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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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Standing Desk Accessories

10 Essential Standing Desk Accessories

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Standing desks provide solutions that promote a healthy and convenient working environment by catering to the ergonomic needs of its users. Further to their convenience-based design, stand up desk accessories further improve what a plain standing desk cannot provide.

1. Cable Management - Avoiding Messy Cables

Image of standing desk cable management

The presence of wires around your standing desk is a given if you are going to be working on a computer or any other device on it. As standing desks have frequently moving parts, cables can often get tangled and caught, while also making your workplace quite messy. Our cable management products solve both of these issues, giving an affordable alternative to these cluttering, sometimes dangerous cables.

2. Wire Extender - Extra Cable Length

Wire extender for standing desk

Wires are not always available at the desired length and can prove to be quite an inconvenience when they don’t reach, particularly with a standing desk that has adjustable heights. Our wire extender allows you to extend the length of your standing desk wires to solve this issue. The potential of your standing desk can truly be extended when you equip it with a wire extender, alongside other accessories for standing desks.

3. Power Bar with USB Ports - Power Within Reach

Power bar with USB ports for standing desk

Today, a power bar and USB ports are necessary for any workspace. Our 2-plug power bar with USB ports is perfect for when you need some extra AC and USB sockets on your desk. It conveniently attaches to the edge of your desk, staying out of your way without being hard to reach. Rather than buying a separate set, you can pre-order one that is perfectly made for an adjustable desk. Perfect for extra desk electronics or charging your devices!

4. CPU Holders - Secure Your Desktop

Standing desk CPU holder

Standing desks generally go hand-in-hand with computers, with these desks often purposefully bought to provide a sit or stand option for workstations. Obstacles of raising the height of your adjustable desk are the movement of wires and having floor obstructions that hinder movement. Placing the system unit above the table can defeat the purpose as it consumes space and clutters your desk. Therefore, our CPU holder may be the best solution for this. Your CPU is still beneath the table but not causing any obstruction.

5. Privacy and Modesty Panels

Privacy wall for standing deskUnder desk modesty panel for standing desk

In some cases, you may wish for some extra privacy at your standing desk. There are two options for privacy that we provide. Firstly, you can use modesty panels underneath your desk so you can hide any messy wires or clutter to give a more professional look. Secondly, we also provide privacy panels/walls for over your desk that gives you that extra peace of mind if privacy is what you require. Both of them can be easily attached to the edge of your desk, instantly giving it a more professional look.

6. Monitor Stands - Eye Ergonomics

Monitor stand for standing desk

Standing desks aim to improve office ergonomics. This aim can also be applied to your computer display, with our monitor stands offering you the option of adjusting your screen to a height that is suitable for you. Alongside height adjustment, this monitor stand also allows you to angle your computer screen to ensure you aren’t straining your neck or eyes any more than necessary. It also takes up little to no room on your desk and lifts your screen from your desk – space optimization is a major factor with this product.

7. Grommets - More Wire Management

Standing desk grommet

Decluttering and wire management are achieved through the strategic placement of a hole in your desk, allowing the wires to pass through seamlessly without cluttering your desk. Grommets provide a solution to make these holes presentable and professional. We have a wide range of basic grommets that are perfect for this solution, however, they are not all limited to this single purpose. These ergonomic desk accessories are also available with USB ports and power outlets, offering yet more value to this desk accessory.

8. Standing Desk Organizer Drawers - Extra Storage

Under desk drawer for standing desk

As standing desks only have a single platform, you may require extra space to store books, documents, or accessories. One of the best standing desk accessories is our under-desk drawer which is a perfect, compact solution for the extra storage space you will need at your desk. This space saver can be attached to the underside of your tabletop and is lockable. Secure storage without the compromise of taking up floor space!

9. Remotes - Control Your Standing Desk

4 positions memory remote for standing desk3 positions memory remote for standing desk

While already a mandatory fixture in your standing desk, your choice of remote may impact your experience with your desk. Choosing one that does not contain all of the capabilities that you require, such as a remote without numbered preset options, means you will not be enjoying the full abilities that your table can offer. We have a number of varying remotes that can be chosen from, either at the stage of purchasing your desk or individually after the fact.

10.   Anti-Fatigue Mat

Anti-fatigue mat for work at standing desk

An anti-fatigue mat is an essential accessory for your standing desk, providing a comfortable experience, and helping you to stand for longer if you wish. Our cushioned standing desk foot pad also helps to prevent body aches and pains with its gel foam core providing optimum support. Having comfortable shoes for your standing desk is not necessary if you have a reliable anti-fatigue mat.

Conclusion: Optimize Your Standing Desk

These essential standing desk accessories are much more than ornaments or decorations. They were designed to solve problems that are encountered by standing desk users and optimize their experience with the desk. Standing desks with the right accessories are investments for your workstation and, more importantly, your health.

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