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Progressive Desk New Product Releases: September 2020

We had some exciting product releases in September, and our amazing team worked hard to get these new products and features ready for sale. In this feature we will focus on the release of new tabletop colors (in every tabletop size!) and lockable caster wheels that can be attached to all of our Ryzer tables!


New Tabletop Colors

Cinnamon and Rosewood tabletop colors

Cinnamon and Rosewood are the latest additions to our expanding range of tabletop colors! Made from high-quality MDF material, like our other tabletops they are smooth and sleek. These tabletops are compatible with our Solo and Corner Ryzer standing desks, giving you two more color varieties to pair with your frame!

2” Lockable Caster Wheels

2" Lockable Caster Wheels - Set of 4 - Black

Get even smoother mobility with your standing desk! Now alongside seamless sit to stand transitions, you can also move your desk with ease. Made from polyurethane and steel, each wheel supports up to 88lbs and comes in a set of four. Safety is key with these wheels as they come with a lock to prevent swiveling and rolling.

Bulk Discounts

When you buy more, you save more!

Bulk Discounts

When you buy more, you save more!

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