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How to Install Our CPU Holder to Your Desk

How to Install Our CPU Holder to Your Desk

11 min read

Often, we feel relaxed and productive in environments that have a personal touch to them. Progressive Desk aims to tackle this particular spot in your home or office, by providing a wide range of ergonomic standing desks and accessories to personalize your workspace.

Our CPU Holder and Spacer Kit is a prime example of what we offer to personalize and functionalize workspaces. Designed to be a CPU holder for a standing desk specifically, its function is to enhance your standing desk experience and reduce any unnecessary clutter. In this blog, we will provide step-by-step installation instructions for this product, and also discuss the importance of standing desk accessories!

Learn more about our standing desks, and why they would be perfect for your home office!

The Benefits of a CPU Holder

In today’s modern world, no work desk is complete without a computer. Setting up your desk to accommodate your laptop or PC can be a challenging task if you also want to prioritize tidiness. The DC-01 CPU Holder serves the special purpose of doing this job for you without disturbing your work environment.

The DC-01 is an under desk CPU holder, which clears up a lot of space on your desk and keeps the CPU hidden beneath the tabletop. This position is also the easiest to access and safest for the CPU.

Its screw mounting provides stability to the structure, ridding you of the worry that any damage might occur due to looseness in the holding structure. Its steel body offers remarkable durability and strength to the product.

This standing desk CPU holder is designed for devices with up to 21” height and 8” depth, which is more than enough for commercial CPU designs. Its overall dimensions are scaled to the footprint underneath a normal standing desk so it does not hinder the users’ leg space.


How to Install a CPU Holder on a Standing Desk?

Installing the DC-01 CPU Holder on your standing desk is a very easy task. All it requires is a couple of screwdrivers and some time, the process itself is intuitive.

Following is the step-by-step procedure on how to install it underneath your desk.

Step 1: Installing the Foam Pads

Step 1: Installing the Foam Pads


The metallic frame of the CPU Holder can damage the surface of your CPU. To avoid this, foam pads are provided as part of the DC-01 installation kit to stick to the holder’s surface to avoid metal-to-metal contact.

These foam pads come as stickers. You would need to remove their non-stick covering and stick them onto the holder’s body. Make sure that you stick them on all three sides that would be in contact with the CPU. Also, try to space them evenly and do not stick them too near to the sides or the middle. Ensuring this would provide safety to the entirety of the CPU’s body.

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Step 2: Adjust the Height

Step 2: Adjust the Height


As mentioned above, the DC-01 can hold CPUs up to 21” high. During installation, you would need to determine an appropriate height for your holder. The height column has holes at different positions to help you with this.

To adjust the height, first, remove the knobs and then remove the holding screws from both sides using the Allen Key that comes with the CPU holder. Support the vertical column with your hands before doing this as it might slide down once it is completely free or jam the screws, both of which can lead to damage. Adjust the column to the desired height and match the holes that are the nearest to the point you decide. Make sure that the height you set is a bit larger than your CPU’s height to allow for easy CPU installation.

Once this is done, tighten the screw back in and screw in the knob as well. The screws are for providing support against gravity and the knobs are for fine-tuning the CPU holder.

Step 3: Mount the CPU Holder to the Desk


Step 3: Mount the CPU Holder to the Desk


The next step requires you to get underneath your tabletop or remove the tabletop from the desk’s frame. Before getting to work, you need to decide whether you need the spacer or not. The spacer comes as part of the DC-01 package and you may install it to lower your CPU a bit if you like. If not, you can eliminate the spacer from the setup and simply install the CPU Holder directly on the desk. Positioning it below the desk with and without the spacer can help you decide whether you need it or not.

When you have made a decision, you need to mount the CPU Holder to the desk. For this, you would need a Phillips screwdriver and the screws and washers in the installation kit. Select a suitable position for mounting the CPU Holder and mark the points where you will attach screws.

Visually inspect these marks before screwing it in to ensure that it is in-line with the tabletop’s edge. When satisfied, simply hold your CPU Holder/Spacer up against the tabletop and screw in the four mounting screws.

After completing this process, check the mounting for any play. Make sure that it is fixed to the tabletop sturdily.

Step 4: Adjusting the CPU Depth


Step 4: Adjusting the CPU Depth


This last step is similar to step 2. Like height, the CPU Holder also has provision for CPUs with different widths/depths. As in the vertical height adjustment column, there are screws and holes to adjust for the depth of the CPU. The design has provision for two positions.

Remove the screws with a Flat screwdriver and adjust the CPU Holder to the desired position. You can put your CPU inside the CPU Holder for this as it has been attached to the desk by now. Once you are satisfied with the position, simply tighten the screws back in.

Check whether your CPU is being held properly inside the DC-01. Try to move it around and check its play. Some movement is expected but as long as you feel it is safely tucked inside the CPU Holder, it is good to go.

With this step, the DC-01 CPU Holder’s installation is complete! This entire process would take hardly an hour of your time and a little DIY effort.

Standing desk accessories can completely enhance your workspace and improve productivity!

Standing Desk Accessories: Unlocking the Ultimate User Experience!

Standing desks are well-known to be highly beneficial for users in many ways. Alternating between sitting and standing keeps you healthy and active, which has a positive effect on productivity. Standing is a great activity to help you maintain a healthy diet and keep your juices flowing. All in all, a very short summary of standing desks, they are great for you!

Since this product is at the center of Progressive Desk’s business model, we are constantly working on accessories that augment it. We offer an array of side accessories and resources that improve user experience.

Take our cable management products as an example. No one likes a tangled mess of electric wiring behind their computer, it kills the purpose of having a workspace that emphasizes visual comfort. The displeasure is even more elevated when it is a standing desk that is moving up and down regularly, making the wiring even worse. Having a dedicated product to help with cable management is a must if such a sight irks you to the point of discomfort.

Having a monitor stand is a similar story, especially if you are reading an article on a CPU holder. Computers may be a necessity in our work lives but they are a big source of posture-related health issues. A monitor stand eliminates these problems and provides your screen a stable base and a viewing position of your choice, improving your experience.

There are multiple other side products whose sole purpose is to make you feel in control of your work environment. We could go on and on about them…..  But it might lead us away from the actual topic, let’s just dive into it.


Final Thoughts

We hope that the instructions were clear enough and now you can install the DC-01 CPU Holder on your standing desk without hassle. Having this accessory as part of your Standing Desk setup can play a big role in transforming your workspace into what you are looking for.

Progressive Desk is always here to help customers out with their inquiries and product installations. You may contact us with your questions and our support staff will be happy to assist you.

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