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Introducing Our Brand New Tabletop Collection

Introducing Our Brand New Tabletop Collection

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Progressive Desk is proud to introduce an amazing new lineup of tabletops for your standing desk! We have just launched a variety of new desk tabletops that can seamlessly fit in with the existing décor of your home or office, or star as the new centerpiece of your workspace. . The Gray Oak, Ebony Oak, Dark Cherry, Roasted Walnut, Rustic Hickory, Warm White, Bright Beech, Pure Black, and Light Walnut tabletops are now available for our Economy Ryzer, Solo Ryzer, and Corner Ryzer desk frames. Our tabletops, big or small, are great value, and available in a wide range of colors that suit any lifestyle, taste, or working area!

Read more to learn how we can offer you the best tabletop for a stand-up desk, including the advantages of MDF tabletops, and how to decide between our matte or semi-gloss tabletops. We guarantee that our tabletops are built to last, with quality materials and a 15-year warranty that we proudly stand behind.

Take a look through our range of ergonomic standing desks!

Our New Standing Desk Tabletops

We’re so excited to showcase our new range, and to make things as easy as possible, we have listed them all in the table below!

new standing desk tabletops

Why Choose Our Tabletops?

Our tabletops feature several characteristics that make them an ideal tabletop for an adjustable standing desk. Our rectangular tabletops feature an MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) core. There’s a common misconception that solid wood or a butcher block is the best choice for a tabletop, however, MDF tabletops are perfectly safe and are an attractive option for your desk tabletops. MDF tabletops are durable and can stand up to the demanding needs of your home or office. Unlike solid wood, MDF tabletops do not shrink or swell like tabletops made of solid wood due to the temperature and humidity, and are also resistant to changes in color due to UV light. Since our MDF tabletops are sealed with a layer of laminate, they are practically immune to environmental factors that cause cracking, splitting, or warping in a solid wood or butcher block tabletop.

Additionally, our tabletops are flat, and have a uniform thickness and surface finish. Our MDF tabletops are 1” thick, which is ideal for maintaining a low center of gravity for your standing tabletop. Thicker tabletops, like butch block tabletops, are heavier, and have a higher center of gravity. This style of tabletop isn’t as well suited for standing desks, since they would be more prone to tipping over, and would reduce the weight capacity for your standing desk frame.

standing desk tabletop color range

Solid wood tabletops may have small imperfections, like grooves, knots, and splits that can be a detriment to your work surface. Solid wood tabletops may also require additional care and preventative maintenance, while our MDF tabletops are easy to maintain. There is no need to wax or lacquer our MDF like a solid wood tabletop. A weekly dusting and cleaning with a little mild detergent is all you need to keep your tabletop looking new.

Lastly, our rectangular tabletops come with pre-drilled holes and threaded inserts for easy assembly and disassembly of your standing desk. Figuring out where the holes should be and making sure everything is lined up is not an issue when you purchase one of our standing tabletops with one of our desk frames.

Choose from our huge collection of tabletops, ranging in colors and sizes!

Tabletop Surface Finishes

Our desk tabletops come in a variety of different surface finishes, depending on your preferences and needs. Our Warm White and Pure Black tabletops both have a matte surface finish, while our Rustic Hickory, Roasted Walnut, Dark Cherry, Gray Oak, Bright Beech, Light Walnut and Ebony Oak tabletops have a semi-gloss surface finish.

Matte Finishes

A tabletop with a matte finish provides a rustic, quality look and is less reflective than one with a semi-gloss finish. This lack of light reflection means that dust or fingerprints are not as noticeable, which means that maintenance will not need to be as frequent.

Semi-Gloss Finishes

Semi-gloss tabletops have a smoother surface finish than our matte tabletops, which are perfect for a modern, sleek, low-sheen finish. Our semi-gloss tabletops may show off dust and fingerprints more than our matte tabletops, but they offer a bolder, more vibrant appearance to your tabletop than our matte options.

Build your own unique standing desk with our Desk Builder!

Our Full Range of Tabletops for a Standing Desk

Outside of these new additions, we have a large range of existing tabletops! All range in size depending on your needs, and the color variety will ensure you can find a perfect match for your environment. We also offer bamboo tabletops for an eco-friendly and sleek tabletop option. Currently, we offer Bamboo Dark Gloss and our Bamboo Light Matte for your standing tabletop, which are made from carbonized bamboo and will look great in your home or office. Our bamboo tabletops are just as durable as our MDF tabletops and are also backed by our 15-year warranty. Additionally, our bamboo tabletops are made from sustainable sources of bamboo, which are a fast growing plant native to Asia, and are a great alternative to traditional tabletop materials.

standing desk tabletops


Finally, we also went over some of our other tabletop options, like the bamboo tabletops we launched earlier this year, or some of the color options from older releases. For more information on the materials and composition of our tabletops, please refer to our Tabletop Information Manual.

Your tabletop for an adjustable standing desk just isn’t complete without one of our desk frames. Our Economy Ryzer, Solo Ryzer, Corner Ryzer, and V-Ryzer standing desks are the perfect base for our tabletops. You can get started with building your personalized desk with our handy desk builder tool!

If you have any questions or concerns about our Progressive Desk tabletops, feel free to contact us at, or give us a call at 1-800-828-9414.

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