adjustable standing desk
adjustable standing desk
adjustable standing desk
adjustable standing desk
V Ryzer Standing Desk
V Ryzer Standing Desk
V Ryzer Standing Desk
V Ryzer Standing Desk

V Ryzer Standing Desk

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The V Ryzer Standing Desk  is a perfect balance of style and functionality, making it suitable for both your home and office. The 120° angled design allows for more versatility than traditional sit-stand desks and is a great solution for anyone looking for a larger workspace. It’s unique shape and style gives you all the benefits that come with owning a height-adjustable standing desk.

8 Year Warranty
Easy Assembly
Free Shipping
Quiet Operation
Custom Design
Personalized solutions

The Desk That Makes You Stand Out

Are you looking for a corner desk that doesn’t occupy too much space but also gives you more space to work on? Sounds unbelievable? At progressive Desk, we make it possible with the V Ryzer Standing Desk. Our V Ryzer Sit-stand desk is designed to fit the corner space in your home or office that you have been wanting to convert to a perfect workspace.

The V Ryzer by Progressive Desk is strong, sturdy and is built to offer a smooth sit-stand motion. Its unique shape makes it a perfect desk for your home or office.

* Tabletop colors may differ slightly from online images to the final product.

Move while you work

Healthy Working Made Simple

Make Your Space
Your Own

No matter the size of your space or budget, we can help you find your perfect desk.

Adjustable width From 43.4’’ to 75.3’’

Adjustable height From 23.5’’ to 49’’

Anti-collision feature

Weight Capacity Up to 330 lbs

3 Stage Legs






Strong Foundation

It’s important to have a desk frame that is sturdy, strong and durable. At Progressive Desk we take quality very seriously and ensure that every desk frame manufactured and sold is tested for its strength and durability. The V Ryzer has a lifting capacity of 330lbs and is currently available in grey colour. The grey frame goes well with our available tabletop or you can match it to a tabletop of your choice.

Our standing desk lift mechanisms have many desirable and high-quality features, including a strong steel design, quiet operation and precise movement. Each frame comes with an adjustable width and anti-collision feature giving you more flexibility with your sit-stand desk.

With over a decade of proven durability and stability, the Progressive Desk frames are expertly machined with reliable motors and a quiet operation.

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At Progressive Desk, we carry different remote-control options that are easy and simple to use you’re your standing desk. Ranging from simple to advanced motion control, all our remotes have sleek, modern designs, with simple user interfaces.

The advantage of an advanced keypad is not just its programmable height options, but also its anti-collision feature which allows you to set the upper and lower height limits of the sit stand desk, to ensure that it doesn’t bump into anything above or below it. Choose the Progressive standing desk hand remote that is right for you and experience a smooth and convenient way to control your desk with the touch of a button.

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  • Input Voltage 110 VAC
  • Output Power 24 VDC
  • Force 330 lbs
  • Speed 1.5"/sec
  • Install Size Retracted 23.5"
  • Install Size Extended 49"
  • Protection Class IP51
  • Warranty 8 Years

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