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Top Tips for Using Your Standing Desk

Top Tips for Using Your Standing Desk

7 min read

From small cubicles to spacious open plan offices, mixing between standing and sitting while you work has become a new office norm. Research has shown that sitting for hours in uncomfortable office settings can be quite damaging health wise and can play a key role in reducing productivity. Height-adjustable standing desks have proven to be a popular, and effective, solution. While using a standing desk and its mechanisms is quite a standard procedure, personal use is completely dependent on the user and their needs. From switching between sitting and standing to posture, here are the best tips for using a standing desk.



How to Stand at a Standing desk

Like we said earlier, the proper height for a standing desk differs from person to person. Although our standing desks are easy to navigate and use, many people struggle to find the optimum position. To make sure you get the most out of your standing desk, here are some of Progressive Desk’s tips for using a standing desk like a pro!

Instruction of properly aligning elbows and wrists at a standing desk

1. Properly Align Your Elbows and Wrists

For the best arm comfort, make sure your elbows and wrists are properly aligned when standing and typing at your adjustable desk. To save your elbows from strain or exhaustion, bend them at a 90-degree angle. For your wrists, keep them in a straight line perpendicular to your body – that way, your fingers will reach the keyboard properly and your wrists won’t get tired as easily. If you maintain this, your hands will stay more relaxed while using a standing desk.

2. Fix Your Posture

Posture is very important when it comes to standing or sitting for hours. Make sure you always keep your neck straight and tall while keeping your shoulders back and in a straight but relaxed position. Further to this, stretch your forearms so they stay parallel to the table surface and bend your knees a little, so they feel comfortable and not over-extended.

Correct posture at a standing desk

3. Adjust and Save Your Desk Position

Position your desk so it can keep your wrists comfortable in a neutral position. You need to make sure that your fingers can comfortably run through the keyboard but your wrists don’t need to move upwards or downwards for that. Remember, repeatedly extending your wrists can sometimes result in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. If you opt for a remote with memory positioning, save the desk height setting when you have the perfect height for you so you can easily switch between standing and sitting.



How to Sit at a Standing Desk

Research suggests that a sitting vs standing ratio of 2:1 is ideal for workspaces. While tips for standing may seem more useful, there are guidelines you can follow for sitting too and optimize your standing desk experience even more! Here’s what you need to know for effectively using a standing desk while sitting.

Girl sitting with a laptop at a standing desk

1. Adjust Your Chair Height

To adjust the chair height correctly, make sure you keep your knees parallel to the upper portion of the seat cushion. Maintain a gap between the seat cushion and the back of your knee so they don’t touch each other. Your feet must be kept flat to the floor surface. Bend your knees at a 90-degree angle and try to maintain this position for longer comfort.

2. Adjust Your Hands

Your hands need to feel comfortable on the desk. Lower or raise the desk so it touches your forearm and it can rest while being parallel to the desk upper surface. The armrests don’t need to be touching your elbows the whole time you sit. Just make sure your torso hangs in a loose position and your fingers can float over the keyboard while your wrists stay comfortable.

Instruction of properly sitting at a standing desk

3. Fixing Your Sitting Posture

You need to maintain your posture whether you’re sitting or standing. Maintaining a great sitting posture includes keeping your body fully supported by the backrest of the chair. The backrest of the chair should be padded to support your back all the way. Sitting in uncomfortable positions for long can damage your spine and harm your neck region. Don’t let your back take the pressure.

Sitting posture at a standing desk



Final Tips for Using Your Standing Desk like a Pro

Finding that perfect position while using a standing desk may seem difficult no matter how many times you’ve used it. Implementing the tips already given when using a standing desk will enhance your experience, but you can go further with these last few tips:

  • Use an anti-fatigue mat while standing for better support. Progressive Desk anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce the amount of exhaustion in your legs and provide better back support while you’re on it.
  • Make sure you switch your screen, mouse, and keyboard position while you change your desk height. Not switching the positions of these can result in greater discomfort to your hands and neck region!
  • Make sure to take breaks from your desk – and from work! Breaks can help keep your mind healthy and productive while reducing the stress you may be feeling.

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Final Thoughts

A standing desk can be your savior from exhaustion, back pain, and many other health factors if used correctly. Learn how to use a standing desk properly from all the tips stated above and remember to take breaks. Good luck!

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