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5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Standing Desk

5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Standing Desk

7.9 min read

If you have a standing workstation and are wondering how and where to start, then you should read this article to help you get the most out of your standing desk! You may have already read about their benefits, both on your physical and mental health. However, the question still stands: are you using standing desks correctly to get the most of all that it offers? This blog will give you a few standing desk tips and tricks to help you get the best ergonomic experience and make you feel your most productive and active self. Below you will find a list of five standing desk lifehacks to level up your experience. Learn more here!

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1. Change Between Sitting and Standing

There is increasing evidence that spending too much time sitting is terrible for your health. However, standing at a desk all day is not the solution. Researching standing desk posture tips will help too. The best way to work at your sit-stand desk would be to alternate between the two. That’s right; try switching between sitting and standing every 30 to 60 minutes. Research suggests that you should spend 1 hour standing for every 2 hours sitting.

Another benefit of switching between sitting and standing positions while you work is that it helps you burn calories. Just by doing a bit more standing during your workday, you can burn up to 8 lbs of weight once per year!


2. Adjust Your Desk and Screen

To ensure you’re standing in the proper posture, you must adjust your desk and screen to the appropriate height. Your desk should be set to your elbow height, and you must ensure that your elbows are at 90 degrees from the floor. This is to prevent any injuries to your arms and hands. Keeping your shoulders relaxed and standing tall with your knees slightly bent is the best way to stand. If you lock your knees in place, that will create pressure on your joints which can be harmful.

Also, ensure that your screen is at eye level and is 51-71 cm from your face. Adjust the height of your monitor till you reach a position where you don’t need to tilt your neck up or down. Adding a monitor stand can help with this. It allows you to elevate your monitor screen. It gives you extra room on your standing desk to store your stationery.


3. Wear the Right Footwear

Standing Desk Footwear


We regularly get asked for tips for standing at a desk all day! While shoes can vary from one person to another, you must ensure that your feet get enough support and the sole of your shoes offer enough comfort to your feet. Try to avoid high heels as they can be hard on your knees while working. Ensure your shoe has good arch support and if you’re wearing closed shoes, make sure there’s enough room for your little toe to move around.

If you can’t purchase a good quality pair of shoes right away, you can always opt for a good quality pair of shoe inserts. Placing insoles in your shoes can give you just as much benefit as quality shoes. Measuring your feet to find the right size is critical and taking out the old insole before putting the new one is crucial.


4. Invest in an Anti-Fatigue Mat

While it really helps to wear comfortable shoes or no shoes, investing in an anti-fatigue mat is one of our most popular tips for using a standing desk and can prove to be very beneficial. These mats are said to reduce fatigue associated with standing for 1-2 hours per day. Especially if you suffer from leg pain or lower back pain, the anti-fatigue mats can be very beneficial! Studies have shown that people who stand for 1-2 hours per day experience more minor discomfort and tiredness than when using these mats.

There are many different types of anti-fatigue mats out there, and you will want to choose the one that’s right for you. Make sure to consider all the facts before purchasing just any anti-fatigue mat. At Progressive Desk, we offer Anti-Fatigue mats in two sizes that were designed to complement any standing desk and make the experience more comfortable!


5. Stretch and Relax

Standing Desk Exercises


While alternating between sitting and standing, it’s also good practice taking a break in between to stretch out your muscles. This has many benefits and can help your overall health! Many stretches are straightforward to do and can be done while standing right at your desk! Here’s an article on a few different stretches and exercises that you can do throughout your workday.

It is also advised to take short walks, clear your head, and rest your eyes. You can do this by setting reminders on your phone or downloading reminder applications to help you feel your best during your workday.

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Final Thoughts

Next time you’re working at your sit-stand desk, you can refer back to this article for standing desk lifehacks! Use these helpful tips to make your workday more productive and keep you alert throughout your shift. Whether you implement all of these tips or just a few of them, you will see the difference that it makes on your overall health. It’s always better to put in the effort to create a comfortable working area, especially for your physical and mental health. An added bonus of these tips is that you’ll be able to get much more work done and not feel the aches and pains in your body. Plus, you won’t be as tired as you would be if you were to sit down all day and not move around!

To maximize the benefits of your standing desk, try out these five tips for using a standing desk. If you have any questions or would like to purchase our standing desk, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-828-9414 or email us at

Nathan Bong

Technical Content Engineer at Progressive Automations, Progressive Desk, and Progressive Bed
Nathan Bong, Technical Content Engineer at Progressive Automations, Progressive Desk, and Progressive Bed, handles the creation and revision of technical content such as articles, datasheets, user manuals, technical videos, and case studies. As a graduate of BCIT, he has an academic background in electrical and computer engineering while also having hands-on experience of working with electrical equipment and tools.
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