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Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Compact Under Desk Drawer with Locking - Various Colors

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Under Desk Swivel Drawer

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Clamp-Mounted Pegboard Organizer

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The Corner Ryzer - Perfect L-Shaped Gaming Desk

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If you are an avid gamer, you would know by now how the arrangement of your desk can impact your gameplay. There are several aspects to consider when setting up your gaming desk. For instance, If it’s a tight space in your room where you are planning to set up your desk, a corner gaming desk like our Corner Ryzer could be just the product for you.

Our Corner Ryzer is the perfect addition to your gaming setup!

Corner Desk Design – What to Consider When Selecting a Gaming Desk

A corner desk design might vary depending on your taste and the space where you are going to put your desk. To ensure you have the best space for all your gaming needs, we have listed a few factors to keep in mind when selecting a gaming corner desk:

Photo of corner desk by Progressive Desk

Shape & Size

Your desk needs to be the proper size for your space. So, before purchasing it, ensure you measure the space where you are going to place the desk. Check not only the desk's width and length but its depth, too. Select a desk that's convenient and complies with your needs, such as an L-shaped gaming computer desk. It saves space, is convenient, and has a premium design. The huge desktop surface allows you to place 2-3 monitors and any desk accessories you may need on your gaming desktop space!

Storage Space

Having sufficient storage space is an essential part of your gaming experience. Ample shelves or cabinets can make it easier for you to access anything you may want to store when not in use. It also creates more room on your desk for your monitors, keyboard, mouse and your controllers. If you invest in a high-quality gaming L-shaped desk, protecting it from clutter and potential scratches from overcrowding is very important. We definitely recommend getting a few shelves or cabinets to keep the mess away!

Add some useful desk accessories to level up your standing desk!

Adjustable Height is a Great Advantage

On average, gamers can spend more than 8 hours per week playing games, with professional gamers spending over 10 hours per day gaming. If you’re part of this cohort, then we would recommend a height-adjustable standing desk. We are all aware of the dangers of sitting for extended periods of time, and if this is your style of gaming, then you should reconsider your position, posture and activity while gaming. With a sit-stand desk, you can adjust the height of your desk to sit or stand when you like!

Desk Weight & Capacity

The weight and capacity of your desk will depend on the type of gamer you are. If you use a small laptop, you can use a smaller sized desk. If you're going to put three heavy monitors on your desk, a high weight capacity is a must. Our Corner Ryzer has an impressive weight capacity of 330 lbs!

Photo of a teenage boy at home using dual computer screens

Corner Desk Setup – Setting Up Your Space

Once you’ve decided on the corner desk you want to buy, it’s now time to set up your gaming space. It’s clear by now that corner gaming computer desks are convenient and allow you to organize your space in the most efficient way, which is why you should take the time to plan out your setup. If you set them up correctly, you will be able to play for hours without any feeling of discomfort!


It is recommended to install a desk by a window or to arrange proper natural lighting where possible. Alternatively, ensure you have sufficient light in your room and around your gaming desk space - make sure that this light doesn’t create any glare. Otherwise, your eyes will tire fast and may result in issues after prolonged use.

Monitor Position & Height

Position your monitor at an optimal height. Studies show that if your eyes align with the top of the screen, this is the best position. Another factor to consider is the distance of your monitor. Keeping it too far away will force you to lean forward to see the details and result in an uncomfortable sitting position. If you keep your monitor too close, it will be more complicated for your eyes to focus.

Keyboard & Mouse

The keyboard must be positioned so that your wrists are either angled downwards or flat. Use a desk with a convenient keyboard tray or adjust the desk if needed! You can also invest in comfortable wrist-rests when using your keyboard and mouse to alleviate any discomfort or possible carpal tunnel syndrome.

Comfortable Chair

A comfortable gaming chair differs significantly from an office chair. Consider purchasing a chair that has adjustable armrests, a headrest, lumbar support pads, and adjust it properly. It will help you to maintain a good posture for the times you choose to sit at your L-shaped standing desk.

Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you spend hours in front of your computer, it's not enough to use the best L-shaped desk for gaming. To complete the desk setup, consider getting an anti-fatigue mat. These mats are made to provide a cushioning effect and reduce fatigue while standing.

Photo of a young man standing at his computer desk

Adjustable Corner Desk

If you take gaming seriously and need extra desktop space, the best option for a budget-friendly gaming desk is an adjustable corner desk! You can adjust the height of your desk and switch between a sitting and a standing position throughout your gaming day, and allow you to move while you game. It will also help you avoid fatigue, back problems and other issues associated with prolonged sitting.

Choose the perfect L-shaped desk for your gaming setup!

Final Word: Picking the Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk

To have your perfect L-shaped gaming desk, it's better to pair it with an adjustable standing desk frame and accessories that allow you to use preset positions for changing the height. Alternate between standing with sitting and be healthier throughout your day! If you prefer customized gaming corner desks, you can consider purchasing an adjustable desk frame and select a third-party tabletop of your choice. You can customize your desk to your unique environment.

The best L-shaped gaming desks are made from durable materials, are scratch-resistant, and can bear the weight of your gaming equipment - our Corner Ryzer ticks all of these boxes. For more information about any of our standing desks, please don't hesitate in reaching out to us

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