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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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Get the Perfect Home-Schooling Space

Get the Perfect Home-Schooling Space

6.5 min read

Educating children is much more than just ensuring they go to school and sit their exams: it is a full-time job. As soon as your kids come home from school, it’s up to you to provide them with the best learning environment for after-school work, ensuring they are given every chance at success. Now that homeschooling is growing and becoming an emerging trend, having a well-planned homeschooling space is vital. With modern and technological homeschool products, you can craft your homeschooling space to suit your child’s height, growing physique and adapt it for each task and subject throughout the day.

Progressive Desk specializes in developing motorized standing desks and desk accessories, perfect for homeschool spaces. In this blog we will outline how you can create the perfect homeschooling space in your home by using these products and more!

Check out our standing desks for your homeschooling space!

Standing Desks: A Key to Effective Homeschooling

Standing desks are homeschool must-haves. They are already being pitched to schools and are replacing regular desks in several other work environments as well.  The reason for their popularity is the multitude of health benefits they offer. Children are active throughout the day and sitting for extended periods of time can make them restless and more seriously, expose them to future health problems such as obesity. Building a homeschooling setup that allows study with intermittent periods of standing is a great solution without committing to a fixed standing desk, prevents health risks from growing, and keeps them focused on their study.

Standing desk for a children

Build a Desk That Suits Your Child

Modern standing desks are highly personalized. You can choose between a standalone table, a V-shaped desk or a corner desk that is supported by a frame of your choice, adorning a tabletop that your child prefers. Your choice of homeschool equipment should be purchased to fit well in your children’s room, playing a functional role while enhancing its look.

Enjoy the Perks of Automation

Automatic adjustment products can be a convenient addition to your homeschool supplies list, making your child’s study time truly comfortable and enhanced. Automatic standing desks are height-adjustable meaning whenever you feel your child has outgrown the table, you can simply adjust it to their height. If you have children of different ages, there may not be a need to buy multiple homeschooling supplies: just adjust the height of the desk! Memory positioning remote controls are available, allowing the user to click a button and the desk will move to their desired position.

Extra Homeschool Supplies for Your Standing Desk

There is a huge variety of accessories that can go with standing desks. Apart from the structural and automated options mentioned above, there are a variety of compatible and enhancing desk accessories that go with it. If your children need a computer for their studies, our tabletops come with grommet holes, perfect for wire management, giving your workspace a tidy, organized look. To go with the computer screen, a monitor stand will provide you with additional adjustability and accident-mitigation.

 An under-desk drawer that can be mounted to your tabletop


Figure 2: Desk Drawer


Learning can be enhanced with accessories such as stationery, chargers, notebooks, and so on. We have a specially designed under-desk drawer that can be mounted to your tabletop, keeping all homeschool classroom supplies within it and allowing it to move with your desk.

Bookshelves Complement Standing Desks

What study room can go without a bookshelf? Books and studies go hand in hand, as do their equipment. A sturdy bookshelf beside your children’s standing desk will give you a prime space for holding their curriculum books and any other items you want organized away from their desk. While most things have gone digital lately, keeping books in your homeschooling room may encourage the habit of reading and enable an aura of academia in their rooms.

Don’t Forget A Comfy Chair Either!

While we are recommending a standing desk for home study, we know that your child will not be standing at all times. The very concept of standing desks is to enable the user to stand for enough time to keep them fit, focused and active, but also to sit down again to avoid getting tired or strained.

A good chair is imperative for keeping your muscles relaxed and your posture correct. Children are often not aware of a wrong posture, so getting them a good chair can help prevent this unintentional habit.

Final Thoughts

Homeschooling children is becoming both essential and popular thanks to the times we are in, giving you the duty to provide an ideal study space and ensure their well-being. Progressive Desk is a global company based in North America that can help you build the homeschooling space your child deserves. While we cannot provide all aspects for your homeschooling room, the products we have mentioned are trusted to be effective additions.

Feel free to connect with us and discuss your ideas with our talented customer service professionals.

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