercises. No one sees what you are doing when standing behind the bar, even when you are slightly bending.

To decrease the load on the spine and avoid numbness in body parts, it is necessary to periodically perform simple movements. For example, you can train leg muscles if you stand first on one and then on the other leg.

Specialists in the field of fitness and a healthy lifestyle have developed many easy office workouts. They can save you from fatigue and even back pain. Let’s take a look at some good exercises that will make standing work easier and healthier.

Photo of a girl for standing desk

Standing Desk Exercises

  1. Stretch forward one hand with the palm up and hold the fingers with the other hand. Pull your fingers towards yourself, feel how your forearm stretches. Stand in this position for about half a minute and repeat with the other hand.

  2. Bend and unbend legs in turn. When bending, strain the calf muscles, then stretch the leg behind you, you need to use the gluteal muscles. Repeat 30 times with each leg.

  3. Lifting on toes can be done, for example, when you need to monitor the printing of a large amount of documentation. Place your feet apart shoulder-width, rise on your toes and lower back. Repeat 15-20 times.

  4. An exercise for the buttocks can be done in both a standing and sitting position. Squeeze the buttocks and hold for about 10 seconds, then relax. It's simple, but to achieve a tangible result, you need to do 15 repetitions regularly.

Standing Desks Models

It's better to prevent health disorders than to fight them. Adjustable standing tables form the Progressive Desk store are created to make your life easier. 

    Standing Desk Workout

    They say that standing work has fewer factors for developing a number of unpleasant diseases, as well as gaining excess weight. Thus, a well-chosen workplace can do your body lots of good. Although, it is difficult to argue that a uniform standing posture during the working day will not lead to anything good.

    The studies show that the transition from a sedentary to a standing routine does not change the level of burned calories. However, you get new risks of gaining legs and joint pathologies. So if you tend to spend 8 working hours in a standing position, you should definitely set a list of in-office workouts. For instance:

    1. Variable walking: stand on your toes and make a few steps like that, then lower your whole foot and take a few steps again. For a good result, you need to do at least 30 repetitions.

    2. Hamstring curl: bend the knee of one leg and bring it to the buttocks, the release to a normal position. Do the same with the other leg. It is necessary to do 20 repetitions with each leg.

    3. Stretching your back and legs is among the best office workouts: bend one knee, raise it to hip level, stand on one leg like that. Put your left hand on a raised knee and turn your torso towards the raised knee. Hold in such a stance for 10 seconds, then repeat the same with the other leg. Do 5 reps on each side.

    Photo of a middle-aged man in eyeglasses men with laptop at the mobile table doing the leg exercise

    Weight Loss Challenges at Work

    A workplace weight loss challenge is usually based on a very common and useful complex of exercises designed to lose weight while working. It is much easier to deal with the issues in a team. But for this to work correctly and bring noticeable results, you need to properly organize your workplace fitness challenge ideas. If your colleagues support the decision to deal with extra pounds in a comprehensive manner, then you are already halfway to the task.

    Now get together and discuss the rules of participation, diet, and activity that you will follow. Choose a person from the team who is not involved in exercises to control the weighing and record the results. Remember that a more transparent way to calculate the weight loss results is through a percentage.

    To support the motivation of the participants throughout the competition, various trials can be added. You can reward participants for the largest number of hours of training per week or the distance of cycling. Arrange a competition for the number of push-ups or squats or a race on the office ladder which would yet another engaging office workout challenge.

    You can organize cheerful ceremonies at the end of such competitions. Prizes should be selected according to the subject. It can be a beautiful sports trophy, some sports equipment, a gift certificate to a fitness center or a sporting goods store, or a trip to a sports camp.

    Photo of a multicultural business team at a meeting

    Fitness Challenge Ideas for Groups

    To make the struggle for a healthy body even more diverse, you can offer colleagues some more ideas of fun office activities. This can strengthen the relationships in the team and, of course, improve the overall health of employees.

    1. Water challenge: drink 2 liters of clean still water during the week. This seems like a very simple task, but in reality, people rarely consume their daily rate of water. Using specialized mobile applications, each challenge participant can indicate the exact amount of water they drink. There may not be winners in this competition, but there will certainly be no losers as well.

    2. Weekly sharing of healthy recipes: ask your colleagues to share recipes of healthy dishes they prepared. A group of participants can vote on recipes that they especially like. An excellent ending for such a challenge is the Healthy Food Day organized in the office.

    3. A week of giving up junk food can be one of the cool challenges to do: choose two useless products, such as soda and white bread. Participants should share their results on a daily basis - how often and in what situation they had to abandon these products. At the end of the contest, it would also be great to share your feelings on improved well-being.

    Fun Challenges to Do

    It’s always a great idea to participate together in some kind of a bonding event. A charity marathon or bike ride would be a good option to unite the team and enjoy spending time together more. You can also arrange monthly joint trips to neighboring cities with the obligatory final report in the form of joint photographs.

    There are also good challenges to do during the holidays. You can create a specific logo and patches or badges. Let each challenge participant take it on a holiday trip and take pictures wearing it near the sights, for example. At the end of such a fun contest for work, the winner will be the participant who visited more places and took more memorable photos.

    A Food Day for Office Idea

    Proper nutrition is a very complex task. It is often difficult for people to understand the basic principles, and to pick up a number of useful and tasty recipes is certainly the task for experienced ones. But if your office team is people who want to maintain a healthy diet, then the next office challenge will not be a problem. In particular, we suggest arranging Healthy Food Day at the office.

    Photo of two young businesswomen working together and having lunch at the office

    You will need to prepare a team, find simple recipes for tasty and healthy dishes, distribute them to colleagues and wait until everyone brings cooked meals to the office on the appointed day. You can have some wonderful time dining all together with a variety of foods and dishes.

    Colleagues can find an interesting recipe on the Internet themselves, or you can set the requirements. It is important that everyone can tell a little about the dish: what it is made from, what benefits it brings for the body, etc. This would be a very cool experience for a team with health benefits.


    Undoubtedly, an office is a workplace where you focus on performing certain functions for the well-being of the business. But we spend so much personal time at work, sacrificing good chunks of our health. Getting together at work for contests and events as a team and doing joint exercises, however, will surely make the situation better overall.

    Team spirit, improvement of well-being, more knowledge in the field of proper nutrition - this is far from a complete list of the advantages office health challenges bring. So start thinking about your and your colleagues’ health during work as well because, as you know, it is impossible to buy.

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