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15 Healthcare Facts about Standing Desks

15 Healthcare Facts about Standing Desks

7.7 min read

Sedentary lifestyles and long sitting hours can make you a sitting duck for a series of cardiovascular problems. In other words, sitting has become the new-age smoking equivalent, as it rapidly becomes an unwanted cause for heart diseases, cancer, and even obesity and diabetes.

Let’s delve deeper into the 15 top facts about ergonomic standing desks, which will either leave you surprised or just have you rushing towards ordering your very own ergonomic stand-up desk.

#1 Ergonomic Standing Workstations Can Make You Smarter

We are not trying to say that you will become an overnight genius if you invest in an ergo desk. However, we are trying to imply that a sitting and standing ergo desk can keep you alert and, on your toes, literally, allowing you to stay on top of your game throughout the day.

#2 Live Longer and Enjoy Your Life Thoroughly

This thought might sound a little outrageous, but it’s difficult to negate the fact that sitting for 6+ hours a day reduces your life span by 40%. On the contrary, ergonomic sit-stand desks promote healthy activities, thereby allowing you to get a new lease on life.

#3 Bid Adieu to Back Pain

Sedentary sitting jobs and persistent backaches have become synonymous with each other. Stagnant lifestyles, long hours sitting jobs and slouchy postures are worsening matters for today’s youth. An ergo desk is the answer to your back problems, as it keeps you on your toes and leaves your back ramrod straight. Bid adieu to your back problems, as they slowly and steadily disappear into the yonder. Read our blog to learn more about how to determine your standing height

#4 Burn Calories on the Go

Did you know that by standing for an hour, you can burn up to 50 calories/hour? In the beginning, this might not seem like a figure worth reckoning with. However, if you do the math, you will realize that you can burn close to 30,000 calories a year, just by standing 3 hours a day. What can be better than using an ergonomic standing workstation for this purpose?

#5 Delays Muscle Degeneration

During the sitting phase, your body can often go into a hibernation mode. It’s important to note that some muscle groups can shorten, while some can go dormant. The easiest way to counteract this problem is by using an ergonomic sit-stand desk. Perform small stretches through micro-movements, thereby allowing you to keep your muscles activated, and your body fluidic throughout the day.

#6 Keep Your Heart Risks at Bay

Alternating between sitting and standing using an ergonomic sit-stand desk can do wonders for your heart. Extremities of any form will only cause damage to your body organs. Sitting or standing for long hours will cause a multitude of problems. But if you master the art of alternating between the two activities, you can rest assured your heart is going to be extremely thankful to you in the coming years.

Standing Desk

#7 Let the Creativity Flow

Brainstorming sessions are best-performed standing; a lot of organizations are beginning to realize the importance of keeping their employees on their toes, in order to keep them engaged. Standup desks facilitate the brain’s movements, which keeps you in tip-top shape.

#8 Expend the Excess Energy

There is a major connection between excessive sitting and short attention spans, often known as ADD and ADHD. Both forms of issues can often result in short term attention spans. An ergonomics sit-stand workstation allows youngsters to expend all the extra energy while retaining and maintaining their attention spans over longer spans of time.

#9 Delay Your Aging Process

Life is a complex process; we all want to stay young, fit and healthy. What we don’t know is how to achieve all these in one go? While one could go into scientific technicalities to support this theory, the shorter version is that standing for a few hours each day can help beat the stress and help your body rejuvenate slowly and steadily, thereby slowing the aging process.

#10 Enhance Your Patience Levels

No matter what you do, sitting is prohibited when there is an ergo stand around. No matter what you do, standing for a few hours will automatically become a necessity, rather than an option. In order to sustain this lifestyle, you will have to condition your mind to meet this basic criterion, thereby leading you to develop a healthier, patient lifestyle. 

#11 Strengthening Your Core with Minimal Twists

Strengthening your core by standing for a few hours, without having to put in a lot of effort, is the easiest way to lose that extra flab from your tummy area. While sitting, the stomach muscles tend to degenerate, which in turn can cause a lot of obesity issues.

#12 Enjoy the Natural High Feeling

Standing will leave you in a good mood. Wondering how is that possible? Well, when you are standing, your body releases endorphins, which cause a natural high in the body. If you are looking for a change of attitude, you need to simply change your altitude.

#13 Lower Sugar, Higher Body Power

During the sitting phase, the human body produces excessive amounts of insulin, which in turn causes Type II diabetes. For best results, use an ergonomic desk, stand for 3 hours after meals, and see the difference in your sugar levels.

#14 Stronger Bones, a Healthy You

Exercise of any form helps you strengthen your bones. Since standing is a form of exercise, it too can help develop stronger bones. Read more about the benefits of working on an ergonomic sit-stand workstation.

#15 Improved Circulation

Last but not least, the upright posture often improves the blood flow throughout the body. A better blood circulation means a better work-life balance, which in turn will help you remain healthy, wealthy, and wise.

To sum up, we would like to emphasize that there are more benefits of electric standing desks but remember that to have is not a pill from all diseases. Make healthcare your lifestyle and enjoy it.  

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